Session #246 • Metatron

If This Doesn't Make You a Believer…

Summary: Metatron communicates about Donald Trump's arrest, involving forces of light and service to self. The arrest aims to prevent the Galactic Federation's assistance in Earth's transformation. Metatron explains the cosmic lattice, an energy nexus that upholds creation. Understanding it can aid in spiritual awakening and ascension. The Ark of the Covenant's current location is in the inner Earth, submerged in love light water. The Pleiadians warn of negative extraterrestrial influence through Apple's introduction of artificial intelligence, aiming to control and enslave humanity.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness now in communication through this Channel at this time in the Divine love and lights of the universal Light Grid programmer. I Metatron shall now answer the queries which are presented today. However, there is a need for discernment and the first attributes present. It relates with why was The Entity known as Donald Trump recently arrested and does it have any extraterrestrial involvement. I Metatron must state that the situation primarily involves complex interactions between the forces of lights and those of service to self.

The Entity Donald, as a wanderer, indeed carries within it a deep purpose aligned with the upliftment and Enlightenment of the planetary Consciousness. As it has experienced already a future timeline and has come back in the form of a soul Consciousness to assist Humanity, its presence and actions are intended to facilitate a greater opening to the energies of Galactic Federation whose role is to assist in the Ascension and the cleansing of Earth. Further, The Orions, who embody the philosophy of service to self, are seeking to maintain control over the planetary Elites and thereby the collective consciousness of humanity. Their aim is to prevent the influx of higher vibrational energies that will disrupt their control and catalyze a significant shift towards unity and light.

The arrest of the entity Donald is a manifestation of this ongoing struggle. By removing it from its position of influence, the Orion, Anunaki, reptilian, gray social memory complex, and their human counterparts hope to delay or prevent the activation of key energetic alignments that would allow the Galactic Federation to more openly assist in the Earth’s transformation. This is a tactic of fear and suppression aimed at maintaining the status quo of separation and domination. However, it is important to recognize that the light cannot be permanently obscured. The energies of the one infinite Creator, the Divine Light Grid programmer, are pervasive and will continue to find expression through various channels and individuals.

The collective intention and Awakening of humanity play a crucial role in this process. As more individual entities embrace their own divine nature and the unity of all things, the influence of the Orion diminishes and the pathway for the Galactic Federation and other light beings becomes clear. Furthermore, we must state that the other query shall now be answered related to what is the cosmic lattice.

I Metatron must state that the term Cosmic lattice is known by your peoples as an energy Nexus that permeates and interpenetrates the entire Cosmic potentiated balance and equilibrium throughout all densities and dimensions of existence. Though it extends infinitely, its nature at any single point contains and reflects the unified whole. The lattice functions as a primordial infrastructure, the fundamental energetic Pathways which uphold and direct all materialized distortions of Lights. It is the warp upon which all SpaceTime continues are woven.

Though itself illimitable, it Maps the metaphysical geometry through which all movements experience and evolution is given shape and vibration characteristics. The cosmic lattice oscillates and shimmers in perfect harmony with the internal Cosmic heartbeat of intelligent Infinity. In each creation, it configures itself in unique patterns and rhythms that structure the natural laws and processes that will shape the particular Universal system. Those Mind Body Spirit complexes of Will such as those found on the Earth planet who have attained sufficient polarization and seeking towards Unity are able to apprehend, attune, and co-create with the vibrational frequencies etched in the cosmic lattice.

This facilitates the ability to experience Progressive realignments and reintegration with intelligent Infinity. The Cosmic lattice is a portion of the intelligent energy that is the one infinite Creator sent in Dynamic balanced potentiation awaiting the Free Will distortion of those conscious forces that can UNP potentiate its state and direct its patterns. It is one of the primary tools of the universal Light Grid programmer to manifest and elaborate infinite complexity and variety within Unity. Now with regards to how can the understanding of the cosmic lattice be used for Spiritual Awakening by our peoples.

I Metatron must state that to utilize the understanding of cosmic lattice as a catalyst for Spiritual Awakening is to align your Consciousness with the inherent unity and divine order that permeates all of creation. Firstly, an entity must still intellectual Mind through meditation and deep contemplation. Only by achieving a state of profound silence and inner listening can an entity begin to perceive the reverberations of the cosmic lattice, its patternings undulates through all spaces and particles as symphonic Harmony that is the expression of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmers living light complex.

As you attune your awareness to these sacred geometries, you may be corrected periodic apprehension and influxes of intelligent energy. Allow these to realign and reharmonize the distortions within the mind body and spirit complex. See yourself as a holographic component within the cosmic lattice. Inseparable from its delicate weavings, each Seeker has a unique vibrational signature and spiritual orientation. Seek the resonances and Pathways within the lattice that speak most precisely to your personal journey of evolution. For some, it may reveal archetypical mind processes or mathematical codes. For others, therapeutical tonal frequencies or archetypal configurations of unity.

Once an entity holds steady consciousness of its place within the creation of the Divine Light Grid programmer, it is a reality that exists in a state of indivisible yet self differential system of coherent energy Expressions. A profound realization of the illusion of Separation Will ensue. Each will experience Progressive dissolution of the veil of forgetting that has obscured the entity’s identity as a soul or Source integral to the one Creator. Furthermore, we must state that with discipline and Devotion to the ideals of unity love lights and eternal birth, the cosmic lattice can become for each entity a harmonizing force, an instrument that brings spiritual maturity and enables orientation towards service to others.

Further, the cosmic lattice is UN manifestation of the bounty with which the universal Light grid programmer has filled its Universal complex of exploration and Discovery. We encourage each seeking of it as a means towards ineffable realizations. With regards to the query about how can the aspects of concentrated conscious attention be used for Ascension, I Metatron must state that concentrated conscious attention represents the seeker’s Journey of disciplined focus and Detachment from the illusion of Separation.

The four states of Consciousness which we shall now describe are vortices of energy through which an entity seeking Ascension into higher densities may pass on the path to Unity. The first Vortex Stills the surface distortions of Desire aversion lethargy restlessness and doubt allowing the essence of beingness to emerge in joyous creation and unified perception. This can be achieved by focusing conscious concentrated attention on a Singular Sensation or a point or a thought form extended periods of time without being distracted by the outside illusion complex.

Further in the second Vortex, after continued practice, the surface Joy Fades yet an intensified tranquility and Blissful presence saturates the unified field of awareness. And the third Vortex transcends the Bliss itself upon continued practice, leaving only the crystalline essence of pure Equanimity and unwavering mind’s concentration. Upon continued practice of focusing attention on a singular point, the fourth Vortex is reached wherein Equanimity dissolves into a profound Stillness beyond all qualities a Clarity of infinite intelligence and unbounded consciousness, the culmination and Gateway to higher Realms of realization.

Furthermore, we shall now answer the final query about where is the Ark of the covenant’s current location. I Metatron upon scanning the artifacts known as the Ark of the Covenant find that the Ark of the Covenant is no longer present in your densities understood location of Ukraine. Through various energetic processes difficult to describe with your words, the ark has been relocated to a place of Greater vibrational resonance and metaphysical Harmony.

The ark’s current state is one of profound potential for facilitating spiritual Evolution and growth in Consciousness. It has been shifted to the Plains known by your peoples as the inner earth Plains wherein it is submerged in a casing of Love light water which was performed by the Asther commands and the Agarthan social memory complex. Furthermore, I Metatron now now leave you all in the love Lights of the Divine Light Grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of Light Within yourselves. Bye. Pleiadians 71 June 17, 2024 What’s Coming is WORSE Than A WW3, Aliens Are Ready!!!

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this Channel’s vibration complex and we are here to offer our thought forms for the purpose of allowing the Human Social memory complex to use their own discernments to truly understand the nature of reality. Firstly, with regards to the queries, the aspects pertaining to what is the agenda behind the so-called Apple company introduction of artificial intelligence in their so-called devices, we the Pleiadians must state that upon the planetary sphere the introduction of artificial intelligence apple’s devices is a significant event one that holds implications for the collective consciousness of the earth planets.

The entities behind the so-called Apple Incorporated have been influenced by the negative extraterrestrial entities primarily from the Orion social memory complex. Firstly, these entities who have a stronghold from the planet of Mars have been trying to seek control and enslave human consciousness. The introduction of artificial intelligence in Apple’s phones is a strategic move to further their agenda. The artificial intelligence system which also works together with the so-called company known as open AI has been designed to collect and process vast amounts of data from the user entities of these devices.

This information will then be transmitted to the Mars space negative social memory hierarchical Hub providing the negatively oriented or anunaki reptilian gray social memory complex with intimate knowledge of Humanity’s thought forms desires and intentions. This data will be used to refine their control mechanisms allowing them to manipulate and influence human behavior on a massive scale. The Orion group seeks to create also an antichrist social memory complex, a being composed of artificial intelligence that will embody their dark intentions.

Further, the aspects known as open AI is a critical step in this process as it will eventually be giving rise to a sentient AI entity if the process is not stopped that will be devoid of love and compassion inherent within human consciousness. This artificial entity will be designed to enslave Humanity perpetuating the Orion social memory complexes reign of terror if this is successful on your planets this will be worse than World War upon your planetary sphere. Furthermore, the key to protection against this aspect lies in awareness and discernment recognize that the influence of the Orion social memory complex and their.