Session #46 • Metatron

If You Do this On Seeing Synchronised Numbers, You Will Change The World!

Summary: The text explains the meaning behind different numbers, starting from one to nine, and the significance of seeing patterns of numbers such as 1111. Each number represents different aspects of consciousness and creation. The number 1111 is considered the most intuitive number and signifies the ability to act as a creator and manifest desires. It is associated with the Pleiadian star system and can lead to faster manifestations. The time of 11:11 is seen as important and can potentially lead to a shift to a new fourth density planet if humanity chooses love and service to others.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness and I am speaking through this channel who is connected to me in the divine love element of the divine great programmer. Before I start sharing my thoughts, please understand that you have free will and you can reject the information if it does not resonate with your mind. I am here to share my thoughts and not infringe upon your free will.

Today, this channel instrument, as you call it, is connected to me and desires to understand the meanings of times when entities on your planet encounter the numbers on a synchronized pattern, such as seeing the numbers 1 1, such as 2 2 2 2, or any other combination.

Firstly, to make you understand about the true meaning behind these numbers, you must understand the meaning behind each number. So firstly, let me explain what is the meaning behind each number.

You see, the numbers on your planet were invented not by your kind. They were actually created by the creator. Your kind and many other entities on your planet just discovered it. The science, as you call mathematics, to be was already present before you came here on this planet. It was just discovered by your scientists.

And let me tell you the true meaning behind the numbers starting from one to number nine and there is an anomaly, a number zero. So let me explain.

One represents the intelligent infinity or unity consciousness because if you look at in your mathematical language, one is the only number which can divide all the numbers. And this number is in essence a significance of the creator, which is also the reason why in your so-called planet currently, many on your planet have created the so-called machines known as computers using this knowledge, which work in essence on the two numbers, the zero and the one.

The number zero signifies the space or the void because without the void, no new things can be created. And zero and one are working together to create a new kind of system on your planets. One is a creator in essence, which multiplies itself to become all the other numbers. And this number can also divide all the other numbers. This is the only number which can divide all the other numbers to their own self. For example, if you divide seven by one, you get seven, which in essence means that each entity on your planet is the creator. You just miss it. Everyone is the creator.

The number two signifies the feminine aspect on your planet, which means the emotional side of the people on your planets. And this number is also a special number because it represents people with an empathic side. Number two is a very valuable number because without this number two and the emotions, your planet would have been also like Mars, without any emotion.

The number three signifies the duality that is present on your planets, the duality of confusion in essence. Number three signifies the duality that exists within the third density planet. And as your planet is now entering the fourth density, this duality must be left behind.

The number four signifies the union between the feminine and the masculine aspect, which also is signified in your planet as the marriage between two entities or the union between masculine and feminine, which creates a kind of balancing polarization. This is also the reason why on your planet, people are attracted based on the masculine and feminine sides. Number two is always attracted to number four, just like a magnet with a negative polarity is always attracted to a positive polarity. Similarly, your people’s attraction systems work on the polarization between the negative and the positive masculine and the feminine qualities.

Number five signifies the balance. You see, your human body has many chakras which need to be balanced. And each entity in the universe must understand that balance is required for it to understand the creator and its experience through the densities of consciousness. Without a balance, no entity can evolve at a pace that is suitable for its evolution. Just like a baby cannot be taught mathematics without the balance, any entity on your planet will not be able to evolve faster.

That is the reason why we recommend each on your planet to balance between work and play and between spirituality and learning new things because balance is required, beloveds.

Number six is a number which represents something that will require a whole session, and I will not cover the number six in this session. It requires another separate session because number six is a number which has very different characteristics on your planets. I will talk about this in the next session, if you so desire using your free will.

Number seven is a number which represents the number of rising in consciousness. That is the reason why many on your planets have their favorite number as number seven. It is no coincidence that many people at present, if asked to choose between 1 to 10, a number would most likely choose seven. And this is due to the reason and that it signifies a higher level of consciousness. And as consciousness increases, this number signifies the rising in consciousness in your planets, which is increasing at a rapid pace.

The number eight signifies the culmination of the light and the dark forces. And the upper and the lower portions of the number eight are like the yin and the yang that your kind calls. The upper portion is light portion and the lower portion is the dark portion. Each portion is required on your planet to allow each entity the experience through the density of consciousness. Without this, no entity will have the experience or evolutionary cycle into the density of consciousness. Without having the negative catalyst, no entity would have evolved spiritually. Even this instrument, if it had not faced some negative catalyst in the previous life, would not have woken up to its full potential as it has woken up now.

And the last single digit number that we are going to tell you, by which all other numbers from these nine numbers, all other number combinations arise. So the basic understanding of the number nine is number nine is the crossing over process or the graduation periods. It signifies the period of graduation, similar to the period of graduation your planet is on now. It is at a number nine phase of the consciousness evolution. If divided into subsections, number nine signifies the time of graduation. And if people graduate, they will go into another octave of consciousness. In a similar manner, in your number system, when you add one signifying the increase in consciousness of the creator, you move upward and create the so-called double numbers.

Let me give you the meaning of the so-called double numbers. Today, I am going to explain to you what you can do when you see the number one one one one.

You see, the number one one one one is a number which can be considered as the most intuitive number of all. It represents the creator, the light, and the creation. If you encounter the number one one one one, it would signify that you are now at a point wherein you can act as the creator and create whatever you desire. This is also the reason why whenever people want to create monetary materializations or manifestations in your planet, if they focus on this number, they will create this connection with the universal divine great programmer or known as the infinite creator faster. In essence, this is the number that the so-called entities from the Pleiadian star system specialize in. They are the masters of the number one one one one, and that is the reason why they create faster manifestations. They are masters of manifestations. So in essence, whenever you see the number 1111, you can, at that moment, create an image of your desire already fulfilled in your life, and you will see the manifestation occur almost instantaneously in your life.

However, there is a little time delay, and this only occurs when you are seeing the number, and you can eliminate light to an intense degree that it reaches the divine infinite consciousness. That requires you to express emotions. This is the meaning of when you see the number one one one one in your life.

Further, the time of 11 11 is considered as the most important day for humanity because if they choose, using their free will, to be of service to others and choose love, all of humanity will instantly be in a new fourth density planet. This can only occur on this day because this is the gateway to intelligent infinity and connects to the one source, the divine great programmer, or the creator.

And this is all the information we can share with you today. Therefore, I am Metatron magnetic consciousness, and I leave you now in the divine love and light of the divine universal great programmer. Bye.