Session #50 • Pleiadians

Share This ASAP So People Can be Ready, Starseeds

Summary: The Pleiadians are reconnecting with humanity to share love and light energy. They explain that a galactic upgrade will occur from May 26th to June 10th, 2021, affecting those who are ready to accept higher vibrations. To prepare for this, people must let go of lower vibration emotions such as hate, regret, revenge, and fear. Many interplanetary beings are assisting humanity during this transition, both positively and negatively oriented. Those who choose not to seek higher consciousness may progress slower but can still ascend later. Love is key to this transition. Starseeds are beings from different parts of the galaxy who are here to assist in Earth's ascension.

We are the pleiadians and we are connected again to you beloved in the love and the light of the one the prime creator. We are here to share this love and light energy to you all through this instrument who seeks many queries to understand what learning would be necessary for being able to be capable of accepting or be touched by this energy of galactic upgrade coming to this planet starting on 26th may. Let us tell you that you should use your inner heart to know and feel the truth when you hear it and only accept that which resonates with your inner heart. Therefore, let us clearly state that the process of your planetary spear and the people of your planet are going to discover something of yourself, the truth within.

These galactic waves are going to last in this first cycle starting from the 26th may 2021 to the 10th june 2021 of your timeline as known in your planetary spear which dictates that change of the movement of the sun and the moon in accordance with your planetary sphere. Hence, the first wave shall be for this period which is the wave that will affect beings on your planetary sphere that are on that level of distortion of vibration above the level of acceptance. As stated in the previous session, the best way to be ready for these galactic waves during this period is to let go of the lower vibration emotions if such exist within the hearts of your peoples. Such lower vibration emotions are that which your people call, using their vibration language patterns, as hate, regret, revenge, and most importantly fear.

These emotions must be replaced by letting go of these emotions exercising upon the free will of your planetary spear. During these times, you must be aware that there are many societies and interplanetary beings and entities throughout the vastness of space-time. All these beings and societies have shown much interest to help your people during these times. They are doing this through the process of sharing thought patterns, such as via the process that is happening now. We must state that we are not the only one who have come here on this planetary sphere in order to assist humanity at this time space period. We are just one group collective from one star system from the pleiadian star cluster. There are many who have journeyed here to this planet for many interplanetary reasons.

Please understand that many of these interplanetary beings are here for the upliftment of your people. In addition, there are others who are negatively oriented here for their own benefits. The history of your planet is moving in and out at these very special times. Many of your souls have become involved on earth many eons or years ago through sending galactic energies and star energies and via the working with the higher realms. Many of you already know the difficulties and the trauma your planetary earth has gone through, such as how many times the vibration has shifted and how many times extraordinary assistance has come from the other galaxies and star systems. Much of that information at certain time spaces have been distorted and many of these beings were turned into gods and were worshiped.

This planet is now transitioning into the beginning phase of the fourth density consciousness, which is at a critical junction and one of the greatest challenges. For it allows magnificent opportunities for those who seek higher ascension shall find themselves being assisted at a higher degree with the other information that is coming from other planetary spears at these time space nexus. Let us also explain to you what will happen to those who are not exposed to these galactic waves based upon their own free will and their own lowering of vibration choice. This usually will lead these entities to not progress as faster as those who receive such upgrades in the level of consciousness. The level of consciousness is dependent on the opportunities that arise at these times. Those who choose otherwise to not seek higher consciousness will find themselves at a disadvantage in this seeking of increasing their level of consciousness.

However, even these entities at any moment due to a spur of inspiration or due to some positive feeling that may arise in its mind complex may become more choosing of the service to others path and choose forgiveness, love instead. Hence, such beings can also ascend later in the cycle of transition even if they miss these galactic waves. These galactic waves are just meant to assist those who seek faster evolution in consciousness which can be equated to at least one cycle of learning in this level of density, approximately of 95 year cycle. Each of you are magnificent beings who are members of this light family and many of you have come here as volunteers on this planet with a mission and purpose to help during this great awakening, a shift to the fourth density consciousness. And your main purpose is to help beings on earth make a positive change and assist in this transition.

Many of your ancient civilizations already knew about this, especially the ones known as the aztecs who were a mesoamerican culture that flourished in central mexico as known by your people. These ancient civilizations have also stated that this period is the coming of the sixth sun, which in essence is simply the coming of galactic waves that will help raise the consciousness on your planetary spear. All of you are magnificent light beings who are the members of the family of light and you have come here on earth at this time to assist in this transition. Remember that love is the key and love is what allows this universe to exist. Therefore, now let us answer the second query this instrument seeks to understand which is regarding the meaning of the term starseeds.

Therefore, let us explain about this as far as we can by using your vibratory sound complex terms. Once upon another planetary sphere just like yours, an entity who had been incarnated into the planetary complex was sharing love light energies to the people of your planet using the so-called love and light energies. This energy started to share love light energies, however, then there was a student entity who was learning of love light energies and asked this teacher entity about the meaning of the term starseeds. Reply to which this entity known as the teacher pointed to the sky which was shimmering with all the stars and light coming from the various planets at that time space. However, this student entity could not understand what his teacher was seeing. Hence, it asked this teacher entity that it could not clearly understand this meaning.

Therefore, the teacher entity started to state that starseeds are those beings who originated not from this planetary sphere but from the various parts of the galaxy and are here to assist that the planet in this ascension period. Each star seeds have their own quality, some quality includes healing ability to share love and light and the ability to be empathetic. Therefore, beloveds, we leave you now in the love and light of the prime creator.