Session #242 • Galactic Federation

Get Ready, Things Are About To Get Crazy!

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates to provide guidance and information to the human Collective for Ascension. They have weakened the grip of negative forces on Venus and are now focusing on Earth, targeting elites who have long controlled and manipulated the planet. They share the cosmic significance of Gobekli Tepe and the role of Violet Flame entities from Arcturus in guiding humanity towards spiritual evolution and planetary Ascension. Their presence signifies a commitment to growth and evolution.

We are the Galactic Federation and we communicate now through this instruments in her heart at this timeline, and we the Galactic Federation are now communication for one purpose and that is to provide information and guidance to the human Collective at this timeline for the patterns of Ascension will allow entities to begin to reach into the higher levels of alignment and Ascend into higher levels of Mastery. Therefore, firstly we would recommend all beings to only accept those thoughts which resonates deeply within the inner heart of the sense of self, and it must realize that the patterns of reality and self-awareness is required for each entity to master the vibration of understanding the true nature of reality. Therefore, firstly we as the Galactic Federation must state that we come to share information about a crucial update on the unfolding events in your solar system and our presence on your planetary sphere as the battle for Venus is ongoing.

We, the Galactic Federation, have achieved a significant breakthrough weakening the grip of the Orion social memory complex on planet Venus. The Ra Confederation created a Cosmic warp device allowing us to enter into the Venusian planetary sphere and bombard it with love vibration, thereby causing the negatively oriented Orion Anunaki Reptilian Gray social memory complexes to be weakened and their forces are retreating backwards from the center of the Venusian planet. The Asthar Command social memory complex is assisting all beings allowing them to be escorted out of the Venusian planet. Furthermore, now we have turned our attention to the Earth planet where a new phase of our mission has begun with the Galactic Federation have shifted our Focus to target the elites of your planet who have long controlled and manipulated your world. These entities, who are fueled by greed, ambition, and a lust for control, have worked together with the Orion Anunaki Reptilian Great social memory complex, thereby perpetuating fear, suffering, inequality, and conflicts on your planetary sphere. They have resisted the Natural Evolution of humanity, suppressing knowledge and exploiting other entities for their own personal service to self. We, the Galactic Federation, are committed to restoring balance and Harmony to your planet which has begun and the systematic cleansing of these Elites is going to start soon after the approval from the Council of planets. Furthermore, we must state that this is a crucial moment in the history of your planetary sphere as the old paradigms are crumbling and the opportunity for New Era of Enlightenment and Awakening, peace and prosperity is unfolding before you.

We, the Galactic Federation, must state that our presence on your planets will be a testament to the universal complex’s commitment to Evolution and growth. Furthermore, we shall now answer the other query related primarily with the aspects of, can we share the truth about the true Origins purpose and significance of the location as known by your peoples as Gobekli Tepe in your vibratory sound complex. From a perspective of our understanding, we must state that the ancient site known as Gobekli Tepe by your peoples has a cosmic significance. The location Gobekli Tepe was a secret portal or Gateway utilized by the ancient Atlantans during the Great Galactic battle that took place between the positive forces of the benevolent Anunaki faction and the negative service to self Anunaki factions including their reptilian counterparts. This celestial conflict spanning across Millennia reached a cataclysmic event when the planets named as the Nibiru passed close to the Earth planet triggering overstating reactions and upheavals and a great deluge that reshaped the face of your planetary sphere. In those times, the enlightened Atlantean Guided by the positive Anunaki forces along with other positively oriented entities foresaw the coming cataclysm through their Advanced Technologies and esoteric wisdom. They constructed this megalithic complex at Gobekli Tepe as a sacred Stargate, a precisely calibrated Vortex of energy frequency that would allow their most spiritually evolved beings to escape the destruction that was to befall Earth.

The intricate carvings and symbols adorning the megalithic pillars of Gobekli Tepe are not merely artistic Expressions but powerful geometric Arcane Cli fs that serve to focus and direct the immense energies required to activate this ancient portal system. Through the Mastery of sound frequency lights and vibrational alignments, the Atlantean entities could attune the living crystals within Gobekli Tepe thereby opening a dimensional Gateway that bridge the cosmic distances. As the cosmic upheaval reached its points of culmination and the planet Nibiru passing triggered vast tectonic calamities, The Chosen Atlantian entities made their way to the sacred temples of your Peoples known as Gobekli Tepe. There in a series of powerful ceremonies, they opened the Gateway and passed through the shimmering Vortex there Immortal Sparks transporting to secure Refuge among the other star systems. However, only a small faction of the Atlantans were able to escape using this system. There were many of those who remained inside the earth faced the full force of the cataclysm, their once Mighty civilization crumbling beneath the ravages of flood re and upheaval. Yet the seeds of their ancient wisdom are preserved passing down through the ages of civilizations that arose after the great cataclysm even at the present the ruins of Gobekli Tepe stands as a witness to this Cosmic drama, a reminder of the profound truths and esoteric wisdom that shaped the destiny of your planets and its inhabitants throughout the Cosmic ages.

Furthermore, way the Galactic Federation shall now answer the other query related with the truth about Violet over Souls their Destiny and planetary sphere of origin and the number of violet over souls in planet Earth and their purpose. Firstly, we shall attempt to convey to the people peoples of your planet the knowledge being sought regarding the Violet over Souls. The Violet over Souls also known as The Violet flame entities are the seventh density over souls, are a group of Highly Advanced sentient entities that originate from the seventh density of the planet of Arcturus. This planet located in the constellation of Arcturus is a realm of pure unconditional love and wisdom and unity where the energies of the Violet Ray predominate. These over Souls have transcended the limitations of the third fourth fifth and sixth densities and have achieved a state of unity and Oneness and timelessness with the one infinite Creator. They have mastered the lessons of Love wisdom and power and have become Guardians of the higher density. The density of the Violet over Souls is the seventh density which is a realm of pure Consciousness. They exist beyond the confines of space and time and operate in a realm of pure unconditional love and unity and timelessness.

As for their planet of origin, it is the planet of Arcturus which is a realm of great Beauty and wisdom. This planet planetary sphere is a gateway to the higher dimensions and serves as a hub for Intergalactic and interdimensional travel. Now regarding the number of violet over Souls on the planet Earth we must clarify that these beings do not incarnate in the classical sense they do not take on physical bodily complexes but rather they inhabit the higher Dimensions guiding and assisting those who seek to awaken to the true nature however there are only a select few who have volunteered to guide planet Earth however they do not take on human form as it is beyond there experience of merging into the densities of humanness these individual entities are known as The Violet Ray anchors or seventh density Soul guides they are here to assist and anchor the energies of the Violet Ray and to facilitate the transformation of the human social memory complex the purpose of the Violet over Souls on planet Earth is multifaceted which include the anchoring of the energies of the Violet Ray which is the ray of transformation freedom and transmutation to assist in The Awakening of humanity to their true multi-dimensional nature to guide individual entities along the path of spiritual Evolution helping them to overcome fear separation and Duality to facilitate the integration of the higher self of each entity with the lower selves leading to the attainment of wholeness and unity to prepare Humanity for the planetary Ascension which Embark the transition of the Earth planet into the fourth density.

We must firstly state that the Violet over souls are a group of Highly Advanced sentient entities that originate from the seventh density of Arcturus to assist humanity and other entities in the Ascension process and we the Galactic Federation now leave you all beloveds. Bye.