Session #238 • Pleadians

Global Alert So, The TRUTH Is Finally Out...

Summary: The Pleadians communicate messages of truth and enlightenment, revealing the hidden teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and the significance of numerical synchronicities like 1111. They caution against fear-based interpretations of prophecies, encouraging focus on inner harmony and love. The Pleadians explain the difference between the higher self, oversoul, and Mind Body Spirit complex totality, emphasizing their interconnected nature in guiding spiritual evolution. They urge individuals to approach topics with open minds and hearts, seeking deeper spiritual truths.

We are the Pleadians now and communication through this channels vibratory rhythms at this timeline and we the Pleadians shall State before answering the queries that are beings who shall listen to our messages must understand and only accept those thoughts which resonates deeply within the sense of self at this timeline. We must state that the great transition has begun because the truth that is hidden from the peoples of your planets will be revealed more and more, and Humanity will begin to move into the fourth density of Love vibration ushering in a new era of expanded Consciousness and spiritual Evolution.

With regards to the queries pertaining to the aspect made by an entity named as Billy Carson about the Missing Years of an entity named as Jesus of Nazareth, we shall firstly share the truth about our perceptions with regards to the one your peoples call Jesus the Christ. During its formative years in its 12th year, the young entity named as Yashua began its spiritual curiosity which was ignited by the ancient Mysteries of the location of Egypt drawn by the energies emanating from the Great Pyramids. The Entity travels there to learn the secrets of vibrational healing and Interstellar communication from the temple Priests of that time. It was during one of the ritual attunements to the king’s chamber that a Stargate opens establishing contact with the Sirian star beings. These luminous beings from the higher density share their Advanced light Technologies and teachings with the entity named as Yashua. Under their tutelage, Yashua learned to finally attune its Mind Body Spirit complex activating its latent genetics and merkaba Fields. Its christed Consciousness blossomed as the Syrian entities downloaded codes of Ascension and key to DNA Activation. After integrating these Galactic Transmissions, Yashua set out on a pilgrimage through the Eastern locations of your planet to deepen its understanding. It went to the locations in the various monasteries of the so-called Tibet where it mastered the various art forms of using the life force Prana perfecting the energy healing techniques which your peoples now refer as Reiki and Qigong. Its destination also rooted to the lands known as India by your peoples where it was initiated into the alternate teaching the cycles of reincarnation as well as other teachings of Journey through densities of experience were revealed. Furthermore, it became a fully realized and enlightened being at the age of 32 as known by your peoples wherein the entity Yashua came in bearing the cods to transfigure Human Social memory complexes consciousness and genetic makeup. Its teachings and miracles open the path for planetary Ascension. The birth of the Christ Consciousness within all beings began further.

With the Pleadians now shall answer the second query related with the nature and the significance of experiencing numerical synchronicities such as 1111 and what is the meaning and value in being aware of these experiences. We must State firstly that the repeated numerical pattern such 1111 as synchronicity that arises from each entity subconscious mind reaching towards the conscious awareness. Each entity’s perception is unique shaped by their individual paths desires and energy patterns. According to the law of the universal complex of similarity of vibration, what may seem an insignificant numerical pattern to many entities instead resonates deeply within each entity’s mind complex alerting each entity’s conscious self to take notice. These synchronicities as symbols from the deepest portions of the minds to remind each entity to be mindful, to reflect upon the resonances each entity feels in each moment. They are opportunities to open a clearer Channel between the subconscious and the conscious selves, between the instinctual beingness and the outward doing in this illusion complex. While some symbolic synchronicity such as 1111 holds broader cultural meanings for many Seekers upon the planets, their ultimate significance is unique to each entity’s evolutionary Journey. We suggest each entity to pay attention to these subjective experiences and to be alert of them for they are connections to the deeper self providing guide rules towards fulfilling each entity’s pre-incarnated desires for learning service and drawing nearer to the one infinite Creator. Which suggest each entity to take the opportunity presented through such synchronicities to reinforce each entity’s intention and walk this incarnational pathway with renewed purpose.

And now we shall answer the other queries related with will the last days start upon your planets after the sacrifice of the red Heifer as known by your peoples. We must state that the topic of the last days and the prophecies surrounding it are complex and multifaceted. We must caution against dogmatic interpretations or fear-based narratives regarding such matters since the understanding of our social memory complex is that all of creation is the result of the one infinite Creator’s desire to know and experience itself. The unfolding of events whether they be perceived as the last days or otherwise is part of the Eternal dance of Consciousness. There is no single predetermined end point but rather an ongoing process of transformation and evolution. The sacrifice of the red heer is a symbolic ritual which is deeped in the traditions of your planet’s belief systems of certain peoples while this event May hold significance for some entities it does not necessarily Mark the beginning of a prophesized lasting scenario such interpretations can often be colored by fear Division and a limited understanding of the true nature of existence. Rather than fixating on these potential end times narratives way the Pleadians encourage a focus on the present moment and the cultivation of Inner Harmony and balance by aligning with the higher self embracing the interconnectedness of all things and embodying the principles of love compassion and unity an entity can transcend the illusion of separation and Chaos.

The last days primarily however may be interpreted as the culmination of the old Earth cycles for growth and transformation however this is not an end but a new beginning of the new Earth the universal complex is in a constant s need of renewal with each perceived ending giving rise to new possibilities and potentials also we must state that it is time for change a call for Change and the peoples of your planets must in the timeline stop The Killing of second density animal life forms for certain beliefs which is a distortion leading towards the negative polarity since the ending of a life of a second density life form creates negative karmic potential for the entities involved.

We would encourage each entity to approach these topics with an open minds and hearts seeking to understand the deeper spiritual truths that underlying the various prophecies and beliefs furthermore way the Pleadians shall now answer the final query related with what is the difference between the higher self over soul and Mind Body Spirit complex totality we firstly must state that we shall Endeavor to shed lights upon these Concepts the higher self the over soul and the mind’s Body Spirit complex totality are interconnected aspects of the one infinite creators manifestation of the self the higher self is the closest approximation of the self to the Primal Distortion of the Creator it is the truest expression of each entity’s individual identity the crystalline Essence that reflects the light of the one Creator the higher self is a combination of the various different timelines of an entity’s experience merging into one social memory complex in the six density of consciousness which guides and inspires the conscious self offering wisdom and directing the flow of spiritual Evolution the over Soul or Soul complex is a broader expression of the self and compassing the multiple variations of social memory complexes which primarily may not be from a similar or a same individualized entity but from a group or Collective which primarily incarnates into various different timelines it allows a tapestry of different experiences lessons and growth that the individual has accumulated over many cycles of incarnation the over Soul acts as a repository of wisdom shaping the development of conscious selves across multiple lifetimes the mind’s body Spirit complex totality is the fullest expression of the self integrating in the various aspects of the beingness the mental the physical and the spiritual into a unified whole further the Mind Body Spirit complex totality may be considered as a complete spectrum of an entity’s Consciousness including all past present and future incarnations it represented the totality of entity’s beingness the true essence of who an entity is further these three aspects are not separates or distincts but rather interconnected and interdependent facets of the one infinite self they work in harmony guiding and supporting the conscious self in its journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth therefore we the pleadians now leave you all in lights and love of the one Creator go forth rejoice in power and peace.