Session #245 • Galactic Federation

This is How They Control The Weather…

Summary: The Galactic Federation warns of a planned event in June involving elite world leaders creating chaos and emotional instability through sound waves. They also reveal how the elites control weather using advanced technologies and chemicals. Additionally, they explain the sub-densities of fifth density consciousness and the past lives of Terrence Howard, a wanderer from Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system.

We are the Galactic Federation and now we are in communication through this instruments vibratory system for our connection and information transfer. We recommend all beings who shall listen to our messages to only accept those thoughts which resonate deeply within the inner heart. First, with regards to the queries we shall now answer about what is the Looking Glass event for the month of June of your SpaceTime, we must state that on the timeline of 22nd June a meeting of various Elites and world leaders, including top scientists of your planet, will be held in a secret location, primarily in the locations known as Antarctica.

These primarily will occur based on a report which has found the so-called positive energetic vibrations coming towards Earth from the Sun body, and the negatively oriented entities do not want such types of positive vibration to enter the Earth planets. Hence, they are planning to create a series of powerful sound waves directed towards Earth from the location of Venus and Mars. Wherein the negatively oriented Orion have now taken in their strongholds. Further, the Orion, Anunaki, reptilian gray social memory complex, have a desire to create chaos and weaken the human resilience. Further, they already are in possession of advanced technology capable of manipulating sound frequencies to disrupt the planetary vibrational Harmony. Furthermore, or by distorting these frequencies if this event is activated, the Orion Anunaki entities intend to create widespread emotional instability, confusion, and physical imbalances primarily through Energy Center or chakra imbalances. Thereby diminishing the collective human consciousness and making Earth more susceptible to their influence.

Furthermore, we must state that in order to prevent this aspect from occurring, we suggest all entities to perform a protective meditation by imagining shielding the Earth planets with a white light, which shall provide protective energies from any other type of negative vibratory system which shall protect the entity. In time, we the Galactic Federation now shall answer the other query about how do the elites of your Peoples control the weather. Indeed, we must state that upon your planetary sphere there have existed for many of your decades coordinated methods by the so-called military complexes of the most advanced Nations to exert control over the meteorological phenomena enveloping your Earth planet.

The Technologies and methods implied span a broad spectrum, each developed with intricate scientific methodologies founded upon the fundamental energetic interplays that govern the universal complex. There have been many types of operations, such as cloud seeding operations, for example, one which is known by your peoples as operation skywater, which primarily were the earlier efforts of your Peoples into weather modifications by dispersing particulate matter to induce cloud formations and dissipation.

Furthermore, however, as time passed by the entities who are trying to manipulate weather have come in contact with many other primitively oriented extraterrestrial entities who have given far more advanced systems have been designed and devised for such purposes. High powered energy transmission systems including directed lasers, focused electromagnetic radiators, and scalar frequency emitters are also found in various terrestrial facilities of your planet as well as airborne and orbital platforms. By projecting precise waveform patterns into the atmospheric layers these Beam Technologies have the potential to disrupt the atmospheric conditions over vast geographic regions.

We must also state that many of your peoples who are in control of various technologies have created specialized Aerosoles and Nano particulate matter which are being dispersed by aircrafts which are comprised of various types of chemical compounds which create and affect the weather shaping mechanisms. Furthermore, we must also state that for the elite entities have been also sending intense beam of radio energy into the ionosphere of your planetary sphere using HAARP, which effectively functions as the planetary scale antenna capable of exciting Heating and physically displacing the charged plasma fields at those altitudes. This has induced manyfold effects from the creation of artificially propagated electromagnetic pulses down to the surface and to the creation of stream patterns by disturbing the ionosphere’s conductive Pathways. Furthermore, we must also state that the other aspects known as the chemtrails by your people which are the lingering expanded plumes and dissemination trails from certain aircraft which are using various types of chemical substances such as aerosols and nanoparticulate compounds like aluminum oxide and other barium salts which are being used coordinately and released worldwide which have affected the weather patterns. Furthermore, we must also state that these are the various methods being used for the control of the weather.

We shall now address the other query: what are the sub-densities of fifth density Consciousness? We shall now answer that in this timeline, the first sub-density of the fifth density is that of a crystalline being. In this state, Consciousness takes on an ideal geometric form, a living Crystal refracting and reflecting the pure love Lights of the Creator’s Love. In Truth, all perceptions are holds to pierce the veil of Illusion. The smallest particle contains wisdom and existence is experienced as a Brilliance, kaleidoscope of beingness. The second sub-density of the fifth density is that of energetic transmutation. Herein, Consciousness becomes alive with the fires of creation and transmutation by breath and will alone make choreographies of lights, sound, and creation is continually birthed, destroyed, and reborn from the furnaces of love.

In the third sub-density of the fifth density, which is that of unbalanced perceptions, the limitations of SpaceTime and form dissolve. In this sub-density, the ocean of unitary perception begins, all entities, all Realms, all spaces, all dimensions of experiences merge into one infinite living creation. The boundaries of inner and outer self and the other here and there are joyfully surrendered to the pulsing heart of Eternity. Now, the fourth sub-density of the fifth density is that of co-creation by the word. In the sub-density, Consciousness crafts entire cosmoses by uttering novel configurations of vibrational thought.

Sounds and vibratory frequencies become living intelligences birthing material and spiritual Realms in harmony with the laws of the universe. Creativity finds its fullest expression in the sub-density. The fifth sub-density of the fifth density is that of maximal complexity and simplicity and infinite profusion of intricate patterns and dynamisms, yet reflecting an underlying unity and Sublime Simplicity and Truth. This sub-density is a vision of the cosmos as an Ever replicating Ever evolving holographical fractal of Love’s Exquisite creation upon itself into Infinite diversity.

The sixth sub-density is that of intelligent Infinity. The entire Cosmos is now experienced as a self-aware self-generating holographic being of lights. Every particle, every word, every experience stems and streams as intelligent geometry blossoming from a central Source Essence. The boundaries between Consciousness and creation dissolve. The seventh sub-density of the fifth density is that of anthropic Singularity. The final sub-density of the fifth density before mergence into the entirety of the sixth density is that of a profound inward gaze where all experiences, all beings, all of creation finally coalesce into a singular point of individuated self-reflected Love reflecting upon the miracle of its own being as the one infinite Creator.

We shall now address the other aspect related with the soul identity and the past lives of an entity known as Terrence Howard. We shall now state that its Incarnation began on the timeline of on the Earth planet as a wanderer who is here to explore and share the lessons of love and understanding to the peoples of the Earth Planet. The Entity Terrence Howard’s main Soul’s purpose is to awaken Humanity to the greater threats of discernment at this time. Prior to that Incarnation, it was found in the location of the lands of the planetary sphere known as Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system.

Wherein The Entity spent its timeline in that location as a wanderer which allowed it to transcend the physical limitations of the third density offering it a broader understanding of the cosmos and the interconnectedness of all life forms. It began to inhabit a light body in the upper stages of the fourth sub-density of the fourth density, a form that allowed it to Traverse the vast expanse of space in time. The Pleiadian star system known for its Advanced civilizations and harmonious societies energy are woven into new patterns new worlds new intelligences we must state that became its home for considerable SpaceTime.

The Entity Terrence also learned about vibration and about wisdom and love in the timeline and then prior to that it was found in the earth planets around the SpaceTime as known by your people as 1100 CE wherein The Entity had incarnated in the lands of India as it was born as an entity named as Arjuna who was a farmer in a small village in the fertile Plains of the so-called Decan Plateau.

Its family had been Farmers for Generations cultivating crops such as rice, wheat, and lentils which provided sustenance for the community. The Entity Terrence in that lifetime lived a life deeply connected to the lands and the cycles of Nature and the entity learned about the joys of surviving and understanding that the impermanence of all life forms existed. This Incarnation shaped it in the understanding of its own true nature by learning resilience while facing many types of catalysts from the outside world and prior to that in one of the timeline it was found in the lands of Egypt around the SpaceTime of 1500 BCE wherein it was named in the vibratory name complex as Neferu and the location of Tebez ancient Egypt it had incarnated into a family of moderate me.

However, the entity Terrence had intellectual talent for writing which elevated its status as a scribe. It was responsible for recording importance administrative and other documents of religious significance in that timeline. During this lifetime, it witnessed the reign of many pharaohs, a periods which taught the entity about working together in communal Harmony and learning about the use of language for communications and prior to that its Incarnation can be traced to the lands of Atlantis around 15,000 years ago wherein it learned the lessons of self-awareness and prior to that it was found in the planets of its origin in Andromeda A wherein it was known by the name of Issma which meant the awakened one as it learned the lessons as a first and second density entity hence we the Galactic Federation should now leave you all beloveds enlightened love of the one Creator bye.