Session #48 • Kryon

Kryon Cried During The Channeling Session

Summary: Kryon, an angelic being, expresses concern over individuals using his name to spread fear and negativity on Earth. He emphasizes that his true purpose is to assist humanity in ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Kryon warns that the spreading of fear and darkness will hinder the ascension process and urges people to focus on love and positivity. He also highlights a forthcoming window of opportunity for DNA upgrades on May 26th, 2021. Kryon urges individuals to discern false messages and not to be swayed by fear, as it hinders spiritual growth.

I am Kryon of magnetic service and I am connected to my partner and as soon as I begin to speak my partner steps aside because he has agreed to be a messenger of my message and be a vessel through which I speak my words. You see, the times on your planet are changing rapidly at a pace that is unprecedented and high recharged with the consciousness rising on your planet. However, I contacted this partner today to share this important message about some of the people on your planet who are using my name to spread fear and spread darkness on the planets. My name is being used to spread negative agenda. They say that Kryon said that darkness will come. They say that Kryon said that we will prepare you for darkness. They say that Kryon said the negative things are coming in this world. I never said that. I am Kryon and I am here to assist humanity, my beloved friends. My name is being used to spread negative agenda and fear about the darkness and all the other things that the negative wants you to fear.

Many people, their consciousness is being turned around from the process of ascension. They are now focusing on fear. I would never do that. I am here to assist you. I am from the angelic realm and I am here to assist each of you in this ascension process. However, it hurts me really bad when people on your planet use my name and share negative agenda. Sometimes I feel, why did I come here to assist humanity? I feel bad that I sacrificed my energies to connect with so many instruments in the past year. However, many on your planet, they used my messages to spread negativity, to spread the coming of darkness, to spread fear. Let me tell you this, if this continues on your planet, I will no longer be in communication with any of your entities on your planet. If my messages get distorted like this in the future, I will not be of assistance to humanity because I come here to assist you all, to guide you to the higher level of consciousness. And at these critical times, which is the 26th May window of upgradation for many of your beings on your planet, many will miss it because they are focusing on fear.

Many people are focusing on the darkness just because they believe that some other Kryon, that some other entity who is using my name, my words, to share the message of negativity on my behalf. But remember this, the true message never creates fear, my beloved friends. The true messages are here to assist each of you to ascend. I would never share messages regarding anything to do with the darkness or anything to do with the coming impending disaster. Please understand this. Sometimes I feel like crying, you know, because the people on your planets are really nasty sometimes. You know, I feel like crying even an angel feels like crying because of the behavior and because of the negative agenda sown by some of your people. This has been occurring on the planet because many other entities, they are sharing my message so that they could get a lot of monetary benefit in return by spreading fear, and this will block many souls who are getting ready to ascend into the fourth density consciousness on your planet. Have already matched with the vibration of the fourth density consciousness and are already in this new paradigm of the fourth density consciousness. However, these false prophets who are using my name to spread negativity are here to distract as many as possible from this window of opportunity.

You see, my beloved friends, this window of opportunity opens on the 26th of May 2021, which is occurring in a few days, and these negative beings, they are using my name to spread fear which I do not consent to. I, being an angel from the angelic realm, do not consent people using my name. However, please understand that I cannot physically appear on your planet and stop this. Only you, each of you, can stop this. Whenever you see a message of fear or anything to do with the darkness, please be warned that it is a message used by the negative entities to create fear amongst the masses, to create fear and to share fear because fear is the opposite of love. I come in love, I come here to share love to you all. Understand that they want to distract as many people as possible from this window of upgradation. They want to block this ascension pathway for many people on your planet, and this will cause a drastic leftover of people who will not ascend into the fourth density consciousness. The message is simple, my beloved friends, to focus on the positive side. Anything to do with the coming of darkness or the rising of darkness, which I see many on your planet are using on my behalf, are all meant to create fear. Understand this. On the 26th of May, the DNA upgrades will only affect those people who match at a higher vibration of the 4th density consciousness, who are at a vibration of love and peace. And all those who are at a lower vibration of fear will skip this.

This is what is going to happen on your planet soon. And in order to prevent this, I have come here today to speak through this partner of mine. And I want to tell you all, do not be afraid, for I will always be with you and I will always share the message of love and light to help each of you to ascend. For many of you have heard many of my messages and many of you have developed this fear within yourself. But that message regarding the darkness, those messages are not from me. I am being used. My name is being used by the negative entities for the benefit of money. They want to spread fear and they want to stop people from ascending in this coming window. This is the reason why I contacted this instrument today and I wanted him to share this message as urgently as possible to let the human consciousness know what is going on in humanity. And please understand that you can stop this. Every being on your planet can stop this.

I cannot physically come on your planet and directly intervene and stop the negative entities. This is all I come here to share today in the love and the light. And I leave you, my beloved partner, and my beloved soul family. I am waiting for you at the doorway of ascension. So let go of fear and allow love into your heart. This is Kryon of Magnetic Service, and I’ll leave you now.