Session #226 • Pleiadians

It's Nearly Here... Something VERY Strange is Happening Worldwide

Summary: The Pleiadians discuss the different types of souls incarnated on Earth, including earthborn souls, old souls, purposeful souls, soul shifters, and cosmic star seeds. They explain that a social memory complex is a state of consciousness where spiritual entities share memories and experiences, promoting unity and collective decision-making. Light language, a mode of communication that transcends human language, carries encoded messages for healing and spiritual guidance. It activates dormant aspects within the DNA and allows for the connection with one's true essence.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this instrument’s internal vibration. At this time, we are here to offer our thoughts and insights at this timeline, which will enable the Human Social memory complex to find a greater understanding about the experiences and facets of the illusion complex in greater detail. Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, must state that the first query relates primarily with the understanding about what are the different types of souls incarnated on Earth at the current timeline. We, the Pleiadians, must firstly state that in the earth illusion complex, there are different perspectives and criteria which are used to classify the different types of spiritual complexes that have incarnated currently on the Earth planetary sphere. One such classification is primarily based upon the origination of a spiritual complex, its history, and its purpose. Furthermore, we shall share some of them.

The first are known as the earthborn souls. These are the souls which originate directly from Earth, which possess a spiritual connection to this planet and is a deeply connected feeling to Nature and the illusion complex and all that exists in the physical world. They exhibit a strong sense of belonging and responsibility. The earthborn souls are often characterized with their vibration thought forms of practical groundedness, loyalty, and even with the aspects of detachment.

Furthermore, the second type is the old souls who have experienced numerous lifetimes across various cultures and planetary spheres, including various eras and space-time experiences. Old souls have acquired wisdom and knowledge through direct spiritual experiences in the various Realms and Incarnation Cycles. They tend to be introspective, compassionate, and independent. However, many may feel out of place or disillusioned in the modern Earth Incarnation cycle because their pursuit is to understand the deeper meaning of incarnational life cycle and to transcend the cycle of reincarnation and ultimately graduate into a higher density experience.

The type of souls are the purposeful Souls who primarily have a clear mission or purpose to achieve in the Incarnation. This is primarily related to assisting Humanity at a global or collective level, which allows for the various issues and several types of causes to be solved through their internal rhythm. These Souls demonstrate passion, drive, and courage and may face challenges, opposition, or resistance. Furthermore, purposeful Souls primarily strive to create a positive impact on the world and fulfill their incarnational mission in this time.

The other type of souls may be considered as Soul shifters who primarily have the ability to change or adapt their spiritual complex according to their needs, circumstances, or preferences. These primarily include those Souls who have spiritual contracts for soul walk-ins or any other type of walk-in experience, either positive or negative, for a particular Incarnation. These souls are able to, because of their ability to enter into spiritual versatility, they are flexible and creative. However, many at times they may find it difficult to express their true self since their spiritual complex is changing at a constant rate or at an interval of space-time.

The other type of souls in the cosmic star seeds who originate from other planets, Dimensions or Realms are the star seeds who have chosen to Incarnate on the Earth planets for various purposes and Mission, such as learning, teaching, healing, assisting in the graduation, and ultimately graduating into the new Earth fourth density Consciousness. These souls are advanced, gifted, and visionary. However, they may feel misunderstood, alienated, or many times detached from the current Incarnation. The Cosmic star seeds strive to connect with their Cosmic Origins and bring forth a higher level of Consciousness on the Earth planet.

These are the main types of spiritual complexes who have incarnated on the Earth illusion complex at this time. Furthermore, we shall now address and answer the second query related to what exactly does a social memory complex mean and how does it function. We, the Pleiadians, must state firstly that the formation of the social memory complex is nearly here on the Earth planets, even though the first creation of a completed social memory complex will begin once the Earth enters the new Earth. It will seem strange for the people of the Earth planet in the beginning since a social memory complex signifies that it is a state of consciousness wherein groups of spiritual entities share their memories, thoughts, and experiences, thereby forming a unified mind complex. This state of consciousness transcends boundaries of individuality and egoic mind complex functions. Furthermore, this allows for establishing a harmonious resonance between the frequencies of each being, and this allows information to be exchanged instantly and effortlessly.

We must also state that the social memory complex primarily pursues and follows the principles of the law of unity, which asserts that all beings are one and there is indeed a union of all beings. Furthermore, we must also state that the social memory complexes, of which we are also a part of, primarily is not a static or a fixed state but one that is dynamic and which is continuously evolving. It primarily is a union of various points of Consciousness into a collective whole based upon the similarity of vibration. This furthermore requires a higher degree of self-awareness, which is learned in the third density love and service to others, as well as a balancing of the masculine and feminine energies.

Furthermore, every member of the social memory complex contributes to and benefits from the collective wisdom and experiences. A social memory complex represents the potential evolution of humanity towards a higher level of unity and harmonious unification into the formation of a social memory complex. Furthermore, every decision upon the primarily made upon a social memory complex is a collective effort instead of being driven by individualistic perspectives or agendas.

The decision-making process in the social memory complex takes into account the well-being and benefits of the entire social memory complex. Each being’s Consciousness within the social memory complex has the opportunity to contribute their thoughts, ideas, and experiences, which are then carefully considered and examined. Furthermore, the process of decision-making within a social memory complex involves a deeper level of communication and understanding. Telepathy, or the ability to transmit thoughts and feelings directly, is often utilized to facilitate this exchange of information. Through this telepathic communication, members of the social memory complex can gain a comprehensive understanding of different viewpoints and perspectives, which enable them to create informed and inclusive decisions that affect the whole social memory complex.

Furthermore, when it comes to making decisions or voting on various types of policies or other actions to be taken, a social memory complex operates on principles of consensus and unity, rather than relying on a simple majority rule, which is often followed by the people of your planets. The social memory complex seeks to find solutions or attitudes which align with the highest good of all of its members.

It is also ultimately the goal of a social memory complex to understand that the unique characteristics, personalities, and perspectives of the parts or the single portions of unity of the social memory complex generate. However, there is a greater cohesive whole which leads to the creation of fostering unity, harmony, and the exchange of growth and evolution. Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, shall now answer the other query related to what is the truth about light language and how does it work.

We, the Pleiadians, must state that light language is a mode of communication which surpasses the limitations of human language and directly resonates with the spiritual complex and the internal resonance system which is found within each human mind’s Body Spirit complex. The light language primarily is a type of transmission which originates from higher density Consciousness and Realms, which carry encoded messages for healing, clearing, rejuvenation, and spiritual guidance.

The aspect of light language can take on various forms, which include spoken form primarily, which is seen upon your planets. However, there are also other types of systems of light language, such as written or other types of systems which include bodily signs using the body language systems. This provides a method of establishing a harmonious resonance between the frequencies of the speaker with the receiver and the entity from whom the message originates.

The light language enables the exchange of information and it also provides for the activation of dormant aspects within the DNA, awakening the potential and purpose of the spiritual complex. Furthermore, light language creates a manifestation of healing, connection, and expansion of consciousness. To tap into light language, an entity must be open, receptive, and willing to trust their inner intuition and guidance. This primarily can be activated via various methods such as meditation and the elevation of thoughts’ vibration.

Furthermore, light language can also allow for those who shall listen to connect deeply with the true essence of their own spiritual complex. Hence, we, the Pleiadians, now leave you all in lights and love of the one Creator. Bye.