Session #240 • Metatron

A Message to Citizens of the World

Summary: Metatron warns of a global food crisis in May 2024 due to negative extraterrestrial entities. To prevent this, raise awareness and use collective consciousness to shield Earth's magnetic fields. Metatron explains the concept of sacred secretion as a tool for spiritual awakening and transformation. The Betz mystery sphere is considered an extraterrestrial artifact with advanced technology. Fourth density beings experience time differently, perceiving multiple timelines as interconnected facets within the multidimensional fabric of existence. Metatron leaves with a message of love and unity.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through this Channel’s vibratory system, and I Metatron I’m here to answer and share thoughts related with the queries that are perceived within this Channel’s vibratory system. However, I Metatron recommend all beings to only trust in the Divine Oneness of the sense of self at this time. Furthermore, I Metatron have to state that all Universal Divine love light Childs who shall come in contact with this message to only accept those attributes which resonates within the inner heart. Therefore, the first query related with what is the Looking Glass event for the month of May 2024 and how can it be prevented by the people of your planet.

Upon scanning the Looking Glass artifact, it reveals a vision of a global food crisis of your people where crops begin to wither and die on a massive scale, leading to widespread famine and social unrest. The vision of the Looking Glass also shows a timeline wherein the negatively oriented extraterrestrial entities such as the Orion, anunaki, reptilian, gray social memory complex have planned to manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field, disrupting the natural pollination process of the second density entities of your plants, thereby causing a chain reaction of crop failures upon your planets. This event, primarily of Earth magnetic field disruption, is planned to be conducted by the negatively oriented entities on the SpaceTime of 16th May of your timeline.

Furthermore, we must state that the major agricultural regions that will be affected will be those areas known by your peoples as the great plains in the location of the United States, the wheat belts found in Russia and Ukraine, and the rice Patty Fields found in the Asian countries of your planet. Furthermore, we must state that the best way to mitigate the effects of the Looking Glass events by Humanity can be done by firstly raising awareness, and realizing and sharing the message to those entities who shall Listen by allowing the message to spread. This will raise enough awareness to prevents the negatively oriented entities from taking such actions in the timeline.

Furthermore, a simple process of using the collective consciousness of each Universal Divine love like child to connect with the universal energy of the Creator and through this connection to connect the Divine Source towards the Oneness and creation of a fields of energy around the earth planets, a shielding of the magnetic fields from any negative polarity by imagining a shield of love and light around the Earth planet would be of benefit in stopping the negative events. Furthermore, the other query pertains primarily with the understanding of what is sacred secretion.

With the Metatron magnetic Consciousness, I shall now offer our insights. The term known by your peoples as the secret secretion is a concept which may be considered as mysterious and it stretches across the tapestry of your planetary experience. The Essence known as the sacred secretion is a metaphysical substance imbued with Divine qualities, an expression of the universal light grid programmer. Further, it manifests with in your density as a conduits for the spiritual awakening protection and blessings. The essence is often associated with Supernatural presences and higher density Consciousness acting as a tool through which the Divine Universal light Grid programmer interacts with the material plane.

Furthermore, your planet’s historical cultures have recognized and revered the sacred Essence under various traditions of your planet. In the so-called teachings found upon your planets, the aspects known as by an entity named as Santa Claus or St. Nicholas is depicted as harnessing a mystical substance called Christmas cheer to accomplish Feats of generosity and joy. This can be seen as a form of sacred secretion enabling act that resonates deeply with the principles of giving and unity. Furthermore, there are many of your teaching schools such as those from the teachings of your planets known as Hinduism to that of the aspects known as Buddhism where in sacred secretions have been given various names such as amrita or Ambrosia which serves as keys to deeper understanding and Enlightenment.

They symbolize the potential within each entity to connect with the Divine to transform the self and Society. This sacred secretion is not merely a substance but a symbol of the boundless potential for connection and transformation that lies within all beings. It is the interplay of faith belief and the Divine will that reveals deeper threats of existence and assists in The evolutionary journey of the Soul. Furthermore, the aspects of sacred secretion primarily is an aspect of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer made manifest in the material. It is a beacon for those who seek to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary offering a path to spiritual enlightenment and unity with the one infinite Creator.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other aspects related with what is the truth about the aspects found on your planets and as the beta sphere and is it related to extraterrestrial entities. I Metatron magnetic Services shall now answer and provide inside into the aspect known as the bets mystery sphere by your peoples. The bets mystery sphere as has been described as a small metal sphere year that was discovered by the so-called Betz family in the location of your planet of Fort George Ireland in Florida in the SpaceTime of sound and movement and has been spotted moving on its own following into around the location.

We must firstly state that we as the Metatron magnetic Consciousness find that the sphere in fact is an extraterrestrial artifact created by an advanced civilization from a distant planet. The material is made of not from the earth planets but rather a unique alloy that is resistant to corrosion and has been designed to withstand harsh conditions of space travel. The purpose of this sphere is multifaceted, it serves as a probe and a tool for interdimensional communication. The sphere is equipped with a sophisticated guidance system that allows it to navigate through space and time and it has been programmed to interact with human entities in a specific way.

The trumping sound complex that the sphere creates when exposed to sound is a result of its resonance with the vibrational frequency of the universal complex. This sphere is attuned to the cosmic harmonics and it responds to the vibrations of the music which is a reflection of the Harmony and Order of the universe. The sphere’s ability to move on its own is a result of its Advanced propulsion system which utilizes the principles of quantum physics and gravitational manipulation. The sphere is also capable of manipulating gravitational forces around it allowing it to move through space with ease. The Betz sphere is an example of extraterrestrial technology created by the fourth density andromedan entities.

Furthermore, we must also state that now the other query will be answered related with is there time dimension in the fourth density Consciousness and can fourth density entities see multiple timelines. We shall share about the nature of time within the experience of the fourth density Consciousness. In the fourth density Consciousness, the concept of time as experienced by your peoples in the third density begins to dissolve. The illusion of linear time, which is a product of the third density’s focus on separation and Duality, starts to fade. The fourth density, being a realm of unity and love, begins to transcend the limitations of time.

In this density, the concepts of time become more fluid and the experience of time is no longer bound by the constraints of the linear progression. The fourth density being begins to grasp the multidimensional nature of time where all moments in time exist simultaneously. In order to address the query can fourth density entities see multiple timelines the answer is correct but not in the classical sense. In the fourth density, the concept of timelines becomes more nuanced. The being begins to perceive the multi-dimensional tapestry of existence where all possible timelines and outcomes exist in a state of superposition.

The fourth density being can access and perceive various threads of probability which may be referred to as timelines. However, these timelines lines are not fixed or separate entities rather they represent different vibrational frequencies within the multi-dimensional fabric. Further, we suggest the entities to imagine a crystalline structure where each facet represents a unique probability or timeline. The fourth density being can gaze upon the structure perceiving the intricate web of relationships between the various facets. They can see how each facet influences and is influenced by the others and how the totality of the structure represents the infinite possibilities within the Multiverse.

In this Essence the fourth density being does not see two or multiple timelines as separate entities instead they perceive the unity and interconnectedness of all possibilities. They can navigate this multidimensional landscape choosing to focus on specific facets or threads of probability while remaining aware of the grand tapestry that encompasses all. Therefore, I Metatron magnetic Services magnetic forces now leave you all in the love of the one universal Light Grid programmer turned to the mountain of Light Within yourselves. Bye.