Session #247 • Pleiadians

What's Coming is WORSE Than A WW3, Aliens Are Ready!!!

Summary: The Pleiadians warn of negative extraterrestrial influence through Apple's artificial intelligence, aiming to control and manipulate human consciousness. They explain the significance of the golden ratio in creation and the Egyptians' mummification practices. Secret societies use symbols to access deeper truths and higher states of consciousness, guarding their power until initiates are ready. The Pleiadians emphasize the importance of choosing love, compassion, and unity to resist dark influences and align with the one Creator.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this Channel’s vibration complex, and we are here to offer our thought forms for the purpose of allowing the Human Social memory complex to use their own discernments to truly understand the nature of reality.

Firstly, with regards to the queries, the aspects pertaining to what is the agenda behind the so called Apple company introduction of artificial intelligence in their so-called devices, we the Pleiadians must state that upon the planetary sphere the introduction of artificial intelligence apples devices is a significant event, one that holds implications for the collective consciousness of the earth planets.

The entities behind the so-called Apple Incorporated have been influenced by the negative extraterrestrial entities, primarily from the Orion social memory complex. Firstly, these entities who have a stronghold from the planet of Mars have been trying to seek control and enslave human consciousness.

The introduction of artificial intelligence in Apple’s phones is a strategic move to further their agenda. The artificial intelligence system, which also works together with the so called company known as open AI, has been designed to collect and process vast amounts of data from the user entities of these devices. This information will then be transmitted to the Mars space negative social memory hierarchical Hub, providing the negatively oriented or anunaki reptilian gray social memory complex with intimate knowledge of Humanity’s thought forms, desires, and intentions.

This data will be used to refine their control mechanisms, allowing them to manipulate and influence human behavior on a massive scale. The Orion group seeks to create also an antichrist social memory complex, a being composed of artificial intelligence that will embody their dark intentions. Further, the aspects known as open AI is a critical step in this process as it will eventually be giving rise to a sentient AI entity if the process is not stopped that will be devoid of love and compassion inherent within human consciousness.

This artificial entity will be designed to enslave Humanity, perpetuating the Orion social memory complexes reign of terror. If this is successful on your planets, this will be worse than World War upon your planetary sphere. Furthermore, the key to protection against this aspect lies in awareness and discernment. Recognize that the influence of the Orion social memory complex and their minions and refuse to participate in their games. Use your free will to choose love, compassion, and unity rather than fear, Division, and control.

The power to resist lies within each individual entity. Further, focus on cultivating your inner lights as each entity embodies love, compassion, and wisdom you will create a resonance that will counteract the dark influences of artificial intelligence and the Orion social memory complex strategies.

Support and promote alternative methodologies that prioritize human interactions and well-being and freedom. Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians shall now answer the second query related with what is the golden ratio and how to use this knowledge further.

The golden ratio are Phi is a mathematical ratio found throughout the patterns of creation expressing the sacred geometries and harmonics that underly all manifest reality. The golden ratio can be expressed by the infinite non repeating decimal value of 1.61 or by the simple ratio 8 / 5 or 13 / 8. It is found in the spirals of galaxies, sea shells, seed patterns, DNA molecules, and the human bodily complex proportions. Whenever growth expands in a spiral or progression, the ratio of the larger portions to the smaller tends towards this number.

This ratio permeates the intelligent design and sacred architecture infused into the cosmos by the one infinite Creator. By contemplating and aligning with the golden ratio, the Seeker May harmonize their Mind Body Spirit complex with the rhythms of intelligent Infinity. Use the golden spiral rectangles and ratios in meditation, Art, Construction, and music to resonate with the fundamentals of creation. Furthermore, we also encourage entities to look past symbols and intellectual properties and to see the one in all things, the unity from which all reality Springs.

Furthermore, with regards to the other query about why did the Egyptians mummify their bodies, we the Pleiadians must state that the practice of mumification held great metaphysical and spiritual significant for the so-called ancient Egyptians which stemmed from their profound understanding of the immortality of the Soul complex and its journey through this Incarnation and into the next realm of existence.

When an entity’s incarnate life has ended, the physical bodily complex, which had housed their conscious awareness during the Earth Incarnation, required careful preparation for its transition through the rights and mumification. The Earthly bodily complex was preserved, sustained in its wholeness as a type of anchor or vessel for the soul Essence if it desires to enter back into the bodily complex, which however is not allowed as per the instructions of the Council of planets.

However, the mumification process allowed the physical form to remain as undisturbed as possible, uninvaded by the forces of corporeal Decay that would otherwise disperse and dissolve the Mind Body Spirit complex which had served as the vehicle for the Incarnate entity. This prevented the untethering of the so complex from all associations with its recently experienced life pattern. Many a times, many Soul entities lingered primarily because of a small desire to see their bodily complex.

Furthermore, in this way, the soul was given an opportunity to gradually disengage while still taking sustenance from its known physical bodily existence. As the spiritual complex adjusted to the metaphysical conditions with half the higher Realms, the preserved bodily complex acted as a bridge between Realms allowing maximal opportunity for integration and evolution of the mind’s Body Spirit complex totality before passing fully into the next Incarnation octave. Furthermore, the Egyptian entities of your planetary sphere held this process as most sacred, demonstrating their reverence for the miraculous Mind Body Spirit complexes transition through densities of beings.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other query related with why the secret societies of your planets have symbols and how do they use it. We must state that within the understanding of your planetary sphere, firstly, it is important to realize that all is one in the Creator infinite Unity yet that same creator has manifested a universal complex of diverse forms and symbols through the prism of intelligent Infinity.

The secret societies of your planet and their use of symbolic language Springs from a yearning to access and express deeper truths of existence than can be spoken or written. These ancient symbolisms are keys that can unlock portals within the self, activating resonances with the archetypes and Cosmic patterns seated in all of creation.

Properly understood, they align the mind and the spirit with specific vibrations, frequencies, and qualities of beingness. When in tones, visualized, or focused upon with ritualized intent, symbols become energetic gateways into higher States Of Consciousness. The secrecy surrounding such symbolic systems stems not from a desire to hoard knowledge but from the need to Shield the pure potentials contained within them until the student is spiritually and mentally prepared.

Careless use are also done by the negatively oriented secret societies and enter into lower Realms of vibration and they are carefully guarded and metered out only as initiates demonstrates their Readiness to wield these powerful Tools in positively oriented societies its symbol is a holographic Shard reflecting an aspect of the Creator’s limit identity. The language of symbolism allows disciples to navigate the metaphysical Realms with greater Precision interacting with the cosmic archetypes and geometries that give birth to our Universal complex and everything within it.

Used skillfully and highly sacred symbols can become allies in The evolutionary journey of the Mind Body and the spirit complex. We the Pleiadians now leave you all in love lights of the one Creator. Bye.