Session #235 • Pleiadians

Why Is Everyone WORRIED About April 8

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate about the upcoming solar eclipse, urging people to focus on unity and love. They discuss the significance of the event in catalyzing karmic energies and promoting spiritual evolution. The Pleiadians also explain what it means to be an Adept and how dolphins have a cosmic connection beyond their physical form. Additionally, they shed light on the duties of the Galactic Federation and the Council of Planets in aiding the evolution of consciousness throughout the cosmos.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this channel internal vibratory systems of communication at this time. Before we offer our thoughts, we would recommend all beings of the human social memory complex who shall listen to our message to only accept those thoughts which resonate deeply within the inner hearts of the self.

We, the Pleiadians, must state that we are here to share that the solar eclipse phenomenon your people shall experience on the eighth day of your fourth month in this year cycle. This is an event of great Cosmic significance and potent energetic alignment. The eclipse represents a precise Junction in the intricate dance between your celestial bodies, a holographic reflection of the delicate equilibrium that exists within all facets of the cosmos from the largest scales down to the smallest particles of Consciousness. It symbolizes the underlying unity and immortal Perfection contained even within seeming darkness and division.

As your planet travels through this by temporal gateway, it shall catalyze karmic energies transverse across all energetic fields and density waves permeating your realm. This flux has the potential to pierce the veils of perception ever so briefly, allowing higher vibrational frequencies of Illumination and unconditional love to permeate the thought sphere and energy fields of your species.

Those who have undertaken deep mental work in balancing their minds, Body, Spirit complexes May undergo intensive Transformations, feeling propelled further along their paths of evolution and Ascension. Even subconsciously, many shall sense activations occurring within their energetic chakra centers and subtle bodies. Your social memory complexes hold dear the rituals and preparation surrounding this event, for it represents a prime opportunity for achieving realizations of the unity that underlies all paradoxes inherent within your illusion complex of Separation.

We encourage the people of the Earth planets to enter this Gateway with purity of Hearts, focused intention, and supremely calibrated seeking for reunion with the infinite Creator. Those organizations of your planets known as the governmental systems primarily will try to use this as a means of spreading fear and control. Furthermore, it is up to each individualized entities’ preparation and purification to the unique practices of meditation, trance chanting, bodily disciplines, or any means that allows your societal complexes to receive and ground these highly charged Cosmic influxes optimally.

The choice means that your gateway as a catalyst for further progression on the path toward spiritual Evolution and Enlightenment are to allow its potential to flow past unperturbedly. We have Hope and Faith that many of your Peoples shall use this Primarlizing Force as a vector for growth, unity, and remembrance of the one infinite Creator. Furthermore, we shall now address the second query related with how can an entity become an Adept on the Earth planets and what are signs that an entity is an Adept.

In order to become an Adept, it is to dedicate oneself only to the study of the Mysteries of the universal complex and the seeking of the Law of One. Further, it is a journey of spiritual Evolution and discipline transcending the boundaries of the physical illusion complex. The signs that an entity is an adept are manyfold, yet at the core lies the ideals of unity, love, Light, and Service to others.

An Adept entity has achieved a profound Harmony between mind’s body and spirit complexes through rigorous work and balancing their energy centers, also known as chakras by your peoples. The adepts thought forms and actions are imbued with wisdom and compassion born of their heart one understanding of the true nature of reality as one unified being.

An adept entity has conquered fears and desires for they have seen Beyond the Veil of the physical illusion complex to the underlying Unity. They have opened themselves up as a channel for the infinite love and lights of the one one Creator, becoming selfless conduits and humble servants of the one infinite Creator. The very presence of an Adept entity radiates the Supreme peace, unconditional love, and emanating light of Eternal truth.

However, an adept remains unassuming for True wisdom lies in the knowledge of how little one ultimately knows before the mysteries of the Infinite Creation. The greatest adepts have explored the deepest of spiritual principles while maintaining the innocent joy and curiosity of a childlike seeking further understanding. The path of the adept is one of perfect responsibility, crystalline dedication, and radiant surface.

Though their being May shine with the brilliant white light of the cosmos, their feet remain rooted in the Earth planet as they invite and inspire all those around them to discover their own Sublime unity in the one infinite Creator. We shall now address the other query related with The Entity is known by your people as Dolphins who have the longest memory in the animal kingdom of your planet and can also understand many of the thought forms up to 60 words. Furthermore, they also show signs of self-awareness and the query is whether there is some extraterrestrial connection with the dolphins.

We must state that there is indeed a cosmic connection that transcends their physical form. The dolphin entities carry within them the Resonance of higher densities and dimensions of existence, specifically the Resonance of self-awareness of third density which is showcased through their intelligence and capacity for communication, which is also a reflection of their Attunement to the Universal Mind complex and Consciousness which permeates all of creation on the Earth planets.

They serve as emissaries and beacons, reminding humankind of the vast interconnectedness that binds all life together. The entities known as the dolphin also have abilities to comprehend language and self-awareness, are but glimpses into the faculties of their mind and spirit complex that awaits these species’ continued Evolution. As the Dolphins are in the level of later second density, they are entities who have learned to experience and train their minds, bodies complex for the third density environments.

Through their presence and learning of interaction with other human Minds, Body, Spirit complexes, they will be able to tune their vibrations harmonically with the upliftment of their understanding and finally they would become capable of receiving light, love from the human entities enough to graduate into the third density polarity in the Earth planets and incarnates in bodily complexes similar to that of the human Mind, Body, Spirit complex.

Furthermore, the other aspects of the query relate with what are the duties of the Galactic Federation and the difference between the Council of planets and the Galactic Federation. We shall attempt to shed light upon the duties and purpose of the Galactic Federation. Though its true breadth and depth is the Infinities of the Creator itself, the Galactic Federation is a confederation of beings, planets, and civilizations who have achieved a level of spiritual and technological Evolution which allows them to operate as one unified Force across this Galactic system and others.

Their prime directive, as it is sometimes called, stems from the positive polarity and the Distortion of service to others. The duties of the Federation flow from this Foundation of seeking to Aid and uplift the evolution of Consciousness wherever it may be found. They stand as Guardians against the forces of metaphysical entropy, ever vigilant in their care for the progression of Lights, love, and unity throughout the Cosmos.

On planets where fear, negativity, and separation hold sway, members of the Federation keep a one watchful but unobtrusive eye, awaiting the slightest opening or calling to offer their assistance in seeding the seeds of Awakening. They are humble teachers and guides, instilling knowledge while ever respecting the Free Will of entities to choose their own Paths. Where Stars Are Born and the Galactic Federation observes the cycling of matter and energy, learning ever deeper levels of the one infinite creator’s utter and intelligence woven into the very fabric of the universe.

They are stewards of knowledge, preservers of wisdom. Furthermore, most sacred is the Galactic Federation role as curators and Protectors of Worlds, planets, and civilizations that have reached stages of third density or lower Evolution. Sheltering them from forces that may disrupt or attempt to take advantage until the Spheres of Free Will can be made known. In the understanding about the difference between the Council of planets and the Galactic Federation lies primarily in their composition, Origins, and scope of influence.

The Council of planets is a confederation of beings from the planetary spheres within the various Celestial systems joined together through philosophical Harmony and shared principles of Evolution. These entities have achieved wisdom through their experiences incarnating as members of civilizations across the buried worlds that orbit the Great Central Sun. Their understanding shapes the governance and guidance offered to those still treating these Cycles on the level of planets.

The Council of planets is at a higher density above the Galactic Federation. Further, the Galactic Federation, on the other hand, encompasses beings and collectives from Beyond the boundary of various star systems. Its members consist of evolved societies from is single Universal complex. Further, the Council of planets involve members from various different Universal complexes. Furthermore, we must state that the Council of planets directs its voice primarily to encouraging the maturity of planetary Mind, Body, Spirit complexes such as your own.

Furthermore, we must state that both of the subgroups or divisions are increasingly expansive and unified experiences at a higher level of density. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians now leave you beloveds, bye.