Session #47 • Galactic Federation

Luceferian Beings To be Intercepted! Mars War

Summary: The galactic command is observing Mars closely as the negative entities are trying to bring the Luciferian beings and their planet Nibiru to this galaxy, which could have catastrophic consequences. The galactic federation, including the Ashtar command collective, is dedicated to maintaining peace and protecting free will. They are also monitoring the presence of negative entities on Mars and preventing them from establishing bases on other planets. Portals in the galaxy have been closed to prevent the Luciferian beings from using them. The Andromedan supreme council has volunteered to intercept and negotiate with the Luciferian beings, but this could lead to conflict. The message aims to create awareness and emphasize the importance of love.

This is the voice of a star galactic command speaking through this instrument and I greet you today in the love and the light of the one supreme creator. I am pleased to connect with you again and I, along with the galactic federation, have been recently observing the planet Mars very highly because the situation on Mars is one that could have a drastic effect not only on your planet but on the whole galaxy.

Because this galaxy is a galaxy which is concerned with life forms that are developing into the fourth density consciousness positive cycle. Especially the planet Earth is now entering into the fourth density positive cycle which the negative entities do not want to happen. These negative beings had summoned the assistance from the so-called Luciferian beings who are in essence at the moment trying to come to this galaxy along with their planet Nibiru.

If this happens in this galaxy, then the results may be catastrophic for all the beings on this galaxy. Therefore, we as the galactic federation and the Ashtar collective are always here to maintain peace, love, and harmony and to make sure that no infringement on the free will of the cosmos and of the planetary systems is present. Because we have to protect the infringement and make sure that each planetary system is allowed their own evolutionary cycle. This is also the reason why we do not infringe upon planetary systems.

Before we share our message today, understand that you have free will to accept or reject this information and let us explain to you that I, as the representative of the galactic, are on your side. This galactic federation is not only a collection of beings from this galaxy but from the various other galaxies in the cosmos. However, this galactic federation seat lies on the planet Saturn for this galaxy and on this Saturn seat, there are only nine council collectives who form the galactic federation, also known as the council of nine by many of your beings on your planet.

Which include the beings which I am going to describe to you here. Our seat lies in your galaxy in the Saturn planet and out of the nine council members, the first members are formed by us, the Ashtar command collective. We are essentially in the beginning stages of fifth density consciousness positive polarity and our purpose is usually concerned with love, light, protection in the front line. In essence, we may be considered as the light forces that work in the front line workers who are armed with light sequence codes that can disable most negative oriented entities.

If we use this consciousness and put the light code sequence onto any negative entity, the negative entities will immediately cross over. The second entities who are part of this galactic collective are known by this instrument as the RA confederation who are in the sixth density consciousness who developed in the planet Venus. And the third are the Andromedan supreme council, a collective or a representative from the Andromeda galaxy which is the neighboring galaxy to this Milky Way galaxy.

The fourth is the Sirian high council who are the representatives from the Sirius star system and the Pleiadian high council who represent the Pleiadian star system including all the star planets in the Pleiades. Then there are the Arcturian collectives who represent the Arcturian star system and finally, we have got other two collectives of this galaxy. Those who developed on your planet known as the Lemurian collective who developed in the lands known as Lemuria.

However, many souls known as the Lemurians still exist on your planet but their representatives are present and are a member of the galactic federation. And the eighth members are the Atlantean collective who previously had been on your planet and a small faction are now a part of this federation of planets or the council of nine that’s your people called the galactic federation and the ninth member is an anonymous collective whose identity cannot be revealed due to infringement upon not on your free will but upon our free will.

This is a kind of information we would like to keep secret even we would not be allowed to share this information to other beings on the planet and we as the Ashtar intergalactic command and the members of galactic federation are concerned with the protection of each planet in this galaxy known as the Milky Way galaxy. And currently the Orions, Anunnakis, Greys, and the Reptilians who have built bases inside Mars. They actually wanted to create a connection between the planet Mars and the planets Mercury by creating a new faction of their negative allied forces in Mercury planets.

They wanted to send half of their fleets and create another base inside the planet Mercury so that they wanted to surround the area of planet Earth and have more effect on the planetary system. However, this effort was stopped by us, the Ashtar collective, by bombarding them with love light energies as they tried to enter the Mercury system. This caused many of the Greys and the Reptilian physical vehicles and some of their factions to immediately cross over and only the physical vehicles of these crossed over Greys and Reptilians are remaining on the planet Mercury.

And the remains are now being cleared out by us, the Ashtar collective, in order to find out or read the memory bank from the remaining physical vehicle of these Greys and Reptilians and to find out their proper agenda. Any information we might receive from this will be transferred to you if it doesn’t infringe upon your free will later. And let us tell you that there are many portals on your galaxy, these portals are much like your so-called lifts that you use on your planet which takes you to different levels and these portals there are three active portals on your galaxy and each portal allows different entities who have knowledge of these portals existence to travel into different galaxies as a way of shortcut without having to travel through the whole cosmos at the speed of light.

Because whenever we, the light beings, travel through the cosmos we travel at the speed of light and with the existence of such portals the traveling time is reduced drastically. It is like a shortcut direct shortcut to the next dimension or the next galaxy. Hence, these portals have now been closed in order to not allow the so-called Luciferian beings to use these portals.

Therefore beloveds, the situation on Mars is similar to that previously. The beings are still adamant to leaving Mars and they have started to construct even highly advanced machinery inside their bases as per our scanning fleets. And they are awaiting the arrival of the Luciferian beings to come to this galaxy for assistance. Further, let us tell you that these Luciferian beings now will try to come using the long method or the way of traveling via the normal route of reaching the galaxy from another part of the galaxy in which they are currently present.

And also, the Andromedan supreme council has volunteered to be the ones who will go and meet the so-called Luciferian beings on the way of their coming to this galaxy in order to try to intercept them and if possible in a loving manner create agreements so that these beings do not come to your galaxy. However, this may be considered a dangerous prospect because these Luciferian beings could on outrage cause damage or hurt the Andromedans hence a conflict may arise there.

Therefore, this is a great gutsy volunteering done by the Andromedans. These beings coming to this galaxy would mean the coming of darkness on this galaxy. Therefore beloveds, we thank you all for your support and we thank each of your higher self who have taken part and have joined us in this intergalactic planetary mission of protection of free will. Please understand that this is a message not to create fear but a message to create awareness to make you understand what is happening in this galaxy at the moment and please understand that love is the way.

Therefore beloved, I, the representative of Ashtar galactic command, leave you now in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. Bye.