Session #35 • Asthar Sheran

Upcoming Galactic War & Aliens on Mars | Interdimension Portal

Summary: The Earth has successfully entered the fourth density consciousness, causing a shift in vibrations. However, negative forces have gathered on Mars to prevent this transition. These forces are in alliance with the Anunnakis and Orions, with the objective of controlling powerful beings on Earth. Elon Musk is involved in creating a biocontrol chip and a network of satellites called Starlink. An intervention effort will take place on Mars, and humanity is urged to prepare for a potential war. Intense fluctuations in sunlight and radiation are expected, and individuals should focus on love, meditation, and connecting with nature.

Greetings to the residents of earth, greetings to the light workers of love. I am Asthar and I have always worked for the betterment of humanity and have always aided your kind through the times of galactic chaos and turmoil.

These times upon your planet are very rare as the earth has successfully entered into the fourth density consciousness. The earth’s vibrations are now shifting and raising faster since the date of April 11. This date was the point wherein the penetration of the fourth density has been successfully made by the vibrations of planet earth, meaning that collectively the planet is now in the fourth density consciousness and will move upward toward the higher levels as times pass by.

This day was an important day. However, the dark forces, negative-oriented entities, do not want earth to successfully transition into the fourth density consciousness. The negative forces have now gathered around the planet Mars and are influencing your allies to tie up with them by luring them to form the so-called the negative allies.

These bases are in the form of pyramid structures on Mars, which are formed in such a manner as to prevent being observed by any human or third and fourth density entities. This is also the reason why many times your kind will miss such bases. However, there have been drastic changes occurring on Mars at these times.

These bases are created using crystalline light pyramid structures that are highly invisible not only to you but also to us. We send a fleet of planetary crafts to check for the presence of these bases. Now let me state what I know from the information and scanning of Mars.

These negative-oriented Anunnakis from Nibiru, along with their subordinate Greys, have created an alliance with the Orions and their subordinate reptilians. Based on the intel and information received from our scanning fleets, these Anunnakis and Orions’ main objective is to gather and turn some of the powerful beings into their sub-hostages on your planet who have control of large amounts of resources. So that they could telepathically control such beings and spread the last push for the dark forces on the planet earth. They do not want to lose this battle. They do not want earth to enter into the first stage of fourth density completely.

These Anunnakis have successfully contacted many entities and especially one entity known as Elon Musk, who is creating a so-called biocontrol chip in order to control mankind. As well as it is involved in the creation of the so-called Starlink, a network of satellites that could cause mass disruption of the messages and vibration shifting due to the sending of galactic waves via these starlings.

These Anunnaki assisted this entity known as Elon in creating this via the process of telepathic communication and also by providing it access to intergalactic portal vehicles. Many other entities or the so-called elites have already been in contact with these Annunaki entities and use the pyramid-shaped multidimensional intergalactic portal vehicles, which are, in essence, multidimensional flying vehicles that cannot be spotted by normal human eyes.

There are fleets of these pyramid multidimensional vehicles in the so-called Pacific Ocean and in the Antarctica region of your planet. Further, we are working together urgently with the Council of Planets and the Galactic Federation, and today there was an urgent meeting that took place.

We have decided that there will be an intervention effort from our side in the coming days on Mars. We cannot tell you the exact date for this will depend on many factors that we need to look upon before doing such actions. And since this instrument has been in contact with me and other galactic brothers, I would recommend this instrument to share this information as a message of preparation for all of humanity.

And also know that there could be aftershocks of this intervention on Mars. However, we will try our best to stop the after-effects from reaching earth. But this war that will occur is one of a kind since four different galactic negative species have gathered on Mars and they will provide cosmic resistance to our efforts.

We would request humanity to kindly not send any satellites and rovers like the Perseverance rover, which has already been hijacked by the Annunaki’s and is relaying the past videos captured by it. The real images are not being related. It has been placed into a different sub-sector of Mars. The reptilians are excavating under Mars and creating bases at a rapid pace as we speak.

This war will be the biggest war in a long time in the history of the cosmos if it occurs. Please prepare. It does not matter whether you will accept or reject this message, for this intervention will begin to take place in a few days of your current time space. We are preparing our fleets and the Galactic Federation and other species, including the Rock Confederation, the Andromedans, and all are with us in order to help humanity to win over this war of darkness.

Please note that there will be intense fluctuations within the rays of sunlight, which will occur on a large scale within the next few days. Observe silence, be in the light, and stay protected with it. Avoid all negative senses such as sensuality, grudge, revenge, and greed. When appeared, it is recommended to do more meditation for the next few days and be connected to nature.

The next month and the next few days will determine a great landmark for the people of earth. Consciously choose the light. Try to spend more time with Mother Earth. Practice group meditations of love to earth. The planet will experience intense radiation soon. Don’t worry, everything is in our turn. Fear into love. Sit under the sky while meditating. Take full breaths whenever you get the chance. Concentrate on your crown chakra and imagine it blooming like a beautiful lotus.

This is all the information which I have connected here today to relay. Please share this with those who will accept this message with the right discernment. I leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Creator. Peace be with Gaia. Goodbye.