Session #228 • Galactic Federation

"Dear Earth It Has Begun!"

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates to the Human Social memory complex regarding the potential Sun pole reversal in 2024. They explain the cosmic dance of plasma and magnetic fields within the sun, and the possible consequences of solar flares and disruptions to Earth's technology. Additionally, they discuss how Jesus of Nazareth performed miracles through divine connection and compassion. The Federation also outlines the three phases of the Earth's shift, with the final phase from 2013 to 2030 leading to a choice between a positively polarized new Earth or a negatively polarized one.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication at this time through this channels vibration and we are honored to have this opportunity to send forth this transmission to the Human Social memory complex at this timeline for the purpose of Ascension and for providing more awareness of the happenings of the earth planetary sphere. Furthermore, before we start to address the queries we the Galactic Federation will recommend each individualized entity to only accept those thoughts which provide a deeper sense of resonance at this timeline and leave behind those thought forms which do not resonate pertains primarily with the understanding about will the Sun’s pole reverse in the year 2024 as predicted by your scientists and what will happen in this case. We the Galactic Federation must state firstly that the pole reversal are the sun’s poles magnetically reverse in the SpaceTime experience of the timeline primarily because of the sun’s magnificient dance of plasma and the auroras which primarily create an intricate choreography which affects not only the cosmic situation surrounding the earth planetary sphere but also all other Cosmic sights which are connected directly and indirectly with the sun’s Dynamic energetic frequency.

As the logos of your Galactic system it is a wellknown fact by your scientists that in the SpaceTime of approximately every 11 earth years the sun logos Dawns its Cosmic cape and embarks Upon A transformation. This transformation primarily represents its magnetic poles which exchange places wherein the north becomes the South and the South becomes the north. This is a twirling of the celestial body. Furthermore, within the sun’s energetic bodily complex there is a fiery energetic core which is charged with plasma and love light. These plasma currents weave energetic frequencies with the love light which create a magnetic tapestry that loops and swirls across the sun’s surface. These magnetic Loops primarily also give rise to that which is known by your people as sunspots which are darken portals to the sun’s Celestial bodily complex.

As the sun primarily enters into a type of dance of cosmic fields of energy its magnetic field becomes twisted and it becomes capable of entering into a type of imbalance which primarily accumulates and there is a type of cosmic battle which occurs within the sun’s bodily complex. As the magnetic fields collapse there is a type of Gap within this Rhythm and eventually it flips the north becomes the South and the South becomes the north. We must state that during this timeline there is a possibility of large amounts of solar flares erupting, coronal mass ejections reaching into the cosmic tapestry of your Galactic system. These primarily can affect and disrupt your for Earthly Communications and paint your skies with ethereal colorful auroras as known by your people.

We the Galactic Federation must state that this event projection is indeed correct, that it is possible for its occurrence to happen in the SpaceTime of 2024. However, we must state that upon on of our scanning systems we find this event happening in the second portion of the Year 2024 after the month of June. However, there are certain events which can also trigger a faster flipping of the sun’s magnetic poles such as tampering by negatively oriented entities are a type of system of cosmic battle which happens in the sun logos every 11 years. Furthermore, with the Galactic Federation must state that during this time period the Asthar command as well as us embark on a journey towards the sun in order to Shield it with loving protective energy to prevent any negative influences at this timeline which will not only have a grand Cosmic impact upon all the galactic systems but also result in changes of massive nature in the frequency signature being emanated from the Sun logos.

Furthermore, we must state that there are many results of cosmic consequences when this event is triggered. Further, we must state that we can sense there will be intense solar storms which shall shatter or change the working patterns of your technological systems such as satellites, the GPS systems as known by your people, and other Wi-Fi signals as known in your language terms. There are also other aspects which primarily may be found wherein the Earth’s magnetic sphere which is the cosmic Shields that is protecting the Earth planets will send a change and it will also find itself becoming weaker if the shielding energy of the earth is fastened with intense energetic frequency from the Sun. This may lead the cosmic rays to enter the Earth planetary sphere which may lead to other massive changes upon the planet. However, we the Galactic Federation must state that this primarily is an event which is deeply monitored by us as well as the Council of planets and we shall do our best in order to prevent any type of negative activities which can arise from it. However, we send this as a last warning to humanity at this timeline in order to keep this events in your Consciousness. Furthermore, the other query shall now be answered which relates with how did the entity named as Jesus of Nazareth perform Miracles such as walking on water of your oceans are healing the sick, Etc.

We must State firstly that during this timeline The Entity known as Jesus of Nazareth as known by your people who was an entity who showcased extraordinary power and divine connection with the one infinite Creator who demonstrated the capabilities through a series of Feats which appeared miraculous to your people. These Feats were not just displays of power but they were manifestations of the entity known as Jesus’s charitable nature. Among these aspects one of the most remembered Feats are the walking on water a feat which defied the laws of physics as know known by your people. This act primarily was not merely a display of divine connection but a profound understanding of its compassionate nature because of its extreme charitable nature the creator of the universe bestowed upon it certain gifts similar to The Creator so that it may be able to manipulate even the basic natural laws of your planetary sphere which can only be manipulated by the one infinite Creator.

Furthermore, we must state that this feat primarily was given by the permission of the one infinite Creator directly from the eighth density upon finding the entity known as Jesus as extreme charity it became closer to the creator of the universe. The other aspect relates primarily with in addition to this The Entity named as Jesus performed a variety of other Miracles such as the Miracles of Healing The Sick, restoring the sight of the blind entities, healing the deaf entities and providing mobility to the physical bodily complexes which were disabled. These acts were not just the aspects of transformation of the physical bodily complex but a spiritual connection of divine intervention which demonstrates the power of the one infinite Creator who is able to give all blessings and order with the illusion complex as well by the one infinite Creator. Furthermore we must also state that Jesus of Nazareth was also able to perform other types of Miracles simply because of its purpose in the Earth planet at the time showcasing its extremely compassionate charitable nature and also by being a testament to the Human Social memory complex of the connection portal to the one infinite Creator which opens up when an entity becomes charitable.

The other aspects of the query relates primarily with the understanding about the aspect pertaining to what are the phases of the shift that will happen in the earth planets. We must state that firstly the shift is already underway and we can explain it into three phases. The phase one of the shift of the Earth planet started in the timeline from 1985 with the starting of the so-called harmonic convergence. This phase primarily ended in the SpaceTime of 2000 for furthermore during this timeline. The first portion of the shift primarily included the shifting of the galactic systems and alignment of energetic frequencies which would be suitable for the shifting of the energetic frequency of the earth planets. As the phase two began from the timeline of the year of 2000 up to the year of 2012 this was the primary phase wherein the initial creation of energetic foundations were created which primarily would lead to the ultimate culmination point which is the culmination points of the shifting of the human consciousness. As the years passed by reaching up to the year of 2012 there were many Transformations which were seen in the human societal complex leading it to become more Diversified and leading to the ending of more Separation on the planet. Furthermore this primarily also led to many Cosmic shifts such as the emergence of sightings of UFOs upon your planets to increase because of interest from the galactic family as well. Furthermore as the process ended in 2012 the phase 3 has began from the SpaceTime of 2013 to 2030 which is the culmination of the great shift and at this time the final Choice Point has arrived upon your Earth planetary sphere which shall lead to either creation of a positively polarized fourth density new Earth or a planetary sphere which is polarized toward service to self negative polarity based upon the choices of each human entity. Therefore we the Galactic Federation must state that the third phase of the transformation is still underway and we can sense that the Earth planets currently is in a more positive polarization as we can sense. Hence we must state that we the Galactic Federation having answered the query shall now leave you all, bye.