Session #26 • RA

Should I Continue Channeling? & The Dark is Frustrated at Light Spreading

Summary: The text discusses the removal of channeled messages from YouTube and the reasons behind it. It suggests that negative entities are trying to prevent the spread of messages of love and light. The removal of the videos was due to a misidentification by a robotic algorithm. It advises the instrument to continue sharing the messages and to project love and light onto the negative entities. Overall, it emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and moving forward in a positive manner.

I am ra, we greet you in the love and in the light of the one, the infinite creator. For the creator is within each of you and each of you are helping the creator to experience the various distortions of experience through your existence in this particular subset of density of consciousness.

Before we begin to answer your queries, however, remember to use your discernment when listening to our insights. Leave those that do not resonate with your heart.

Today, this instrument seeks to find out the real reason why its so-called channeled messages were removed from this so-called platform that your kind calls YouTube.

In your vibratory sound complex, to understand the vibratory complex of your query, we had some confusion. However, the understandings that the videos that this instrument made were from the various entities that it channeled, including from our collective.

We are thankful for this instrument for opening up to this opportunity, allowing us to express through it. For the impact that this instrument has on the people is multiplying faster than one can comprehend.

Many of those entities that do not wish these messages to reach the masses of your people are trying various methodologies in order to prevent these information of light and love to affect the souls on your planet.

For the negative love expansion of negative and want control over other entities and do not like the free will that is ever present on your planets, and they oppose the love light emanating from positive entities.

However, we can sense that this is a good distortion or opportunity that has occurred. For in it revealed the mind distortions of the negatively polarized entities.

The real distortions why some of its so-called videos have been removed from that platform is due to the distortions of negative influence on some of your entities that are responsible for allowing or have the power of this platform.

However, this was initiated from the so-called Merlin ABC Digital Com and its so-called robotic algorithm. Primarily confusing the robotic automated system to identify this instrument’s visual aspects as its own.

However, the visual aspect used by this instrument were misidentified by the robotic automated system of this platform. In turn, resultantly were removed.

Further, it served as a lesson to this instrument wherein it learned not to primarily rely on one system for sharing these messages of love and light.

Also, we can sense this instrument has got attachments to these sessions due to the vast number of sessions and time period space taken to conduct such sessions. And we would suggest this instrument to continue its process of sharing our messages to the masses. For therein lies the greatest service to mankind at this time space period.

Many entities that are positively polarized are now aware of its situation and is helping all by sharing our messages of love and light.

This situation can be equated with what your kind calls the negative potential build up, which further allows a push into the positive side and thereby positively affecting more entities on your time space due to exposure of negative entities’ agendas.

Therefore, we say that the proper way to present in this situation is to project love lights onto those negatively distorted entities and ignore their efforts. For attention is what they feed upon.

Therefore, at this time space, we would suggest this instrument, upon its exercise of its free will, to forgive those entities and keep moving forward in the time space.

The temptations to become negatively polarized are offered by those negative entities that seek more negativity. These salvage say entities want to impress service to self path. However, counteraction with your angelic presence of positive nature will enable each of you and this instrument to move forward and polarize further into the love lights.

Much like your so-called gyms, wherein your body complexes are made stronger upon application of resistance, the application of positivity to a negative entity’s influence will make it more profound and stronger. And eventually, the negative entities will find it undesirable to continue upon their purpose of spreading the negative polarity.

This is all we can say at this time period regarding your query. Therefore, we leave you now in the love and in the light of the one infinite creator. Go forth then, rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one creator. Adonai.