Session #51 • Metatron

Alien Disclosure & Contacts

Summary: The Galactic Federation states that there are two categories of people on Earth: those who are already in contact with extraterrestrial beings and have access to advanced technologies, and the majority who are unaware of these contacts and technologies. They warn of misinformation being spread and manipulation of information regarding full disclosure. The month of June is significant, as it may bring awareness of interplanetary beings to the general population. However, negative entities are trying to prevent this disclosure by sending robotic entities to manipulate and activate genetically altered individuals.

We are the galactic federation and we are connected to you beloved from our saturn council and we greet you in the love and the light of the one creator. Please remember that before you listen to any of our insights, you have the free will to put it under scrutiny so that you should only accept those insights that resonate with your inner heart and leave behind those that do not resonate.

Please understand that your query today, which relates to when will the full disclosure regarding the alien contacts on your planet occur. In this regard, let us share with you that there are two categories of people on your planet at this time space.

One category of people who are working under these so-called elites and who are already in contact with these beings. They also have knowledge of the various technologies from the interplanetary beings that have been handed over to them by these beings, such as the grace in exchange of the alien abduction. So that they can conduct experiments on humans for the purpose of genetic mutation of the human species indirectly by these allies who are under the control of these beings.

Furthermore, there are those people on your planet who already have access to these interplanetary technologies, such as the interplanetary spacecrafts and the spacecrafts used by this mid-faced fourth density beings who had came here on your planet from the zeta reticuli star system specifically from the zr3 planetary system that in essence has been and is being used to backward engineer many of the devices found on your planets and many of these devices and technology has already been implemented in the so-called rocket sciences and the development of the computer and handheld devices known in your language terms as the mobile technology and the 5g devices that your people call these devices have all been backward engineered from this 4th density alien technology as known by a people from the remnants of these spacecrafts of these interplanetary beings who had accidentally landed on your planets.

Many of your beings on your planet also understand that these technologies, if fall under the hands of the entities who have a negative agenda, can use these technologies for their own benefit. However, the technological difference between these entities from the zeta reticuli and your people is of a staggering timeline of 1000 years difference in terms of technological progress. Hence, your people will find it very difficult to create the exact replica of these technologies not until the coming future times. Also, remember that many of these technologies are already in control of the lights and these elites. The people who are on top, they are the ones who are holding the information and many of these beings, they already have the complete knowledge and information which has yet to be displayed to the majority of the population.

Majority of your people on your planets are yet unaware that these technologies are already working in coordination and many of these allies are already in contact with many of these interplanetary beings, such as the greys and the orions. And many of the treaties have already been made with them and also with us as the galactic federation. And many times, we have approached many of these people in order to protect them from the negative influence.

Also, please understand that the query regarding full disclosure that you are stating here requires to be rephrased because in certain ways full disclosure has already happened to those people who are the one percent of people who already know and are in contact with these extraterrestrial beings as known by your people. And the rest of the human population must have to catch up with what is going on.

Therefore, let us tell you that the grace, they operate using consciousness devices. The anunnakis and the grays, they use consciousness driven vehicles or spacecrafts as known in your language to infiltrate your planet. Because these spacecrafts cannot be stopped by our love light vibration which is protecting the planet. These devices can penetrate just like your rockets can penetrate the outer atmosphere of your planet. And these devices are constantly going to the oceans. There are many bases underneath your planets which have been recently re-established by the grays. And many of the research is for conducting advanced humanoid beings and for creating advanced humanoid species which are also going on at this time space.

Also, please understand that the times on your planet are very rare. Therefore, many on your planetary sphere must understand that you have the free will to accept and reject this information. We are only here to share this. Therefore, as far as we can scan from your planetary vibration, there are many misinformation being spread out by many of your people regarding this topic known as the unidentified flying objects in your time space terms.

The grays, they do not want this final disclosure or the full disclosure to happen amongst your people because by doing that, many of their plans will be foiled. And by doing that, your people will become one. Which means that regarding this full disclosure topic, let us tell you that the month of June has been marked as an important date for your people. However, there is going to be manipulation in the information that may come out because of the influences from the grays and the reptilians.

Therefore, beloveds, please understand that we can only come to your planet openly after you have created a social memory complex in the fourth density consciousness later sub-octaves where all consciousness becomes one and all of you together call upon us. That is the time when we can openly visit you.

We, the galactic federation, are always here for the protection of the cosmos and the galaxy without infringing upon the free will of the various planetary beings which exist in the galaxy in the various dimensions. And as your planetary sphere is now entering into the beginning phase of the fourth density consciousness, we as the galactic federation of light have always maintained the status quo of not allowing any other entity to directly infringe upon the free will of your planet. However, the thought-form influences are still allowed on your planet. And both the influence from the negative side as well as the positive side is being bombarded at these times as many of you are already aware of the anunnaki, orions, greys, and the reptilians collective have made a stronghold on Mars. And they have requested the luciferian beings to come from the other galaxy. However, currently we have sealed all the portals. And the andromedans are on the way to meet these luciferian beings.

And let us tell you that the month that is coming ahead can be considered as the most important month for many people on your planet. Because the month of June is a month wherein many of your people on your planet will become aware of the existence of many interplanetary beings, if the details of which are revealed properly to your people.

The so-called elites and the negative-oriented beings on your planet who are in control of these elites are using thought-form manipulation and are using influences from outside the planets. They are influencing the beings on your planet from Mars. And as per the scanning that we have done, there is going to be a certain influx of the so-called robotic entities that will be sent by these negative collective who are on Mars. That means many of your beings on your planet will be able to witness many of the so-called flying objects in the sky. As many of your people have termed the unidentified flying objects, which will increase in number in the coming days.

Because the orions and the anunnakis, they do not want this information that is already present with your people about their previous agreements and about their existence, about the abductions that they have done and about the agreements that they have made with the former elites of many of your countries on your planet. These greys and orions, they operated previously and had bases underwater. And currently, they also have reinstated many of these bases underwater. However, these greys are not physically allowed to travel through various portals or travel through the atmosphere because of the protection granted by the asteroid entities who do not allow any extraterrestrial influence on Earth physically.

Therefore, these entities are sending robotic entities similar to that of the so-called drones or small satellites found on a planet. However, they may appear smaller in size and they may be able to disguise themselves and move at a rapid pace, which may be considered as unprecedented by many of your beings because these robotic entities are being controlled telepathically by the anunnakis and the orions. They can control them using their thought forms and whatever they desire these crafts will perform. Hence, these crafts are coming to the planet Earth in the coming days in mass numbers in order to perform a certain mission as far as we have found out, which is going to try to stop the information that your people have regarding the flying objects and the various interaction with other interplanetary beings. If this information is released to the public, then this planet will cycle through into the positive cycle and the end of the greys and the reptilian agenda will start. Hence, they do not want this to happen. They do not want their secret agenda and their secret agreements to be found out by your people. Therefore, they are sending these robotically altered machines that are telepathically controlled in order to activate certain beings who had already been genetically altered during the previous times by the process of abductions and had been fitted with a secret chip that would allow these entities to activate the dormant qualities such as the quality of shape-shifting and the quality of sending energetic waves that can cause destruction to the materials on your planet. This is also the reason why many times on your planet, there will come energetic waves that will damage many of your instruments.

Please understand that these times are very important for your people on your planet. And if the information is successfully presented before the population of your planet, the whole planet will cycle together into unification. And they do not want this to happen. Therefore, the orions, anunnaki, greys, and reptilian complex on one side has sent invitations for a meeting with the alliance who are working in coordination with these entities on mars that is scheduled to be held on the may 30 in the coming days who will try to provide resistance to the information that is supposed to come out on the coming month of june therefore beloved we believe that we have answered your queries and we leave you now in the love and light of the one creator we are the galactic federation and we leave you now.