Session #31 • RA

Agenda of Donald Trump's New Media Platform & 7 Sub-densities of 2nd Density Consciousness

Summary: The text discusses the development of a social media platform by an entity known as Donald. This entity wants to create a platform where it can freely share messages without any interference. It emphasizes the importance of free speech and expression, but acknowledges the potential for misinformation and confusion. The text also touches on the different sub-densities or octaves of second density consciousness, which includes plants and animals. It concludes by suggesting that suffering can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and accessing inner power.

I am ra and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite creator today. Before we begin, we would like to warn you to only accept those insights that resonate with your heart and leave those behind that do not resonate with your heart today.

This instrument seeks to find out about the so-called social media platform that is being developed by an entity known in your time space terms as Donald. This entity primarily wants to create a platform known in your terms as social media, so there would be complete free will of the entity wherein it could share all the messages that it would want to share without any stoppage from any other mind body spirit complex or authority.

This entity known as Donald was prevented from sharing its messages many times because of the massive amount of traction this entity got from these messages and the influence this entity had on the decision making and discernment over other many mind body spirit complexes in your time space.

This entity known as Donald has a massive potential energy behind it wherein he has a lot of support from many other entities who support it with full passion and fervor. This entity at the present time space is approaching various social media companies in the hope that it could buy the media platform so that it could create its own free vibratory sound complex media platform.

Further, we would recommend that free speech, just as free speech or expression, is of utmost importance to the people of your planets. There must be no restrictions in this regard. Therefore, it has been made a foundation pillar for your kinds, and we also recognize the importance of this factor to be present in a civilization that is positively oriented.

This entity known as Trump is working in the correct direction as far as we can perceive for the creation of such a platform for allowing all entities their freedom of expression, which is a mind-body spirit right in the article 19 of the so-called universal declaration of human rights on your timespace terms. This means that all vibratory sound complexes are allowed to individual entities on your timespace to express and share their vibratory sound complexes without fear of retaliation, censorship, or punishment.

However, this may also enable some entities to spread misinformation and create distortions of confusion on your planet. This will be an important aspect for a fourth density planet wherein no authority has the power to stop or harm any other entity for disagreeing with it. The creation of such a system would be the basis of the fourth density planetary configuration as we know it.

This entity known as Trump feels the need to do this because many of the so-called media authorities have prevented it from sharing its free will vibratory sound complexes that are as per the human mind body spirit complex rights as defined in your so-called constitutions of the various nations. Moreover, this entity known as Donald also used many of its free will to spread some incitement messages that caused a lot of confusion distortions amongst the people at your time space.

As far as we can sense, the people of your planet must know that they must use their discernment when listening and accepting messages, for it is the free will that enables each entity this ability. That is the reason why we say that every entity should use their discernment when listening to any messages, including those that emerge from us.

Further, we would like to add that this entity, if it moves in this timeline and creates this so-called social media site, does not create such enticement or create this entity’s time on this planet to become more fruitful and more service-oriented. If it does not indulge in creating confusion distortions patterns, this addresses the first part of your query.

Now we will answer the second query that this instrument has placed before our collective consciousness that relates to the seven sub-densities or octaves of the second density consciousness. The second density consciousness is the density of the higher plant life and animal life that exist with the upward drive towards the infinites.

These second density beings are of an octave of consciousness just as you find various orientations of consciousness among the conscious entities of your vibration. There are three types of second density entities that become, shall we say, “enspirited”. The first is the animal, this is the most predominant. The second is the vegetable, most especially that which you call sound vibration complex tree. These entities are capable of giving and receiving enough love lights to become individualized. The third category is mineral.

The first sub-density or octave of the second density consciousness starts with the basic forms in the form of observing and experiencing the world with partially immobile physical vehicles with an upward drive towards the infinite consciousness. This first sub-density can be equated with grass that exists on your planets.

The second octave of the second density includes those known as plants in your vibratory sound complex terms. Then, after gaining some experience and moving upward towards infinity, these evolve into the third sub-octave of the second density that are comprised of those known in your language terms as trees. A tree can directly reincarnate into the third density consciousness if it receives immense love light and connection with another third density being, such as the human mind body spirit complex on your time space.

Then, after consciousness evolves into the fourth sub-density of the second octave, which includes small-sized water-borne fishes and small insects, there progresses further into the fifth sub-octave that includes the animals with larger physical vehicles, such as small-sized animals and fishes wherein the main lesson for these entities is to learn to interact with other mind body and spirit complexes and learn the lessons for graduating to the next sub-octave, that of the sixth sub-octave that is represented by animals that start developing collective mentality.

These animals start grouping together and lead to creation of hierarchy, for example in foxes and hyenas in your planet. This finally leads to the seventh octave of this second density consciousness, which is comprised of animals that are known as pets in your language terms, for example, those called as cats and dogs. These entities are on the brink of entering the third density consciousness, these will lead an entity into the next density of third density consciousness in which it becomes enspirited in the form of a human body complex.

The times upon your planet at this time space may be seen testing and, shall we say, laden with more distortions of suffering and catalyst. But in that suffering lies the catalyst for many of your so-called star seeds and light workers to open up to their true inner reality and access their past history and power that is within their soul.

Therefore, we leave you now in the love and in the light of the one infinite creator. Hence, go forth and rejoice in the power and the peace of the one creator. Adonai.