Session #225 • Galactic Federation

They will Never Show this to the Public

Summary: The Galactic Federation explains the concept of a Walk-in, where a new spiritual complex enters a physical body after the previous soul's departure. They discuss the different types of Walk-ins, including pre-planned, contract, and trauma Walk-ins. The Federation also confirms that the events of the Ramayan, which took place in Atlantis around 17,200 years ago, were real and involved battles between positive and negative entities. These events continue to be used as lessons in friendship, bravery, and adventure.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through this Channel’s internal system of communication at this timeline. We are here to offer our thoughts and insights through this channel energy vibratory system of communication. However, we suggest and recommend to all those beings who shall listen to our messages today to understand and accept only those facets of the thought forms which provide deeper resonance and leave behind those which do not resonate at this time.

The first query which has been placed today relates primarily with what is a Walk-in and the different types of Walk-ins. Furthermore, we, as the Galactic Federation, state that a walk-in is a spiritual phenomenon as defined by the people of your planets in which a spiritual complex, or the consciousness of the outside Source, enters the physical body and inhabits it. Usually, this occurs after the demise or crossing over of the previous Soul who was resident in the physical bodily complex. In such cases of a Walk-in, the new spiritual complex is perceived to be with a different identity, with different memories and traits than the previous inhabitants. However, these entities may still possess aspects of the personality experiences and beliefs of the personality who previously lived in the bodily complex in question. It is primarily perceived by many of the people of the earth planets that walk-ins serve to continue the mission of the entity they inhabit, rather than simply taking over the existing individual identity or physical bodily complex.

Walk-ins primarily happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, the spiritual complex may want to complete a specific task or mission during its incarnational lifetime. Hence, when the previous individual crosses over or transitions to another spiritual plane, another spiritual entity may come to inhabit their bodily complex to complete the unfinished mission. It can also happen when a particular Soul feels particularly connected to the personality they are inhabiting and wants to explore the life more fully. Or even if a spiritual complex may have chosen a specific life for a certain type of Soul contract which revolves around learning lessons related to the exploration of the self, including many of the catalysts which are meant to teach entities about their own true spiritual nature.

Furthermore, the aspects of the three most commonly found types of walk-ins upon your planetary sphere can be divided into a pre-planned walk-in, a contract walk-in, and a trauma walk-in. Furthermore, we shall now elaborate on these.

A planned Walk-in occurs primarily when two spiritual complexes, having a preexisting contract or agreement, inhabit the same physical bodily complex. The new soul is already aware of the various circumstances that it is entering into and is prepared for this experience. Furthermore, contract walk-ins refer to situations wherein a soul has made an agreement for a specific task or purpose during its time within that bodily complex. And trauma walk-ins are a very rare type of Walk-in and are often a result of deep emotional trauma or near-death experiences. In many cases, these types of Walk-ins can occur due to a spiritual Soul not wanting to handle the extreme situations revolving around fear and pain associated with the situation. During these types of Walk-ins, the existing Soul will often leave the bodily complex, and a new Soul will enter in its place to complete the person’s remaining tasks.

Furthermore, we must also state that there are other types of linkages between various Souls, which primarily can be defined as Soul entanglements or Soul braids. These are primarily a type of walk-in experience where an advanced Soul, who has already attained the ability to enter into higher density Consciousness, joins their energetic frequency to a bodily complex formed by another spiritual entity by becoming the dominant energy of that karmic activity.

Furthermore, we must now answer the other portion of the query related to the story of Ramayan as known primarily by the people of your planets. Is it based on true or real events? Furthermore, the Galactic Federation must state that the events are indeed true and real. However, these events primarily occurred in a density which may be in a different dimension or a density higher in the sub-octave than the current Earth vibration. Around 17,200 years ago in the Earth planetary sphere, in the location named Atlantis, the Earth planet in that location was primarily being at that time in the location of Atlantis
ruled by The Entity named Dasratha, who primarily had four Sons named Rama, Lakshana, Barata, and Satrugana. The location was peaceful and prosperous at that time, and many of the people who were involved in this aspect were delighted and happy with their life cycle.

In the events which followed, a group of Pleiadian social memory complex visited Atlantis as they were on a mission to explore the universal complex and also to spread the knowledge of Love Light in the location of Atlantis. During this time, The Entity named Dashrata welcomed them with open arms and allowed them to learn from them. The Pleiadians became entangled and fascinated by the culture and the traditions of the Atlantean social memory complex. However, during this time, not every entity was found to be happy within the arrival of the Pleiadian social memory complex. And a group of reptilian social memory complexes, primarily those who lived on the inner Earth planes at the time, were able to see that the Pleiadians were a threat to their existence and their purpose of spreading negative polarization. Furthermore, they perceived that the Pleiadians were on the location of Atlantis to spread love vibration to the people in order to allow more entities to be graduated into the fourth density Consciousness during that time.

Hence, the reptilian social memory complex, in order to stop these plans, decided to attack Atlantis in order to destroy the Pleiadian social memory complex. During this time, the entities revolved primarily named as Dashrata in the vibratory sound complex and its Sons knew that they had to protect their guests. They decided to fight with the Reptilian social memory complex and defend their location of Atlantis. The entities named as Rama, Lakshana, Barata, and Satrugana led the army of Atlantis into a type of defensive battle. The battle was fierce against the Reptilian social memory complex. However, the Atlanteans fought bravely and, alongside the energetic love vibrations being transmitted from the Pleiadians, the Atlanteans emerged victorious. The Reptilian social memory complex was defeated, and only 25% of the reptilians survived, while the Pleiadians were safe in the spreading of Love lights in that time.

The Pleiadian social memory complex was grateful to the Atlanteans for their hospitality and bravery. Hence, they decided to share their knowledge and technology of manipulation of SpaceTime and other attributes using thought forms with the people of the Atlantean system. At that time, the people of Atlantis learned a large amount of knowledge from the Pleiadian social memory complex. They gained information about the stars and the planets, and also they were able to learn how to use traveling through SpaceTime. They also learned about the negative polarity, such as the Reptilian social memory complexes, and also how to defend against negative energy vibrations.

However, one day, The Entity named in the vibratory sound complex as Ravana, who primarily at the time was the king of the location named Lumeria, heard about the progress and the power of the Atlanteans. And decided to collude with the Reptilian social memory complex in order to create an attack against Atlantis because its vibrations were in the vibration of jealousy. Furthermore, The Entity named as Ravana had a plan to use the Reptilian social memory complex to conquer the planets and enslave the location.

However, the entities from Atlantis named as Rama and its Brothers knew that they had to protect the planet once again. Furthermore, they were able to set out to defend the planet Earth and Atlantis against the plans of Ravana and its army of negatively polarized entities. Further, the entities were involved in a long battle. However, the entities with positive vibrations and polarizations, such as Rama and its Brothers, bravely fought. With the help of the Pleiadians, they were able to defeat the negatively polarized entity known as Ravana and its army. And this was the victory which was celebrated by the people of Atlantis, a victory over Ravana and the Reptilian social memory complex. Indeed, this was an event which happened in a different dimensional reality much separate from the current illusion complex.

Furthermore, we must state that these events primarily are still being used as a reference upon your planets to teach about friendship, bravery, and adventure. Therefore, we, the Galactic Federation, now leave you beloveds and lights and love. Bye.