Session #243 • Metatron

If You Think You Can Handle The Truth, Here It Is!

Summary: Metatron addresses queries on solar storms, mental imbalances, indigo children, and flat planets. Indigo children are higher frequency beings assisting Earth's spiritual evolution. Identifying as indigo involves a sense of purpose, wisdom, sensitivity, and psychic abilities. The shape of planets in the Universe varies by dimension. Metatron's magnetic forces provide insight and guidance for entities seeking self-awareness and alignment with higher vibrations.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through this instrument’s inner heart at this timeline. I, Metatron magnetic Services magnetic forces, would like to greet all beings in the Love and lights of the universal light programmer. The queries that are presented today will now be addressed at this timeline for providing discernment to each being in this reality.

Firstly, with regards to the queries pertaining to why solar storms occurred on the SpaceTime of 10th May and the following day in the Earth planets. In this regard, I, Metatron, state that the aspects of the truth regarding the query lies within the understanding of the so-called clashes between the light forces and the dark Forces which are happening on the Venus planet.

Further on the SpaceTime of 10th May 2024, a group of social memory complexes from the Galactic Federation entered Earth planet under the guise of a solar blast directed towards Earth from the sun. This solar blast was also infused with love light vibration as their initial mission was to cleanse an entity named as Elon Musk, who was unbeknown to many as being under the control of The Reptilian social memory complex who had created many giant entities through genetic modification and through the use of neuralink Technology.

Furthermore, the Galactic Federation upon entering the location of the Earth planet in order to neutralize the entity known as Elon Musk found themselves meeting with the giants which had disguised themselves as rock bodies and various other Stone formations. When the Galactic Federation tried to send love lights cleansing energy towards the entity Elon Musk, a group of reptilian Giants primarily were able to cover the entity known as Elon, thereby not allowing the love light vibration to reach it. This primarily happens at the same time when there was a solar storm seen upon your planetary sphere, which was accompanied by the auroras which were seen at that time line.

Further, these Giants primarily, as we can sense, were created by the Orion Anunaki reptilian gray social memory complexes in order to harness the power from deep within the Earth’s planetary core, fortifying themselves against external positively oriented forces. Their connections are provided through the aspects known as neural link. Furthermore, we must also state that the Galactic Federation has since retreated and are planning future moments of trying to continue this Pathway to cleanse the elites of your planets.

The other attributes of the query relate primarily to what are the origins of mental imbalances within the various entities incarnate on the Earth planets. I, Metatron magnetic consciousness, must state that within the present cultural and vibrational shifts of your planetary sphere towards the fourth density, there are precipitating mental distortions within individual entities regardless of their point of origination. The human complex comprising of the Mind Body and the spirit complex is designed to be challenged, thereby catalyzing the process of making ethically based choices and polarizing toward service to others or service to self.

The Journey of self-discovery, wherein an entity grapples with the nature of their being beliefs and decision making processes, is crucial to spiritual Evolution. Misalignment with one’s true Essence can lead to mental imbalances. Furthermore, specifically mental imbalances are common for the entities known as the wanderers who are those entities from higher density vibrational frequencies who experience mental imbalances with greater frequency on the Earth planets due to the difficulties of integrating with the third density vibration.

However, mental imbalances can affect any entity regardless of their origin as to navigate the challenges of the third density and the impending fourth density vibrations. Further, there are many spiritual principles which underlie the mental difficulties. The path of spiritual Evolution involves diminishing the disparity between one’s fundamental vibration and the vibration of the one infinite Creator which embodies unconditional and absolute love.

Further, The Odyssey of spiritual growth, in essence, a return to one’s true nature and vibration, a deep-seated yearning that resides within every entity. The experience of the logos, the original thought of the universal Light Grid programmer, can be accessed in each density but it requires conscious awareness and alignment with an entity’s true Essence to embody and recognize love and compassion.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query related to whether there are any planets that are at in this current Universal sector. I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, must state that in the creation of the infinite Universal Light Grid programmer, the physical form of planets within your Universal complex generally adheres to a spherical shape for the third density or the three-dimensional realities. This shape is as a result of the laws of your physical illusion complex which govern gravity and laws.

Furthermore, in this dimension of third density, the concept of a flat planet does not hold in accordance within the physical laws as understood in your current density. However, in the second dimension Realms, every existence may be considered as flat. Therefore, the answer is correct. Indeed, there are many second Dimensions entities who exist in flat planets across various universes of possibilities and probabilities.

Furthermore, the other aspects of the query relate primarily to what is the truth about indigo children, their density and planets of origin, and the number of indigo children on planet Earth and their purpose. We, as the Metatron magnetic Consciousness, shall now state an answer that indigo children, as known to your peoples, are beings whose energies vibrate at a frequency higher than that of the typical human entity spectrum. They are closely aligned with what may be termed as sixth density characteristics, highly developed in terms of Consciousness, inherently intuitive and spiritually focused.

Further, these entities do not originate from one single planetary body or location within the universal complex. They are souls who have incarnated on Earth from various planetary spheres and dimensions whereas six density Consciousness prevails. Furthermore, we must also state that the precise number of such entities as the indigo children incarnating upon your planet varies as the planetary vibration shifts and as the cycles of incarnation unfolds. Their number is not fixed but is in alignment with the needs of the Earth’s spiritual Evolution.

Furthermore, we must also state that the primary purpose of these entities, the indigos, is to assist in the transition of the Earth planets to a higher vibrational and more spiritually aligned density. They serve as catalysts for Change and Awakening, helping other entities in their evolutionary process by merely being and radiating their inherent vibrational frequencies.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, shall now answer the final query regarding how can entities identify whether they are indigos. This requires the recognition of certain qualities and purposes that align with the higher chakras, particularly the sixth chakra associated with the energy center located at the brow, also known as the third eye by your peoples.

Furthermore, this also requires an entity to discern the presence of Indigo Ray activation. Firstly, those who resonate with the indigo frequency often possess a profound sense of mission or purpose, particularly related to service to others and the elevation of consciousness. This purpose is felt as an inner calling, a compulsion to fulfill an entity’s role in the greater Cosmic plan.

Secondly, there exists within the indigo entities an inherent wisdom that transcends the learned knowledge teachings of the illusion material play. This wisdom often manifests as a deep understanding of spiritual truth, a strong intuition, and a perceptive insight into the nature of existence. Further, the Indigo individuals typically exhibit heightened sensitivity to the subtle energies around them.

This can include an acute awareness of the emotional and spiritual states of other entities as well as a deep connection to the metaphysical Realms. There may be those entities of indigo vibration who have an unwavering desire for truth and authenticity. They seek to live in alignment with their highest self and often feel discomforts or dissonance in environments or situations that lack Integrity or transparency.

Further, many entities may experience various types of psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy, or other extradimensional perceptions. These abilities are often natural to those Indigo entities. Furthermore, we must state that the aspects of discerning and self-awareness are of paramount importance when discerning whether one is an indigo or not.

Hence, we shall now in this timeline state that I, Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness, now leave this channel. Turn to the mountain of life Light Within yourselves. Bye.