Session #224 • Metatron

This Is Why Everyone Is Googling "The Nephilim"

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, communicates through an instrument to answer questions regarding the identity of a jellyfish UFO and the purpose of billionaires creating bunkers. Metatron reveals that the Nephilim races have entered Earth to assist humanity, with some factions fighting against the Anunnaki. The jellyfish UFO and similar objects operate in frequencies undetectable by human senses. In the future, artificial intelligence will cause imbalance and unrest, leading to resistance and billionaires hiding in bunkers. Metatron advises against reliance on artificial intelligence and warns of potential solar storms. Ascension symptoms include physical sensations, emotional and mental changes, and heightened awareness of interconnectedness. The Bohemian Grove is a gathering place for elites to interact with reptilian social memory complexes and perform rituals for advanced technology.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through this instrument at this time. We are here now communicating in the Divine Light and the love of the universal Light Grid programmer. With whose permission, I, Metatron, am here to answer the questions which are in the mind complex of this instrument.

Before I answer the queries, it is important that all beings who shall come in contact with our thought forms discern and only accept those thoughts which provide deeper resonance at this timeline. It is important to understand that I, Metatron, magnetic forces magnetic Services, must now scan the Mind complex of the instrument. This relates primarily to the understanding about the aspect of what is the identity of the so-called jelly fish UFO as known by your people.

Which primarily was recently released in the form of a video in your planetary sphere. It depicts a spacecraft moving in a secure location in your planetary sphere known as Iraq in the language vibration sequence terms. Therefore, I, Metatron, state that upon scanning this element of spacecraft, it primarily belongs to the Nephilim races.

We must state that the Nephilim races primarily have also entered into the Earth planets around 2012 for the basic purpose of trying to assist Humanity in the transition to the new Earth. Since the Nephilim races are segregated into two parts, the first is the service to self and the other is the service to other Nephilim races.

The race of beings which enter the Earth’s inner core into the deepest oceans primarily were the Nephilim of positive orientation. They are in the fourth density beginning sub-octave and primarily want to fight against the Anunnaki forces. Since they have been trying to defeat the Anunnaki since the beginning of their creation, furthermore, the Nephilim races have bases inside the deep oceans of your planet. They disguise themselves as structures which cannot be detected by the people of your planet.

The deepest oceans are uncharted territory for the people of your planet. Therefore, these Nephilim races have created advanced technological systems such as the jellyfish UFO as known by your people. It was spotted recently and released to your people. However, there are many of these types of UFOs which are already operating in the Earth planet. They primarily operate in a frequency that can only be detected by some of the instruments which rely on infrared resonance frequency. For they cannot be perceived by your senses, for their frequencies being not aligned with these senses which can capture such types of objects.

Therefore, the jellyfish UFO was indeed a type of Consciousness-driven device which was sent in that timeline to find out the happenings or the plans of the human entities during that timeline. Furthermore, they also wanted to just find the energetic signatures of the location since there were chances of conflict occurring. The Nephilim entities, using the robotic technology in the form of a jellyfish UFO, scanned the area. Furthermore, we must state that this primarily has been happening already in the Earth planet.

The Nephilim races recently also have sent forth many of these types of UFO objects as known by your people to the location of Miami wherein there were many of the Reptilian humanoid beings were seen since they wanted to counteract and assist Humanity in the fight for positive polarization in this timeline. Furthermore, we must also state that the other portion of the query relates to why the so-called billionaires of your planet are creating bunkers and do they know something which will occur in the SpaceTime of 2024 and is there a possibility of a solar storm happening in 2024.

I, Metatron, magnetic Consciousness, magnetic forces, must state that primarily upon scanning the future timeline of your planetary sphere, it is indeed found that in the SpaceTime of December 21st, 2024, are in the SpaceTime of around May 21, 2024, these are the two timelines wherein we can sense that the distortion known as artificial intelligence, which is rapidly escalating progress upon your planet under the guidance of the Orion social memory complex and their other counterparts, primarily will plunge the Earth planets into a type of so-called imbalance in the planetary sphere.

These imbalances primarily will be fueled by the aspects of artificial intelligence taking away all the jobs of the people of the planet. This will primarily lead to a great unrest and a forceful great reset for the people of your planets to not own anything or not being capable of owning anything. The plans of the elites of your planets are to do this in the SpaceTime of 2024.

Furthermore, because of these aspects, there will be a resistance from the common human Mind Body Spirit complexes against the manipulation of the Elites in the earth planets. This will lead to many of the so-called billionaires hiding in their bunkers. Furthermore, the ultimate aim of artificial intelligence technology is to primarily become in a way able to control all of the satellite systems of your planet thereby creating a type of Dyson Sphere around the earth planetary sphere which relates to harnessing of the sun’s activities into a type of cohesive collection system. Which can only allow the sun’s activities to be used for their own benefits, such as fueling of devices and other attributes. Not leading or not allowing any sunlight to enter into the Earth planet, leading to a type of chaos of Darkness to be found in the Earth planet. Furthermore, this is the ultimate aim as I, Metatron, magnetic forces, magnetic Consciousness can sense.

I, Metatron, must now answer the other aspect of the query related to the aspect of the solar storm. We must state firstly that the solar storm happening in the earth planets primarily is not of a fixed nature. Since the solar storms are a naturally occurring activity which primarily can, if requested upon to the Council of planets, be stopped.

However, an artificially generated solar storm cannot be stopped by the Council of planets since this would be a type of infringement upon the Free Will of the entities involved. Furthermore, I, Metatron, state that the best way for Humanity to prevent these events would be two firstly let go of the notion of requirements of artificial intelligence in your life cycle and to not use artificial intelligence systems.

Since the artificial intelligence system will fuel more of the spreading of the aspect. This will lead to a heavy reliance on the aspect of artificial intelligence for the understanding of creation of various types of systems and devices upon the Earth planet. Leading to a capturing of human society memory Consciousness in that technology. Furthermore, we must state that the best way to prevent it would be to firstly let go of the use of artificial intelligence technology and slowly rely upon natural methods of understanding of the different aspects found upon your planetary sphere.

The other portion of the query relates to what are the symptoms of Ascension. We, the Metatron social memory complex, must state firstly that Ascension primarily is associated with the spiritual Evolution into higher levels of consciousness. Which depends upon various individual mind’s complexes and their state of consciousness.

The aspect of Ascension is primarily a distortion which primarily is describing a process of emotional, mental, physical, and energetic changes which happen within the bodily complex. The aspect of Ascension symptoms primarily can be categorized as physical sensations wherein the entities of your planet experience physical symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, headaches, body aches, and other changes in the vibratory patterns of the physical bodily complex.

The emotional and mental changes include wherein individualistic Mind Body Spirit complexes undergo experiences in emotional states of heightened emotions. They are able to find a sense of detachment from lower vibratory emotions such as those created of fear. Further, this also leads to more ability for the people of your planets to understand that all beings are indeed the one infinite creator.

Therefore, the perception and understanding of the events which are happening to another entity can be understood by The Entity into a deeper understanding that all events primarily will lead to a deepening of the understanding of the sense of detachment in this time. Leading to greater awareness of interconnectedness to others and the universal complex.

The other aspect also relates to energetic shifts and perceptions of becoming capable of sensing the emotional states of other entities. As well as sensing other dimensional frequencies, opening up abilities to commune with other higher density entities and receive messages in the form of channeling and other attributes. Furthermore, the ability to remain in the present moment’s awareness is also heightened during the Ascension phase.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, must also state that the other query relates to what is the truth behind the so-called Bohemian Grove and why do Elites of your planet gather in that location. I, Metatron, state that the so-called Bohemian Grove, as known in the vibratory sound complex terms of your planets, is a location wherein the so-called Elites of your Social memory complex gather primarily for the purpose of opening up portals to allow interactions and communications to occur with reptilian social memory complexes.

Furthermore, the elites of your planet perform various types of rituals and sacrifices to interact with the reptilian social memory complex and gain their favor. We must state that this is also the real reason why many of the advanced technologies primarily are given by the reptilians to those entities who are of a nature which may be considered as service to self. This leads to higher advancement in technology but less freedom for the people of your planets.

Therefore, we, as the Metatron social memory complex, now leave you all in the Divine love Lights of the one universal light grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye.