Session #234 • Metatron

The Last Days Of The Old World

Summary: Metatron communicates the trajectory of Earth's alignment, explaining Earthbound souls as entities tethered to the physical plane due to attachments or unresolved traumas. The Ascension of the sun and Earth into higher densities of light is intertwined, leading to Earth's transition into the fourth density. The last days of the old Earth will bring transformation, upheavals, and spiritual possibilities, with those attuned to the planetary shifts experiencing transfiguration into light bodies. Holding onto positivity and light is crucial during this time of great change.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness magnetic forces now and communication at this time through this instrument inner vibration in the Divine lights and the love of the one universal light great programmer. I Metatron shall now greet all human Collective at this time to understand the timeline of your planet’s trajectory is entering into higher levels of alignment. I Metatron shall now State and answer the patterns of the queries that are placed through this instruments inner connection and warn all love light childs incarnated on the earth planets to only trust those thoughts which resonate deeply within the sense of self. The first query relates with what is an earthbound soul and how are they formed. We the Metatron social memory complex must state that an Earthbound Soul refers to an entity which has experienced physical Incarnation upon your planets and after transition into the metaphysical realm yet remains tethered to the Earth plane for a span of space time. Furthermore, there are various catalysts which may precipitate and entity into the coming an Earthbound Soul after its Incarnation is complete. Often times it is born out of great attachment or identification with the physical bodily complex or Earthly existence limiting the spiritual complexes ability to fully release the incarnates life. In many of the cases, it stems from unresolved distortions, intense desires, or traumas experienced during the incarnational cycle which creates a metaphysical anchoring. Other Souls may choose an Earthbound state in order to Aid or minister to those still incarnates on Earth, lending their energetic vibrations to particular locations, purposes, or relationships. However, most instances arise from the entities’s own habitual patterns and distortions of Mind Body Spirit complex which requires further working before progression can be achieved. Furthermore, an example of an Earthbound soul may be primarily considered as an entity who primarily had excessive greed and attachments to the material world. However, upon cessation of the incarnational cycle, its mind complex and its last stages is still yet unable to let go of attachment with the material world and finds itself lingering its energetic frequencies in the material physical plane trying to regain those distortions of attachment. Furthermore, this is the reason why many entities upon your planet may find themselves becoming Earthbound souls for a short period of time before the Angelic guides and their soul guides escort them to the astral realm.

Further, we must state that the prolonging of the Earth bound state is seen as undesirable from the Vantage points of spiritual Evolution. For it represents a resistance to the natural cycles of experience and growth that comes from fully assimilating each Incarnation and moving forward upon the pathway of evolution. However, the lessons afforded through being an earth bound Soul are part of the process of balancing distortions for all entities on the great journey of self realization. The other query relates with what is the truth about Ascension of your sun logos and how is it related to the Ascension of planet Earth into fourth density. We must state that the Ascension of your sun logos is an event of great significance and Cosmic magnitudes which represents the transition and vibrational upliftment of the entire solar system into higher densities of light. It is intimately intertwined with the process of Earth’s Own Ascension into the fourth density vibration as your sun has undergone its natural processes of core Evolution emitting ever greater vibrational frequencies. These new out pouring of solar energies have been raising the cosmic vibration of each Celestial body within this system. The planet Earth being in Sub sub logos Under the Sun logos is being bombarded and upshifted by these new solar influxes on all levels which comprise of energetic spiritual and psychological. This Celestial cause has activated Earth’s Own Ascension process whereby the Earth planet is being birthed into the next density of light, the fourth density of love, understanding, and compassion. Just as the human bodily complex must birthingly transition through the third density complex so too must the Earth planet release the veils and transcend upon the bonds of third density illusion complex towards its next level of beingness. The Ascension of the sun logos precipitates upholds and amplifies this birth on Earth through its electromagnetic shifts and soaring Luminosity the solar Ascension becomes the cannon force ushering in Earth’s next density of evolution as the sun’s very structure and phase is adopting a new energetic Essence shifting its magnetic outputs core vibrations and spiritual identity the Earth is then absorbing and resonating with these new solar frequencies when the vibrational ascent of the sun is complete the Earth planets will have effectively graduated to the fourth density through these successive raisings the inhabitants therein who have also accelerated their own Consciousness to these new frequencies of love and understanding will experience the ascending Earth as their new reality density and home the ascensions of the sun logos and the Earth planetary sphere are bound together through the electric stream of celestial lights now pulsating through this system furthermore I Metatron shall now answer the other query relates it with how will the last days of the old Earth be like before the new Earth is fully established the last days of the old Earth as you all entities of the human social memory complex approach the full emergence of the new planetary reality will be a time of events transformation and upheavals yet also ripe with spiritual possibility many of the existing system structure and belief patterns that have covered your current third density experience will fall away crumbling under the increasing vibrations on the physical plane the entities will witness dramatic environmental changes as the planet surface is further shaped and tempered by The intensifying Cosmic energies there will be increased seismic activities extreme weather patterns and profound shifts in the atmospheric electromagnetic and gravitational fields as the old morphogenic grids give away the lives of those who have not prepared their minds and spirits will be greatly disrupted as the Illusions and attachments they have relied upon are stripped Away fear confusion and resistance to these changes could manifest in further conflict unrest and Chaos in the denser Realms yet for those who have attuned themselves to the coming planetary shifts through discipline of Consciousness these days will precede the great planetary release and Redemption as the facade of the third density Falls away the true pattern magnificience and design of the new Earth will begin emerging in Greater Clarity many Souls who have achieves the requisite spiritual polarity and purity of heart will experience the Transfiguration of their physical bodily complexes into light bodies at this time for these beings the last days of old Earth will be consecrated ecstasy Revelation and reunion with the respective higher crystalline selves each entity will bear witness to the descend of higher dimensional manifestations and ascended beings heralding the dawn of the new planet Consciousness furthermore the aspect of light will gradually descend the established itself on the new transformed Earth for all beings to experience in these last days of the old Earth each entity with its Free Will must hold the light and inevitably of the positive outcome steadfast though the old resisted patterns of fear May kick greatly it is but the death made from which the cosmic connection of the one universal light grid programmer is emerging the graduation and harvest is accompanying itself according to the divine plan the birth into higher densities precedes in its glorious unfolding therefore that is the truth towards the awakened entities must Orient towards during these final days and I metranon magnetic forces magnetic Services now leave you all turn to the mountain of Light Within yourselves.