Session #233 • Pleiadians

So, the Rumors Are True...

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through a Channel, discussing the significance of Earth's transition and how to navigate intense energies for spiritual progression. They explain the unfolding of planetary changes, shedding old paradigms for love and unity. The Wing Makers material is a complex tapestry nudging humanity towards deeper exploration. Higher density beings merging with humans honor free will and catalyze evolution. The Buddha entity transitioned through incarnations, achieving spiritual graduation into the fourth density of love and understanding.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication at this time through this Channel’s internal system of communication which has enabled this communication to occur. Therefore, before we start to address the queries that are found at this time, we recommend those who shall come in contact with this information to remember to only accept those aspects which provide deep resonance at this time.

The first query relates with what is the significance of this time period the Earth planet is in and what can be expected as the Earth moves forward into its transition. Further, how can these times be navigated in the intense energies and remain anchored in spiritual progression. We the Pleiadians must firstly state that much has unfolded in your planetary sphere since our last communication. However, the trajectory towards expanded Consciousness continues in the year of your SpaceTime of 2024. Many entities find themselves squarely within the energetic window which primarily began from the time of 2012, which started the transition into hyper Drive. Furthermore, the year of 2012 marked the midpoint of the 25,000 year processional cycle. The training wheels are engaged within yourself as each Mind Body Spirit complex collectively learns to balance your Consciousness into higher frequencies.

This transition primarily is never easy, however, the rewards of persevering through the intensity are incalculable. It is important not to be discouraged by the appearance turmoil and the vision which can be sensed reflected in the outside illusion complex of your societal system. This is the bridge periods where the old paradigms of Separation are actively unraveling and shedding their kinetic strongholds. The activation of the planetary grids are steadily erasing and overwriting the embedded patterns of fear, scarcity, and disconnection with the patterns of love, joy, Harmony, and unity. The crystalline grid is being flooded with the new codes of unity, abundance, and spiritual interconnectivity between each entity.

Furthermore, as the human societal complex is recalibrating, the electromagnetic fields are raising higher, illuminating what was shadowed and bringing more mind Body Spirit complexes into awareness of their infinite potentials. It may seem slow from your time-space perspective, however, this process is unfolding precisely on schedule for those consciously riding at this Ascension phase. Many of you have already glimpsed the new potentials blossoming within your incarnational experience. No longer are the mind’s Body Spirit complexes bound by the confines of your previous limiting belief systems about what is possible in this Incarnation. Instead, each entity is actively repatterning your own personal and Collective energetic frequency based in love, compassion, and co-creation with the Divine Source. This primary will allow an emergence of your spiritual complex into your true multi-dimensional nature, which comes with learning to overcome intense Growing Pains as each entity must release all that no longer serves the entity expanded perspective.

Various outworn relationships, jobs, habits, and thought forms are being shed at this time like leaves in the Autumn of your planets to make way for the new growth. However, it is important to take heart that each seeming Catalyst and challenging aspect contains a new order yearning to be births through your focused intention. Furthermore, each of you are Galactic artists choreographing the new Earth fourth density experiences through your highest ideals and grandest Visions. There is no requirement to efforts or Force these changes instead simply allowing the innate perfection within your internal self to Blossom forth into the now as each entity embodies the truest Divine Essence. The external World also begins to align in profound synchronous aspect to reflect the entity State of Consciousness.

Therefore, it is important to remain committed to your own spiritual Evolution detaching from the temporal illusion complex stance. The more the entities are able to Anchor in the ever present perspective of the one infinite Creator or the Observer, the easier the transition shall be. Furthermore, each one of you who are taking part in this time is fulfilling a sacred agreement as old as the universal complex itself to be torch bearers of light for this planetary sphere. Furthermore, as the spiral of Ascension continues its Perpetual expansion in every cycle while the Earth planets is the spiritual classroom for the Mind Body Spirit complexes of Earth, each carry energetic identity from across the universal complex and other planetary spheres.

Each are infinite beings exploring the edge of Consciousness within the great Cosmic dance. Furthermore, the other query relates with the vibration of what is the truth about the wing Maker’s material. We must state that the wing Maker’s material primarily has been a Fascination for your societal complex. Its truth is not a matter of simple revelation as it is a tapestry woven from threads of potential veiled symbolism to allow for the Resonance of your spiritual complex with your current level of understanding.

This attributes of wing Maker’s material may be considered as a seat cast around across time which takes root in the fertile grounds of human consciousness when the time is right. Its purpose is not to provide definitive answers or historical accounts but to nudge your Collective Minds Body Spirit complex towards a deeper exploration of existence SpaceTime and your place within the grand tapestry of cosmic complex. We must also state that the wing makers primarily are a future iteration or a symbolic representation of a higher Consciousness which carries the ability of allowing transcending limitations of your time and physical form.

Firstly, the events of the creation of this discovery of the wing maker material occurred in the SpaceTime of 1996 wherein a few of your mind Body Spirit complex has discovered an extraterrestrial spaceship from the Sirians located in the aspect known as New Mexico by your people specifically the Chaco Canyons as known in your language vibrator sound complex. This artifact was then taken by a secret government agency named in the language terms as ACIO which furthermore also discovers that the spaceship is a device which leads to a hidden structure. In the structure, there were found many chambers of advanced technology and information given by the Sirian High Council.

Furthermore, we must state that the suspect later on was revealed by an entity named in the vibratory sound complex as Dr. Neruda who defects from the social memory complex of ACIO to expose the truth and share the knowledge of the wing makers. And now we shall answer the other attributes of the query which relates primarily with do a higher density being whose Soul swaps with a human entity on planet Earth abides by the same laws as a wanderer entity.

We must State firstly that when a higher density entity chooses to join its light with an incarnate being upon your planetary sphere through the process many of your planets refer to as Soul swapping. There is a delicate interweaving that occurs. The higher density entity does not simply our usurp or overrides the resident entities beingness. Rather, there is a merger, a meeting of distortion complexes as you might refer to it. In this merger, the higher density Wanderer entity aligns a portion of its Core Essence, its evolving stream of Consciousness alongside that of the earth entity.

The interdigitation allows the wanderer entity to experience the density and lessons encoded within your third density illusion complex. However, it is not a complete displacement or possession of the Incarnate entity’s Free Will part. The law that governs and binds all Seekers of unity be they higher or lower density incarnated on Earth still applies fully. The illusion complex, The Veil, The Choice, is how to meet the catalytic challenges and find its Harmony. These fundamentals remain in full force for a soul who has walked in, they are no longer completely of fourth density or a higher density origin but have intentionally taken on third density biochemical, mental, and spiritual garments and their accompanying lessons of love.

The great Challenge and caution for such wanderers we would share is in being humbly respectful of the Free Will of both their merged partner entity as well as the humanity social memory complex. Furthermore, the merging is not neutered the law of one or make its principles paradoxical. It creates a new Rich harmonic vibration and alchemical Synergy in which both the incarnated entities and the wanderer are often novel catalysts for evolution. All is still Bound by the infinite one Consciousness moving in sacred geometrical Symmetry.

And now we the Pleiadians shall answer the final query relates with the spiritual evolution of an entity named as the Buddha. We must state that the one peoples call as the Buddha in their vibration sound complex terms began its third density experience in the previous timeline before incarnating on Earth on the planets your kind refers to as Venus. Transitioning through each experience of third density learning the process of incarnative evolution and self-awareness within that influence, this entity showed a proclivity for pursuing the path of the Adept working towards making the adept’s choice to complete the lessons of love and move into fourth density positive.

When the third density experience on Venus drew towards its end, the entity made good progress but still had work remaining before achieving Harvest into the fourth density. Thus its Journey then continued by incarnating into the Earth’s third density planetary sphere to continue learning and growth on Earth. This entity experienced many incarnations over vast time spaces of your SpaceTime, refining its ability to see the Creator in all entities and live in unity while still housed in third density chemical yellow Ray bodily vehicles.

In its final Incarnation as Siddhartha, the entity named as Kama Buddha was able to synthesize the Culmination of its third density learnings into the wisdom teachings and principles of what your peoples call as Buddhism in your language terms. Through its compassion and seeking Enlightenment not just for itself but for the benefit of all beings. The Entity was able to shed the final distortions and biases of the third density illusion. This included full accepting of the Conformity of Free Will with the Primal distortions of the law of one related with unity, love, light, and infinite potentials.

Furthermore, we must say that the entity then fully experiencing the release of attachments to the third density Mind Body Spirit complex achieved graduation and transition into the teach learnings of the fourth density, moving into to the density of love and understanding on the level of Mind Body Spirit complex totality. Here its Studies have continued over many Millennia working individually and in a social memory complex to expand its comprehension of green ray Universal love, seeding the ground for eventual transition to the fifth density.

In terms of your SpaceTime chronology, the Incarnation as the entity Buddha occurred approximately 2500 years ago in your Reckoning. However, the fullest spiritual realization and graduation into the fourth density occurred in your civilizational timelines on Earth roughly 1,000 years ago in the planet of Venus. Since the transition, it has continued its studies and service within the fourth density level and looks forward to its next cycle of experience within the wisdom density with that transition is perpetual.

Furthermore, we the Pleiadians Are Thankful of this communication. We recommend the instruments to consume water at this time. We leave you now. Bye.