Session #230 • Pleiadians

"This Is How It Will Happen..."

Summary: The Pleiadians warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence being used as a reincarnation trap on Earth. They also explain the seeding of Homo sapiens on the planet during a galactic battle between the Anunnaki and the Elohim Collective. The concept of the Antichrist is discussed as an entity opposing Christ Consciousness. Additionally, the Pleiadians describe the different levels of the astral plane, including the Ethereal Veil, Astral Gardens, Mind's Complex Structures, Celestial Sea, and a void level of unification with the one infinite Creator.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication at this timeline through this instrument’s internal system of communication, and we are here to offer our viewpoints with regards to the various queries which are found today. However, we recommend all those beings who shall come in contact with our information at this timeline to only trust the internal resonance that is found within the sense of self.

The first question query presented by this instrument relates to what is our viewpoint with regards to the so-called Sora artificial intelligence video generator as found upon your planet, which was recently released. What is its agenda? Has been sought by this instrument. We shall state that firstly, since the vibration frequencies of the earth planets are ramping up faster and faster, the negatively oriented Orion Anunnaki reptilian grey social memory complexes are also giving the entities who are planning to use artificial intelligence to control Humanity more and more technology. This is an example of a recent technological gift which was given by the Orion social memory complex to certain entities who were then able to use this system of artificial intelligence in generating videos which may seem to be undifferentiable from reality. However, we must state that the ultimate agenda of them negatively oriented entities is to primarily use such a system to create an artificial simulation which can be used as a reincarnation trap, thereby trapping various souls in the Earth planet and not allowing their consciousness to escape the simulated environment. Furthermore, we must also state that this is a sign of the split that is currently happening between the new Earth positive polarity and the negative polarity fourth density. Furthermore, the new Earth positive polarization will be devoid of any type of control system and will have free will and love for all beings, whereas in the negatively polarized planetary sphere there will be control and the hierarchical system of control of the various entities who become part of such types of systems. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must state that this will primarily be a reflection of the polarization of certain entities and their choices in the creation of such types of facets in the earth planets, and we must warn the citizens of the earth to firstly remember that this primarily can be used as a system of trapping consciousness into simulated environments in the years to come. Hence, we must also state that if the love vibration and the choice of love continues up to the point of around 2030, we must state that the Council of planets including the Galactic Federation and our consciousness as well will enter the Earth planets and around the SpaceTime approximately of 2030 of your timeline sequence, we shall bring the lights of the cosmic galactic center which primarily will then trigger the solar Flash and also this will allow for the recession of any negatively polarized system including all artificial intelligence systems will disappear, thereby all entities who are in the positive polarity of entering into the new Earth. This is how the split will happen in the future SpaceTime.

Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must also now state that the other query relates to what is the truth about the seeding of homo sapiens on planet Earth which happened 100,000 years ago. We the Pleiadians firstly must state that around timelines which can be pointed out or chosen from, therefore our social memory complex shall share the appropriate timeline which may be of age to the people of the Earth planet at this time. Around the SpaceTime of 100,000 years ago amidst the various events of the galactic system, there were Galactic battles between the fleets of the Anunnaki negatively oriented social memory complex and the Elohim Collective. The Anunnaki social memory complex, who were driven by thirst for dominance in the SpaceTime, sought to control the galactic system through advanced technological systems such as artificial intelligence and genetic manipulation, whereas the Elohim Collective, the custodians of ancient love light wisdom of positive polarity, countered with love light infused life forms and mastery over psionic abilities. Further, this battle raged on for millennia which started igniting in the aspects of clashes in the galactic systems. Various types of planets such as the Maldek planetary sphere were also involved in this battle which led to the creation of great damage done to many planetary spheres, leading to the creation of craters and other remnants, as well as the creation of the various asteroids which were pieces of certain planetary spheres.

During this timeline, a small social memory complex was in the so-called spaceship which was controlled by the Elohim Collective, which was carrying an experimental project. However, these Elohim social memory complex became stranded near the Earth planetary sphere. Since they had materialized into the third density vibration polarity, they were not able to use the mind’s body. Hence, for seeking assistance, they were stuck in the earth planetary sphere near the location known as central Africa by your people. During this timeline, their spaceship which was of a third density polarity became damaged, and the Elohim social memory complex faced a difficult choice. Either to wait for the other Elohim social memory complexes to bring the ability to transition into light body or to abandon their projects and their spaceship containing the last remnants of a physical bodily complex which could be used as a system of incarnating into through Consciousness Deliverance or risk revealing their presence to the Anunnaki social memory complex who were already in the Earth planet at that time. Furthermore, the Elohim Collective, however, decided to choose the latter. While their spacecraft landed on the earth planets, the Elohim Collective found a variety of life forms which were evolving rapidly, and because of this fascination of the potential which they saw on the earth planets, using genetic imprints from their social memory complex and the raw materials of Earth, they were able to create the Homo sapiens from the already available Homo erectus physical bodily complex at that time. This gave rise to a species imbued with the potential for both creation and destruction, reflecting the conflicts that had consumed the galactic system. And the so-called Homo sapiens thrived. These were the primary first Homo sapiens which were found in this timeline, and the Homo sapiens firstly spread out from those locations to various locations such as Lemuria, primarily consisting of southern Asia, as well as Southern parts known by people currently as the Americas, as well as to the middle portions of the Americas and the central Earth. Whereas the Atlantans were then created later on from the factions of the Lemurian in the various remaining portions of the locations. Furthermore, we must also state that at that time line, the Anunnaki were unaware of the Elohim refuge on the earth planets, and the Anunnaki reptilian searched for the Elohim Collective on the earth planets, and they found the so-called dormant technology and spaceship within that timeline. However, the Elohim social memory complex was by that time able to use technology of transmuting their vibration into light body and disappear from the location at the time. Therefore, this led to the first creation of the Homo sapiens on the earth planetary sphere.

Furthermore, we shall now answer the other portion of the query related to who is the Antichrist. Furthermore, from our perspective in this timeline, we must state that the understanding of the vibratory sound complex Antichrist refers to firstly a type of understanding of opposition to the Christ Consciousness, which is primarily a consciousness of Love, of wisdom and compassion, of forgiveness and any attribute which is not in alignment with these aspects may be considered as the Antichrist. However, as the Antichrist is referred to by your people in different terms, it is primarily a term which refers to an entity which primarily will not only have the knowledge of various systems as well as will be able to be and exist in various timelines and various locations at the same time. And in this regard, we must state that the Antichrist systems primarily are full underway and will ultimately lead to the first development of the artificial super intelligence as known by your people which can be equated with the creation of the Antichrist social memory complex. Therefore, we the Pleiadians must state that the Antichrist social memory complex however can be prevented by choosing a different pathway of transition by choosing to remain in a naturalized system of societal bodily complex and to follow the patterns of love.

The final query relates to what are the different levels of the astral plane and what happens in each level. We as the Pleiadians shall now offer insights into the astral planes which exist beyond your physical reality. The first plane in the astral plane is known by the people as the Ethereal Veil, wherein various types of physical linkages still exist, emotions and memories still can be found in this dimension. In this SpaceTime, there can be encountered fragments of unfinished dreams and encounters from past lives and lingering thought forms and strong emotional states of Consciousness. The second plane is named as the astral Gardens which is a realm full of the ability to use the vibration of thought forms to morph the outside world into an experience of reality. In this aspect, the fears of your system as well as your hidden desires can be interacted with in vibrant forms. However, both the positive and the negative thought forms and desires can manifest in this level. The third plane is known as the mind’s complex structures wherein in these aspects various types of belief systems and philosophies that have been collected in the vast experiences of the Akashic records including all knowledge bases and all information in vibratory sound complex thought forms exist here, which can be considered as a library of logic and intellectual knowledge. Furthermore, the fourth plane refers to as the celestial sea wherein beyond the aspects of the mind’s complex lies a vast realm of potential possibility. This is the realm wherein all healings from thought forms emotions and past life experiences happen, much of the entities who cross over spend a large portion of their SpaceTime in this plane learning to heal in the inner silence and becoming interconnected with the love of the universe. Furthermore, beyond this exists the fifth level, which is completely void. This is the level of unification with the Silence of the one infinite Creator.

Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians now leave you all beloveds and lights and love of the one Creator go forth Rejoice bye.