Session #38 • Archangel Michael

Why 3 DAYS of DARKNESS Won't Happen?

Summary: The concept of the "three days of darkness" mentioned in the Bible has been misunderstood. It was believed that if Earth entered a negative cycle, darkness would cover the planet and positive beings would be extinguished. However, this will not occur on the current positive timeline of Earth. Instead, a three days of light event will happen in the future, signifying the end of negative entities. It is important to use discernment when listening to messages and not perpetuate fear. Each action leads to different timelines, and we are all creators of our own lives.

I am Archangel Michael and I am here in the love of the One Father, the Creator, who is within each of you and within each being in the cosmos. Before I start sharing my thoughts with you, please note that you have to use your free will and heart to listen to my messages and only accept those that resonate with your inner heart.

Today, this instrument desires to seek to understand the meaning behind the concept of three days of darkness that has been prevalent in your time-space on Earth since the first mention of this supposed three days in the Bible in Exodus 22. The Bible verse which led to the creation of this concept on your time-space states, “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Stretch out thy hand towards heavens and may there be darkness upon the land of Egypt so thick that it may be felt.'”

In addition, Moses stretched forth his hand towards the heavens and there came horrible darkness in all the land of Egypt for three days. During the supposed three days of darkness, it is stated that darkness will cover the earth and a plague will envelop Earth. This information was commonly misunderstood under the confusion of the negative planetary timeline.

These three days would have occurred if the planet Earth had entered into the fourth density negative cycle. In such an event, all the positive beings would have been taken away from this planet by means of death, by such events as plagues, etc. This would have been facilitated by the coming of the other negative-oriented species from those of the Orions and Reptilians, as called by your kind, onto your planets. And these beings would have been the facilitators of the negative forces on Earth.

If the Earth had cycled through into the negative polarization into the fourth density, then such terrifying darkness would have enveloped your people. And during such a period of darkness, all the beings of light would be extinguished by the negative polarized entities.

Let me tell you that there is a misunderstanding upon your planet. Misinformation and changing of the original messages have created many confusing distortions for your kind on this planet. Let me tell you that the so-called three days of darkness will not occur on your timeline of Earth. As some of the beings on your planet feel, there will be no three days of darkness on this current timeline because this timeline of Earth is now in the beginning phases of a positive planetary cycle of the so-called fourth density.

By this instrument, this phase signifies the positive cycle of planetary shifts on the planets. This time upon your planet is the time when the changes in consciousness are activating. Thankfully, this cycle will not occur on this timeline of Earth ever again, as this timeline of Earth is now in the positive cycle. Hence, the only thing that will occur is the three days of light, which will happen sometime in your near future as per the probable infinite possibilities of timelines that exist in the universe and as per the current vibratory planetary timeline.

This event would occur somewhere around the year, which would signify the end of the time for the dark or the negative entities who are self-serving for their period of existence on this planet will come to an abrupt end. The same type of changes that accompany during the third to fourth density planetary on a positive polarized planet would accompany a negatively polarized planet. The fourth encompasses more dense light, hence more information and truth will be held in this dense light frequency, which would make lies almost impossible to perpetuate in the future.

The three days of darkness are something that will still occur in a different timeline of Earth, on this timeline and not on the current timeline I am speaking about, on which you are contacting me from. On a negative polarized probability of Earth timeline, the three days of darkness will occur in the year, in the month of June, on the day of succession, as are happening on that negative Earth timeline. On such a planet, negative polarization enters into the graduation into fourth density, hence will lead to the creation of negative consciousness collective, just like in a positive planet will lead to the creation of positive consciousness.

The conditions of this fourth density positive and negative planets are just the opposite vibratory type, which means in the fourth density positive, all entities will embody love, and on the fourth density negative, all entities will embody a self-service pattern. Consider that on such a timeline of Earth of negative polarity, in the year 2021, at around the time of the so-called summer solstice, planetary changes on such a planet would cause the Earth to split and the sky will be laden with fire.

During these three days on such a timeline of Earth, all the remaining positive-oriented beings would face torment from the majority of negative polarized people who will destroy such beings. Since even one light flicker can cause an end to the darkness, hence they do not want any such light beings on such a timeline of planets. This will cause all the positive-oriented beings on such a planet to leave the planet via the process of crossing over after death and will incarnate on a positive planet or a timeline of Earth, which lies in the positive cycle.

I also scan that many of your current timeline beings enjoy discussing the impending disaster. This is causing confusion amongst your kind, for your timeline has entered into the positive timeline. Many entities who are being influenced by the negative distorted beings from other planetary spheres are causing many entities in human form to share these messages to create fear because the negative wants to perpetuate fear, just like the positive wants to share love and light.

That is why I am telling you to use your discernment when listening to any message, even those that originate from me and other confederation beings. Please note that your discernment is vital for your people, and again, I cannot direct you to do this or do that because that would be an intrusion upon your free will that will create a probable future timeline for you.

Please note that all beings have complete free will to choose the probabilities of the various timelines, and the choices are given in order to determine the paths of the Creator or Father’s energy that promotes the lessons of each sub-density, as this instrument calls it, depending on the conditions of the planet at a particular time-space.

My beloveds, know that light is also an entity of joy and information, full of the love of the One Father, the Creator. It is amazing to see the infinite probabilities from the various timelines from our perspective. There are so many Earth timelines that it is the divine grace of the Father and the Creator to allow each the free will. Every time an entity does one action, it will start to enter into one timeline, and if it chooses otherwise, another timeline will start. This is the great mystery of life and creation.

My soul brothers and sisters, know that your life is one, and you are the creator. In future sessions, if you so desire, I will elaborate on this aspect as well. However, for today’s session, this is all this instrument can handle. Therefore, I recommend this instrument to eat the so-called apples on your time-space for the coming two days to restore its vital energies.

Therefore, I leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Father, the Creator. So be it.