Session #227 • Metatron

They are Preparing for What Comes Next

Summary: Metatron shares a message about the upcoming events in February, warning about NASA scientists activating a soul trap machine on the moon. He advises meditating to prevent negative activities. Metatron also discusses the role of the Sun in Ascension, mentioning a shift in consciousness and DNA structure. The significance of the number 144,000 is explained, as well as the past lives of an entity named Billy Carson, who is described as a wanderer assisting humanity in awakening.

I am Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services now in communication at this time through this instruments vibration and I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services I’m here to share an important message regarding the understanding about the various aspects which are presented. However, I Metatron must state that each being who shall listen to our thought forms must use internal discernment and only accept those thoughts which resonate. Since Free Will is the one right which has been granted by the universal Light Grid programmer to all love light Childs who are in the various Universal sectors, therefore the first query relates with what is the Looking Glass events for the month of February of your SpaceTime.

Of scanning the Looking Glass events for the month of February, it is important that in the SpaceTime of 23rd February2024 a group of so-called NASA scientists, by your people who primarily have discovered the soul trap machine on the moon during their previous missions, will try to activate it by using the aspects or a type of system which they have found which is the key that activates the soul trap machine. Since the soul trap machine works on infinite intelligent energy, it requires vast amounts of Energy dissipation System. For the purpose of activating it, will require large amounts of heat absorbing material which they are planning to transport from Antarctica using a portal. The NASA scientists who are currently in contact with the Orion social memory complex are trying to create a portal using an artificial pyramid which they will create on the SpaceTime of 23rd February. This pyramid will act as a creator of a portal which will allow for the transportation of the aspects known as snow and other materials which absorbs the heat being dissipated from the soul trap machine activation. Furthermore, the NASA scientists were offered Advanced Technologies such as the technology of entering into various different dimensional realities and time travel. This is the reason why these scientists primarily have decided to understand and use this Distortion and aspects in the experience of realization of the unification of the quality and understanding of the sense of self. Furthermore, this machine primarily will act as a soul trap for the human entities who move towards the lights of the Moon after crossing over which will trap them in The Reincarnation Loop for a Never Ending cycle. This primarily is being done for the purpose of not allowing the evolution of humanity or souls to enter into the new Earth. If they are stuck in the Soul trap Machine Loop or cycle of reincarnation, they will never Escape it. Furthermore, I Metatron suggest the people of the Earth planets to during the SpaceTime of 23rd February as known by your people perform various methods of meditations which will involve sending love lights to the location of Antarctica and the moon which shall prevents any negative activities from being carried out in these locations.

I Metatron shall now answer the other query related with a so-called video which this instrument has seen in its mind complex which showcases a type of figure appearing in the surrounding area after a lightning strike. We must state that that’s upon scanning the Distortion that is indeed the so called the Archangel of death as known by your people who is in this Spacetime responsible for the collection of various Souls from the various dimensional realities which was accidentally spotted. Furthermore, we must also state that this is an example of how various realities are coexisting at the same time. However, the love light child of the Earth planet are unable to sense such types of connection of the various dimensional realities. Furthermore, I Metatron must also state that the other portion of the query relates primarily with what is the role of the Sun in Ascension.

I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must state that as the Earth planet begins to embark on the new era of energetic frequency which primarily is often referred to by many of the people as radiant energy, it is important to understand the mechanisms which is closely intertwined with the sun logos. In the physical terms, this energetic frequency affects the sun’s magnetic fields which is known as the heliosphere which is subsequently transmitted to your own internal magnetic fields through the solar wind process. Furthermore, this is the understanding that which requires a deeper esoteric understanding of the workings as this has always been a part of the grand plan for Ascension of the earth planet since the human race has managed to surpass the timeline 2012 which is the entry point of into the shift towards Ascension of the fourth density. Which has led the Earth planets to enter this region of SpaceTime where the magnetics will shift bringing forth a change in consciousness of humanity. This opportunity has always presented itself as it has awaited the passage of transformation. This is the realization that the evolutionary energy will begin to impact the sun logos as well which will then subsequently influence the magnetic fields of the earth planets which has now been adjusted to accommodate the new consciousness of the new Earth. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that within this timeline it is important for all beings to piece together the physical aspects in a manner which is perceptible to each one of you. As Steam Sun’s energetic frequency affects the Earth planets, the transformation of the magnetic grids will unfold as planned and the sun logos will release energetic Radiance which will affect the Earth planets. Furthermore, the sun’s energetic frequencies primarily will also shift the physical understanding of how the Earth planets operates. Further more the planetary shift is now the closest aspect which we can sense further in this timeline, we have mentioned that this primarily will allow Humanity to embrace a great change within the sense of self. However, some aspects during this change of Ascension may seem familiar. However, it is up to the internal realization of each individualized portion of Consciousness that primarily it will influence the DNA structure of each being who is alive at this time thereby activating the multi-dimensional fragments of the divine within each being. This is the essence of life and the fundamental blueprints present in all living forms across the cosmos this represents the intricate patterns and geometries that Define life in its myriad Expressions which provides for a deeper realization to be comprehended as each entity begins to explore and examine extraterrestrial life forms. Furthermore, the genetic DNA of your people will undergo Transformations which allow for a great change to happen in the tapestry of existence. Therefore, I Metatron shall now answer the other query related with what is the significance of the number 144,000.

I Metatron must state that the number 144,000 Primarily is a spiritual symbol which is found to be of significance upon your planet which is the lowest or the minimum number required for the formation of any social memory complex. We must state that each social memory complex begins when Consciousness unit together and form the unification as a social memory complex. Furthermore, this number is vitally significant for the Earth planet as well. The other query relates with the past lives of an entity named as Billy Carson by your people whose Incarnation cycle on Earth began on the SpaceTime of 1955. And I Metatron must state that the entity known as Billy Carson primarily is a being who is here on the earth planets as a specifically a wanderer and a assister soul whose purpose is to assist Humanity at this timeline of Awakening by allowing Humanity to reflect the true nature of their spiritual sense of self. Furthermore, The Entity known as Billy Carson was found prior to the timeline of its current incarnation in the planets known as Andromeda A wherein it spends around seven lifetimes learning the lessons of refining its own spiritual nature and establishing itself in the vibration of love and this pattern of establishing itself self and remaining in the vibration of Love enable it to find higher rhythms of clarity and unlocking a Divine Purpose of alignment which furthermore was a deepening for the entity to learn. Furthermore, this entity known as Billy Carson after having learned the vibration of love was then able to find itself and understanding truly the deeper nature of the sense of self which furthermore allowed it to unlock a higher purpose and Mastery of the true nature of love as it spent its life time as a fourth density entity in Andromeda it began to learn about teaching others as well about the attributes of Love after completion of its initiation in the Andromeda system it was then able to come into its lifetime as a wanderer prior to its incarnation in the Andromeda star system it was also found in the earth planets in one of the timelines in the lands of as known by your people as China around Liu in this timeline it had a deep yearning and desire to pursue the path of spiritual enlightenment which is why it left its so-called family at an early age becoming a monk and exploring meditation in the caves of the mountains of the location is specifically known as Tibet wherein it attained the spiritual knowledge of Enlightenment thereby this entity in that timeline became a teacher teaching others about the understanding which it had gained from its spiritual Endeavor and then prior to that it was found in the location of the lands Atlantis around 12,150 years wherein it spent its time as a Healer in the chambers of Atlantis primarily in the pyramids which were used as Healing Centers for Healing The Sick atlanteans and prior to that its origination can be traced to the planets of Maldek wherein its origination was found around 28 million years ago it was able to learn the lessons as a wind elements and fire elements in the beginning stages its Evolution was extremely fast than other entities and it has learned lessons at a faster rate because of its spiritual curiosity. Furthermore, we must also state that its Soul name in the planet of its origin was Deshart which meant the Creator’s power. Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic Services now leave you all turn to the mountain of Light Within yourselves bye.