Session #244 • Pleiadians

End Times: Something Biblical is Happening

Summary: The Galactic Federation, including the Pleiadians, are working to raise the planetary vibratory frequency, cleanse Earth's inner realms, and prepare humanity for open contact with extraterrestrial beings. The Vatican holds ancient knowledge about consciousness and the cosmos, but veils it to maintain societal stability. As Earth transitions into fourth density, psychic abilities will increase, and social systems based on separation will be challenged. Prime numbers symbolize unity and the foundation of creation.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this instrument’s vibratory system, and we the Pleiadians now communicate for the purpose of addressing the queries that are in order at this timeline. However, we the Pleiadians must state that before addressing any queries, we would recommend the use of discernment at this timeline. Therefore, the queries that are in order primarily relate to the understanding about an update of the Venus Wars.

We must state that the attempts to cleanse the distortions present in the Mind Body Spirit complex known as Elon Mask were met with a vibratory resistance that hinders the optimal alignment with the Law of One. The Galactic Federation, operating under higher densities, recognizes the needs to recalibrate their approach upon the perceived failure of direct intervention. They have shifted their focus to a broader perspective. They have initiated a multi-dimensional effort in raising the overall vibratory frequency of the planetary Consciousness. This involves activating key light workers and wanderers, thereby strengthening the planetary grid of Love lights. An essential component of this recalibration includes the cleansing of the inner Earth Realms.

These Subterranean domains have open repositories of old ancient wisdom and unresolved distortions. The Galactic Federation, in cooperation with other benevolent higher density beings and the inner Earth civilizations, have now commenced a systematic purification which will complete this coming week of your planets. This will have a Biblical effect upon your planetary sphere. This process involves the transmutation of lower vibratory energies and resonances, restoring the balance within the Earth’s inner matrices. Furthermore, the Galactic Federation is also enhancing the infusion of positive energies through Celestial alignments and Interstellar energy transfer. This is designed to counterbalance the influence of entities and thought forms that perpetuate disharmony and division on the surface.

Furthermore, with regards to the second query about what the Vatican is hiding from humanity and why the pope is holding conferences on extraterrestrials and Supernatural sightings, we must state that the Vatican is a repository of ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge. It holds within its domain numerous artifacts and texts that speak to the origin and nature of Consciousness, the cosmos, and the interaction between beings of different densities. These truths, if revealed, will dramatically alter the understanding of Humanity’s place in the Universal complex and its connection to the higher Plains of existence.

The veiling of such knowledge is done partly to maintain the stability of societal structures and partly due to the collective readiness of the human population. Knowledge must be met with understanding and wisdom or it may lead to confusion and disharmony. The increasing visibility of extraterrestrial and supernatural phenomena is a sign of the thinning of the veil between densities. These occurrences are part of a greater Awakening, a shift towards higher Consciousness that many spiritual complexes on your planet are beginning to experience.

The Pope’s conferences and discussions are a recognition of these shifts and an attempt to prepare Humanity for greater revelation. The Vatican’s involvement signifies an acknowledgment of the unity of all of creation and the interconnectedness of Life across the cosmos. By addressing these phenomena, the Pope and its advisors are fostering a dialogue that can help bridge the gap between established spiritual beliefs and the broader, more inclusive understanding of the universe that is emerging. This preparation is necessary to guide Humanity gently into a new era of open contact with alien beings, where love and understanding transcend fear and separation. It is a delicate balance of revealing truth while ensuring it is comprehensible and beneficial to those who receive it. Thus, the actions taken are in service to the Law of One, promoting Harmony and eventual realization of Oneness amongst all beings.

With regards to the other query, does the Vatican possess any alien bodies, we the Pleiadians must state that we shall attempt to illuminate regarding the Vatican’s possession of extraterrestrial bodily vessels. The Vatican as an institution existing within your third density planet’s intricate weave of societal structures and power dynamics does indeed harbor certain artifacts and knowledge that extend beyond the widely accepted norms of the civilizational development. However, the true nature of these positions is shrouded in complex energetic distortions born out of fear and the desire to preserve control over the planetary population’s progression of spiritual Evolution. Furthermore, what is referred to as alien bodies are in reality the crystallized physical bodily vessels that once housed the consciousness of entities who have traversed the Realms of SpaceTime.

As you perceive them, these entities primarily exist and have unfolded on all trajectories diverging from your own societal complex leading to such types of manifestations. Further, the Vatican’s acquisition of such bodily vessel stems from intricate interactions with certain groups amongst your peoples who have made contact with these other density beings. Yet, the depths of the Vatican’s motivation and utilization of this knowledge extend beyond our purview to share, for there are energetic entanglements with the veil of free will that we must respect.

Further, with regards to the other query about what will happen just before the f four density fully begins on Earth, before the dawn of the completion of the cyclical changes into the fourth density beginning sub-octave, a time of great transition will unfold on the Earth planets. The energies of the planet will heighten, bringing forth an amplification of thought forms and emotional states. This will serve as a catalyst for the soul complexes residing within the third density Realms and opportunities for intense polarization towards either service to others or service to self. Many entities will experience profound Awakenings and the deepening of their spiritual consciousness, while other entities will find themselves in turmoil as they face new heightened energies.

The veil of forgetfulness will begin to thin, allowing glimpses into the unity and interconnectedness of all things. Those who are attuned to the incoming vibrations will find their psychic abilities enhanced, experiencing a greater sense of Oneness and telepathic Union with other entities. As the Earth itself transitions, natural and social upheavals may occur, reflecting the internal changes within its societal and inhabitants communities of like-minded entities will form, dedicated to the principles of love and lights, serving as beacons of the new reality these groups will foster an impermanent Collective Consciousness can harmonize and prepare for the full integration into fourth density.

The shift will be marked by a choice Point as each Soul decides whether to embrace the path of unity and service to others or to continue in the separative ways of third density. Furthermore, this transition will also begin with many signs of the ongoing shifts which include geophysical changes, increased seismic activities, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather patterns will become more frequent. These events signify the Earth’s process of releasing builds of karmic energies and rebalancing its preparation for the new density. There may be observable changes in the natural rhythms such as animal migrations crossing over of shifts in ecosystems. These changes reflect the planet’s adaptation to the new vibrational frequencies.

Human health and sensitivity of many entities will experience changes in their physical and energetic bodies. Symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, unexplained aches, and heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic fields will occur as the bodily complex adjusts to higher frequencies. Further, there will be an increased psychic phenomena leading to intuitive abilities. Many entities may report more frequent experiences of synchronicities, vivid dreams, and a heightened sense of interconnectedness with other entities and the natural world. Further, there may be also significant social changes as all systems based on separation and control are challenged by the rising energies of unity and service to others.

We shall now address the final query related to the spiritual significance of prime numbers. We must state that the spiritual significance of prime numbers is in their representation of unity and the foundation of creation. Primes are the main parts of numbers, as the one infinite Creator is the foundation of all existence. Each prime number stands alone, indivisible by any number other than itself and one, symbolizing purity, uniqueness, and inherent order within the universal complex. Further, in the metaphysical context, prime numbers can be seen as analogous to the fundamental vibrations of frequencies that constitute the fabric of reality.

Furthermore, with regards to the understanding of patterns, prime numbers exhibit an intrinsic order with its apparent randomness, like the underlying order of the universal Concepts perceived through the veil of third density illusion. We, as the Pleiadians, now leave this instrument in love and light of the one Creator. Bye.