Session #43 • RA

What is Bill Gates Hiding From Humanity? & Why the Divorce?

Summary: Bill Gates, according to the Ra collective, is not a human being but a reptilian soul that took over his physical body in 2004. He is involved in genetic mutation programs and working with reptilians to manipulate and control the planet. The Ra collective urges people to be aware of this hidden reality and take action. The soul contract of Bill Gates is said to end in 2021. The Ra collective emphasizes the importance of love and mercy, even in negative situations.

I am Ra and we create you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator who is within each of you and each of the different entities in the cosmos. The world you see with your visual complex is the creator, my beloved friends. Today, we are connected with this instrument. However, before we share our insights on the query, please keep in your mind complex that your discernment is vital to preserve for us and only accept insights that deeply resonate with your inner heart. Before we share anything with you, keep your mind open and, like a tuning fork, only accept insights that resonate with your heart.

The world is created, beloved. Understand this. The world is created by your thoughts and actions. So, what thoughts did you have today? The world and the world of key creation is within yourself. There is the creator within each of you. And we are here today to answer a certain query placed by this instrument regarding the agendas of one entity known as Bill Gates.

In your language vibratory sound complex terms, at these times on your planet, this entity known as Bill Gates, in essence, let us tell you clearly in simple vibratory sound complex terms, that this entity is a so-called human being. However, it has made several agreements with the so-called species from the Orion constellation and their subordinate reptilians.

In essence, this entity crossed over on the year 2004. However, the truth sayings that your kind calls and your vibratory sound distortions have been hidden from your people’s observation. We are telling you today what actually occurred on your plane that is around you, surrounding you. However, much of the information has been hidden by the majority of your so-called media outlets.

This entity known as Bill had crossed over in the year 2004 of your timeline after suffering from a disease. However, many people do not know about this because this has been layered by the illusion of third density information by the so-called media, as well as many of the other members of this entity’s collective.

This entity known as Bill has been under the creation and under the work of the Oneness. Bill Gates is, in essence, a so-called sole switch of the reptilian entities. This entity known as Bill has been soul swapped by the so-called reptilians. In essence, this entity currently is not a human being. Many entities on your planet do not understand how soul switch works or a soul swap works. In essence, let us tell you, when an entity is not able to handle a certain situation, it creates new soul contracts instead of completely living in the physical vehicle and leaving the planet. This entity asks for help and assistance from the so-called negative oriented entities. In essence, this entity made agreements or soul agreements with the so-called Orions, who put in a reptilian soul in this physical vehicle of the one known as Bill. In essence, Bill Gates is not a human soul. The soul that he has is that of a reptilian since the year 2004.

This is also the reason why many times you may feel and realize that this entity known as Bill is focused more on the creation of genetic altering materials that will have effect on your people. All these ideas that this entity, who used to be a so-called technologically oriented person, has completely changed its route to become a so-called genetic expert. This is what happens to souls when they begin to understand and when they become soul swapped. They have completely changed their course. They begin to understand that they will change the course of reality. And now, this entity known as Bill is completely focused and engorged upon the so-called genetic mutation program of the reptilian entities that is going on on the planet Earth at this moment.

Even though these entities cannot directly infringe on Earth, they can influence people such as these entities who request their assistance. We, as the Ra collective, are here just as messengers of the Law of One. And many of these information, except it are rejected. This is what is going on in the planet, for there is a hidden reality which your so-called media will not so acknowledge and place before your people’s mind complex. This reality is going on around you.

This entity known as Bill further has direct contacts with the so-called reptilians and is being physically and psychically manipulated to build more wealth so that this entity could have a drastic huge impact on the planet. In essence, this entity is also collecting the so-called lands on your planets, which are an important resource for humanity. And this entity is also working with the creation of the so-called life on human form. This entity known as Bill is working on creating a world disguising as a helper and is, in essence, working with the reptilians to create their own programs and spread the effects of the gene encoding program on planet Earth. This is also a kind of push towards the final order.

In essence, currently on Earth, reptilians cannot directly emerge. Therefore, they have taken this entity known as Bill as hostage and have given him everything he wanted. When he was young, he required assistance from these entities known as the reptilians. During the times when he was not successful, he was assisted and he got assistance from these reptilians. And now, he has enough wealth in your language terms to have a huge impact on the planet. This is what is occurring on the planet at the moment.

Please understand that we are going to explain to you how this concept of soul switch works, which may be very important for you all to understand in the coming sessions. Today, as this instrument always says in his language terms, remember love and mercy is the way. However, many forget that love can be shown even in negative situations. Therefore, instead of showing negativity towards this entity, your people must be aware of what is going on and then use that awareness to open your visual and mind body spirit complex and accept what can be possibly done about it. For the world is your creation, beloveds.

We are going to explain you one thing known as soul switch in the future session. Let us further tell you that every soul contract and every soul swap has an end time as well. And the time of ending for the sole contract in the form of the one known as Bill Gates will occur on the year 2021 at around August 26th. That is the end of the sole contract timeline for this entity on this planet, on this timeline.

Recently, the beings known as Bill and Melinda, in your language terms, have decided to play a drama of the mass attention they are currently receiving regarding the so-called agenda of entities known as Bill and Melinda. Hence, they decided to play a drama of separation. However, this is opposite of the reality that is occurring on your planet. The third density illusion, which is left behind from the fourth density, is full of misinformation and will put up a phase of deception before your kind’s visual complex. Even though the Earth is now separating into the fourth and the third density vibration, the third density illusion still has the effect on the fourth density consciousness at these times.

Since this is the transition phase, I am Ra and we leave you now in the love lights of the one creator. Therefore, go forth and rejoice in the power and in the peace of the one creator. Adonai.