Session #229 • RA

Seven Densities of Soul Evolution (Recovered)

Summary: Ra introduces the concept of consciousness evolving through seven densities, starting with basic elements in the first density and culminating in unity with the infinite creator in the seventh density. Each density offers unique lessons and experiences, with beings progressing towards love and understanding. The choice between service to self or service to others is a key decision in the third density. As consciousness ascends, it ultimately merges back into the source of creation.

I am Ra, we greet you in the love and light of the one infinite creator. All is one and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite creator.

I am Ra, I have not spoken through this instrument before. Let this instrument be tuned to my vibration frequency. We would suggest that this instrument place a chalice of water exposed to its love light before starting such contacts, in order to prevent intrusions from the so-called negatively oriented beings.

It is learned from your mind complex that you seek certain vibratory sound complexes to describe the many densities of consciousness. However, before we transfer any vocal vibrations, we must warn you to accept only those sound vibratory complexes that match with your belief. We do not ask you to believe our message. You have free will to reject or accept the message.

The first density of consciousness is generated when love/light latches on to generate an experience out of, for the one infinite creator to experience itself. What this means in your vibratory sound complex is that love light generates substances such as the so-called elements – the earth, rock, water, air, and so on. These elemental vibration energies are what you call the first density materials. These first density materials need consciousness of love/light to give them life, to animate them, to latch onto them, to incarnate with them. Consciousness is always moving to higher densities. Ultimately not relationally, but ultimately, consciousness is the free source of awareness or love/light itself that acts as a container for all of the densities. Ultimately, consciousness is transcended to all densities. However, the time-space experience of consciousness within you is localized within each body and primarily has the feel and taste of a consciousness that is separate from the other consciousness. However, this is not the true reality because all consciousness is one.

So, the first density consciousness expresses itself via what you call the elements that are very primary, basic, and unanimated materials. Each of the seven densities requires or gives the opportunities to learn different types of lessons, different experiences that are most conducive to the consciousness that chooses to latch onto that particular density material. The first density is that of beingness or awareness. It is not equated to the awareness in the sense of a so-called enlightened being who becomes aware of itself. It is awareness in its basic or beginning state where it is not yet self-reflective and consciousness of love/light in its development, in its ascension, learning, and experiences throughout the seven evolutionary densities or levels. We’ll start out in the first density exploring itself as beingness through what you call the inanimate or unmovable objects. These objects don’t grow and move, they are static. They offer consistent and static experience for millions of years. In the first density, the point is for consciousness to generate desire, to generate a wakefulness in the direction of growth that leads to the second density.

The second density explores itself on your planet via the so-called trees, plants, and animals – basically anything that has the potential to move and be more macrobiotic. The second density is made up of what you call organic matter that has a second density consciousness in it, in relationship with it. This, it uses as a reflective medium to explore itself in that density of learning. In the next cycle, second density consciousness begins to explore what it is like to be organic and to experience how it feels when consciousness gets attached to organic materials. In other vibratory sound complexes, these are what you call the animals, plants, and other organic life forms other than yourself. The humanoids that grant the creator to experience growth. These forms grant the experience of interplay and interaction between two body-spirit complexes, building relationships of some sort.

The second density lessons are those of growing towards independence and the light of the one infinite creator, and towards relationship with other body complexes. As second density progresses into its later stages, animal body complexes, for example, the so-called wolves, exhibit group-like behavior where in relationship and coordination between numerous body complexes become important. This type of relationship is still instinctual. It is very much tangled with the group. Animals of this later stage second density show characteristics such as those of shared identity as a group or as a pack. When a pack of wolves interacts with each other, there may be a hierarchy with an alpha male or the leader. However, there is still a singular consciousness in a way. It is still a shared identity via the conflict and friction and relationship that occurs on a day-to-day time-space basis.

The consciousness through the form of organic body complexes such as those of the so-called wolf body complexes generates the awareness or realization that it is a separate body complex, that being separate from other body complexes, that it is an individual in relationship to other individuals. The so-called pets in your terms do this very rapidly. They interact with human beings as pets so that they get the presence of a third density mind-body-spirit complex. They are given vibratory sound complexes and individual identities. This gives enough of a vibration of self-awareness for it to be incarnated onto the next stage of learning. In the next cycle, in this case, the third density.

The third density is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness wherein there is awareness of the self in relationship to the other mind-body-spirit complexes. This creates a certain kind of separation that acts as a basic catalyst to learning many lessons that cannot be learned with a shared sense of identity. Third density is the shortest and most intense, for your mind-body-spirit complex must choose between the positive polarization or the negative polarization. It can be compared in your terms as like going through the eye of a needle or going through the funnel of the vertex, being sucked down the drain. It is a transformational phase, an intense period of catalyst. It is an intense process of waking up. It is fast, it is brief, and it is challenging.

The consciousness is encapsulated into a body complex and an awareness-mind complex that has the ability to think for itself. It starts to generate a knowingness by being in an interactive relationship with other mind-body-spirit complexes and other beings in the evolutionary cycle of the consciousness. The choice has to be made by the individual mind-body-spirit consciousness regarding the polarity it wants to devote itself predominantly to, that of service to others or predominantly to service to self. The mind-body-spirit decides in this density whether it wants to explore being service to others oriented or whether it wants to explore the universe as a service to self-consciousness. A service to self-mind-body-spirit complex is what you would perceive as being very self-centered in nature, very much involved in domination and enslavement of the other mind-body-spirit complexes.

A service to other mind-body-spirit complex explores itself in the direction of service, sharing joy, love, generosity, and kindness by being of service to other versions of itself, to the rest of mind-body-spirit complexes. In a way, both paths are equally valid and allowed by the one infinite creator. The choice is up to the individual mind-body-spirit complex, and this is where the choice is made when you reach the later stages of third density, as you have in the last couple of thousands of years or so on your planet, in your civilization, things will begin to shift naturally to where the lessons of fourth density begin to be integrated into the third density.

The fourth density is the density of love, understanding, and compassion. It is about giving up the view of perception of being separate for the sake of a greater sense of inseparability with the whole. In the fourth entity, consciousness begins to explore and learn the lessons of love, whether complete 100 devotion to loving itself above everything else, that is the service to self-orientation, or as is the situation for most mind-body-spirit complexes on our planet today, the orientation of service to others, where you will want to express and learn about love in relationship to others, wherein you will desire to feel inseparability, wherein you desire to feel connected to other mind-body-spirit complexes.

In this way, therefore, fourth density is about love and service, either to self or to others. After a while, a fourth density mind-body complex reaches a position of tiredness. This occurs especially with service to others oriented fourth density beings because they sometimes get too overwhelmed by love. You may realize this from your own experience in your time-space beings who are almost too loving, you could say, because they care about the other without any consideration of the self, in a way which creates an imbalance of love. It is not really that they are too loving, it is that their love is not balanced by wisdom.

The fifth density is the density wherein beings begin to learn the lessons of wisdom, of independence. In this density, beings become like so-called yogic, in your terms. These beings begin to realize that everything exists inside of their consciousness, that the external world does not exist. There are no other things, it is all one being. Everything is already perfect and complete, nothing can ever go wrong. Everything that is to be attained can be attained by simply sitting and being there, by meditating on it, by intending it. Everything is within the individual. This density is that of light or wisdom.

In the fifth density, an imbalance that of being too withdrawn is present. It is too internalized in a way. And so, in the sixth density, which is the density of unity, the union between love and light, wherein the being again opens itself up to experience as if there are other beings, even though the being knows that everything is contained within itself. It still permits the illusion of service to others. It still permits the illusion of sharing, the illusion of understanding, compassion, and kindness, wherein the fifth density being might be more inclined to think that everything is perfect, a sixth density being is more prone to know that it is all perfect but at the same time extends a hand as if there is an external reality. In this density really subtle lessons of balance, love, and wisdom emerge for the consciousness, for the individual that has ascended to this density.

It is quite difficult to explain this density is like in your vibratory sound complex terms. Thus, imagine light, pure light. Imagine beings made of pure light, group consciousness made of pure light who are being of service and extending themselves throughout the lower densities. In the sixth density, your higher self or your enlightened self or soul resides. Therefore, it is already here even if you are a third or fourth density explorative being. This overarching umbrella, this non-physical self which you call the soul or the higher self resides at the sixth density level of vibration of love and light.

In the seventh density, the consciousness that was in the sixth density has, in a way, left all that it knows to creation. It has left all that it knows to all of its portions, to all of its parts. In the form of the higher self, it makes all of the knowledge it experienced through millions of years of evolution available to all of its parts that are still experiencing back in time in a lower density exploring evolution. In this way, the higher self becomes available to all of its parts and for the individual itself. It leaves the blueprint of the higher self available to everyone else. The being itself who generated the whole experience, the whole journey of evolution, has reached a certain completion. The completion of having balanced love and wisdom and having made itself completely available to all of creation.

At this stage, the 7th density being starts to feel a magnetic pull back into the creator. Its evolutionary journey within creation becomes completed and now this being will gradually turn its case backwards into the one infinite mystery. In the seventh density, the being’s gaze is turned towards the one infinite creator, towards source itself, towards the unspeakable, the indescribable, the infinite, the indefinable. This is the seventh density and it is one big unexplored stage for us. Even there is not much I can say about it because currently I am in the sixth density consciousness. I leave you in the glory and peace of unity. Go forth in peace rejoicing in the power of the one creator. I am Ra.