Session #49 • Pleiadians

This Event Occurs in 75,000 Year Cycle & New Earth

Summary: Awakening and awareness are increasing among the masses on Earth, leading to a rise in consciousness. Galactic upgrades and waves of light will occur on May 26, 2021, affecting those who match the vibratory rate. These changes are part of a 75,000-year cycle that allows beings to evolve into higher levels of consciousness. Individuals are encouraged to accept these upgrades and become pillars of light during the transition. The process will involve the death of the old world and the unveiling of ancient prophecies. The new Earth will be formed by separating the unwanted parts and leaving behind only the good.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you today in the love and the light of the One, the Supreme Creator. Who has allowed us to co-exist and allowed you to exist in your planetary sphere at this time-space nexus. Before we start sharing our thoughts, please understand that you have free will to accept or reject this information. We respect your free will.

Awakening awareness is rising amongst the masses on this planetary sphere at this current time-space nexus. The multitude of these awakening events are seeping and unfolding before each entity’s reality on your planet at these times. These events are meant to help you as a collective and as a species to rise up into this new level of consciousness, which in essence is the new fourth density light expression.

These galactic upgrades and tidal waves of light of awakening for star seeds and wanderers will come on the date of 26th May 2021, as known in your current timeline, via the various portals in your planetary sphere that are open to allow such tidal waves to penetrate and affect your masses.

Most beings are being awakened at this time. As you walk and live on your planet, you can sense this rumbling changing consciousness that is affecting even the internal heart of Gaia, which starts the rights of passage for humans into this new level of consciousness.

We feel that we have given to this planet at this time a succinct message of inspiration, a message that holds waves of truth. These messages are meant to bring forth and to rise up that part of your inner self that has been dormant for such a long time on your planetary experience, which happens on all levels of this density through the process of the veil of forgetting upon your people’s mind which caused them to miss and forget their true inner essence.

We are talking through this instrument and sharing our thoughts and insights in order to awaken within you that which you have forgotten. This illusion that surrounds you is a reality that is temporary and constantly changing in accordance with the vibratory rates of your people. In essence, what you see is a reflection of your inner vibration rate.

These messages are also meant to bring to you an understanding of a parallel existing reality that concurrently exists within this original reality. The cycles of transformation have taken a positive turn on your planetary sphere. As we scan your planet, the waves of the new energies are going to change the very fabric of every being’s existence.

These planetary changes occur every 75,000-year cycle in all planets in the cosmos. This, like clockwork, these changes are meant to allow every being in such planets the opportunity to evolve faster into the higher levels of consciousness.

Our primary intention with maintaining this contact has been to stir each of you from within yourself without making each uncomfortable. We are here to encourage you to climb and ascend into a few peaks of the mountain ranges of consciousness that is before each of you at these times. There shall you find these new energetic vistas of consciousness and galactic waves of lights from the future.

We are here to request each of you to use your free will and to recognize your calling and step forward as a member of this family of light in order to accept these upcoming galactic upgrades. This, however, does not mean that you should force other entities to accept these upgrades. In essence, these upgrades will only affect those who match with their vibratory rate, similar to your so-called radio devices that match their vibration to pick up only a certain frequency while ignoring the others.

Similarly, many on your sphere, whose vibration is below the level of acceptance as known by your peoples who refer to the so-called consciousness chart system, will not receive such upgrades. These beings will again have to wait for another 75,000 years. Those who vibrate above and are at this level of acceptance will be able to receive these upgrades.

The process of moving into this higher octave of understanding and this blending of dimensions and creation of new territory will lead everyone through greater understanding of death. Your light will be needed. Your light represents what you know. At these times, the death of the old earth starts and new discoveries and the miracles of operating the physical vehicle in these times of change and transition will involve the death of the old world as you know it, the third density world.

As this planet moves closer to these days of great change, each of you will be called upon to stand as the pillars of light. You will show the way in times when people are desperate because the old ways are no longer solutions, they no longer fit, and no longer apply. No entity can escape or run or hide as the waves of transformation will weave through the earth planes and start to bring in and awaken those who are yet asleep on your planetary sphere.

As the days and the nights begin to come and go, these will begin to show the beings on your planet and reveal the truth behind the ancient prophecies, many of which will begin to come alive on your planetary sphere. These ancient prophecies will start to be more colorfully latent with their own sense of lessons that are required to be learned by every entity on your planetary sphere within the next few days and years to come.

Many beings on your planetary sphere will be catapulted faster than the speed of light and will begin to experience the truth within their own selves. This will also bring forth new abilities and talents along with information which will come to many of you in simple natural ways because you were already a part of your inner truth of who you truly are.

Let us answer the second query placed by this instrument regarding the new earth and let us explain to you in your vibratory sound complex terms. Please understand that we will try to accurately describe how this new earth will come about on your planetary sphere.

Once upon another planet in a certain star system, a similar planet like earth had been transitioning into the beginning phases of the fourth density consciousness. The same process that is occurring on your planet was occurring also at that planet.

During this transformation period, there was an entity who asked its so-called parent entity, also known as mother in your language terms, about what will this new planet be like, much similar to your query of what will the new earth be like. The answer to which this mother entity replied stating by bringing a bag of rice as you know it and told the answer was in the bag of rice.

However, this child entity could not fully grasp the complexity of this answer and asked further to explain as to how this bag of rice relates to the coming of new earth. Further, the mother entity replied stating that just as in this bag of rice there are good rice grains and some rotten rice grains and some small unwanted pieces of stones or other materials which are separated by the process of winnowing, the same is going to happen on the planet which will separate the unwanted parts from the good parts eventually leaving behind only the good rice which will comprise the new earth.

In essence, each rice particle can be equated to an entity on your planetary sphere. Therefore, beloveds, we leave you now hoping that we have answered upon your queries at this time-space nexus. We leave you now in the love and the light of the Prime Creator. See you again, my beloved friends, after watching the session now.