Session #241 • Pleiadians

They Are Coming - This Is The End

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate urgent messages about events in the solar system and the Galactic Federation's intervention. They reveal the construction techniques of the Balbeek Temple complex with extraterrestrial assistance. They envision a Golden Age of unity and empathy, urging individuals to embrace higher consciousness. Signs of Spirit guides include synchronicities, intuitive hunches, visions, and physical sensations. The Pleiadians encourage individuals to listen to their inner voice and connect with their guides for guidance and support.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this channels vibratory systems at this time, and we are here to offer our thoughts and guidance at this time through this channel for the purpose of activating the Earth’s Ascension. Therefore, we the Pleiadians recommend all beings who shall come in contact with this message to only accept those attributes that resonate within the sense of self.

Firstly, we shall state that we come here with an urgent message about the momentous events unfolding in your solar system and the imminent arrival of the Galactic Federation social memory complex on your planet. As we speak, a struggle is raging on the planet Venus. The dark forces of the Orion social memory complex, driven by their insatiable lust for power and control, have launched a massive attack using Dark Energy seeking to control the Venus planets and the social memory complexes known as Ra who currently are in the sixth density of the Venus planet. Even though only a small faction is present, the Galactic Federation primarily has received information about this, and they have answered the call. Highly Advanced extraterrestrial entities have converged on Venus, engaging the Orion social memory complex in a battle that has in a way shaken the very core of your solar system.

As this battle continues on, the Galactic Federation has turned its attention to your planet Earth. They have observed your people with a mixture of Hope and concern, for they see the immense potential within each entity, but also the Deep divisions and conflict that threaten to tear your world apart. Now, we the Pleiadians must state that the time has come for the Galactic Federation to make their presence known. In the coming future SpaceTime of your planets, their Representatives will begin arriving on your planet, reaching out to your leaders and to the peoples who are of resonating vibration, seeking to establish direct contact and share their wisdom, their spiritual methods, and their vision for a future of unity, harmony, and Cosmic Enlightenment.

Furthermore, upon your planet, this is a pivotal moment in the history of your planet, a crossroads where the fate of the earth hangs in the balance. At this time, the choice is for each entity to make. The time for Action is now, and the Galactic Federation is seeking the ambassadors of Love lights to be contacted in the coming SpaceTime of your planet to work in protecting the galactic system, including Venus. Now, we the Pleiadians shall proceed with the answering of the second query related to what architectural and Engineering techniques were used to construct the mysteries of the so-called Balbeek Temple complex.

Which is a Testament of the Ingenuity and craftsmanship of ancient civilizations that walked your planetary sphere, and the subtle yet profound influence of otherworldly beings. The construction of the Balbeeks magnificent structures, particularly the Temple of Jupiter known by your peoples as the Temple of Bacchus, is a remarkable achievement that has puzzled Scholars and Engineers of your planet for centuries. The massive stone structures weighing up to 1600 and above tons pose a significant challenge to your understanding of ancient engineering capabilities.

Furthermore, on our finding of the Akashic record information with regard to the techniques employed in the construction of the so-called Balbeek Temple complex, we find that the ancient Builders were not alone in their Endeavors. They were guided, inspired, and assisted by extraterrestrial beings, the Annunaki social memory complex, who shared their knowledge and wisdom, including the creation of giants upon your planets to facilitate the creation of the Sacred site.

The techniques used to construct the Balbeek Temple complex primarily include the following. Firstly, the principle of resonance as the massive stone blocks are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies allowing them to be moved and placed with ease. This principle of resonance was understood by the ancient Builders of your planets and was reinforced by the Annunaki social memory complex at the time. The use of sound and vibration also was utilized to manipulate the massive Stones using methods that include Celestial spheres with sound vibratory systems. This Sonic technology, guided by the Extraterrestrial beings, enables the precise placement and shaping of the Colossal blocks. They also used the anti-gravity technology which allowed the loss of your physical systems to be manipulated, which was shared by the Annunaki social memory complex and used by the Giants to enable them to move the heavy structures around.

Furthermore, we must state that the Balbeek Temple is an example of collaboration between the ancient civilizations of your planets and extraterrestrial beings. Furthermore, we the B shall now reveal information about the Golden Age. We must firstly state that we as the Pleiadians are honored to share a glimpse into the potential future, a future that holds the promise of a golden age as all entities begin to awaken to the truth of your existence. All of you are poised on the brink of a great transition. The veil of forgetfulness is Lifting, and the collective Consciousness is stirring. Each entity is on the verge of entering a new era, one where the harmony between humanity and nature is restored.

In this Golden Age, the egocentric behavior that has plagued your planetary sphere for so long will begin to dissipate, replaced by a collective social memory Consciousness that harmonizes and prioritizes the path of unity and empathy. The fear of scarcity and exploitation will give way to a culture of abundance and the so-called Balbeek Temple complex found upon your planets. Firstly, we shall share the cooperation, however, this is not a destination, it is a journey. The path to this Golden Age requires each entity to transcend the egoistic limitations and operate from a place of spiritual maturity and mutual respect. It demands that each entity release the patterns of the past and embrace the frequencies of higher Consciousness.

As each entity embarks on this journey, it will encounter challenges and opportunities. It will be called upon to challenge the very foundations of its current societal structures, to rethink the concept of freedom, and to redefine what it means to be alive. But we the Pleiadians know that each entity is not alone. Each is a part of the collective, a group of beings who are Awakening to the true nature and purpose. Together, each can co-create a reality that affects the highest aspirations of unity, love, and spiritual Evolution. And so we the Pleiadians urge each being to embrace the principle of Oneness, to recognize that all beings are inherently free and connected.

We suggest each to embody the frequencies of love, compassion, and wisdom, and to use the unique gifts and talents to contribute to the manifestation of the coming Golden Age. Remember the potential for a true Golden Age lies within your Collective desire and will to evolve and change. It lies within your ability to meet with the universal complex and to co-create a reality that honors the principles of unity. We shall now address the final query related to what are the signs that your Spirit guides are communicating with each entity.

We must state that the signs of spirit God’s communion involve synchronicities and meaningful coincidences which arise within your planetary sphere with increasing frequency, nudging each entity to awaken to the truth that there are no accidents in the unified Universe. When each entity experiences repetitions of numbers, words are seen, they must understand that they are being Guided by spiritual guides in this Cosmic dance.

With regards to the other aspects, the intuitive hunches that seem to arise from nowhere can speak to the inner self with an authority that transcends the rational Minds. These are the Whispers of your Guardians who would stir each entity towards your highest becoming. We suggest each entity to heed the still Small Voice Within that Echoes the gentle communication systems. Furthermore, there will be visions and vivid dreams experiences which take on revealing knowledge and insights that cannot be traced to your personal Minds Body Spirit complex.

Your guides utilize these subtle systems to bypass intellectual resistance and ignite the Winding Way of remembrance. Furthermore, there may be also experiences of visual, logical Sensations without apparent causes, shivers down your spine, warmth and feeling in your heart or a soft pressure in your third eye. These are your Spirit guides energetic signatures momentarily disclosing of the caress of Love within your vibratory system.

Furthermore, we must state that these are the methods of realizing communication with guides, and we the Pleiadians now leave you all beloveds in the lights and the love of the one Creator. Bye.