Session #54 • Galactic Federation

Big Energy Waves | UFO Sightings of Past Days

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light greets humanity and shares insights about the simultaneous timelines occurring on Earth. June will be a month of awakening for light workers and old souls, with an increase in consciousness. Information about extraterrestrial life will be gradually revealed, awakening those who are not yet aware. The Greys are attempting to delay this disclosure, but some individuals are already awakening to the truth. Events in June include cosmic light waves from the sun activating old souls, the presence of Grey bases underwater, and people investigating spacecraft sightings.

We are the galactic federation of light and we greet you today from our saturn council. We, as the galactic federation, are always here beloved to share our thoughts and insights with you and to let your people understand about the situations and about the various timelines that are concurrently running on your planet’s time space of this current timeline. However, you must also understand that time is not running in linearity and everything is simultaneously occurring at the same time. Furthermore, please understand that the information we are going to present to you here today is just to offer our thoughts and insights in the hope that it may activate into the positive cycle many souls who may listen to these messages that we are here to offer through these instruments. We do not want to infringe upon your free will. Also, remember that the coming month of June is going to be a month not only of awakening for the light workers and the old souls who will begin to awaken even more, but the people who are already awakened will start to awaken even more to a higher degree of consciousness. This month starts the beginning of awakening of those people who are already not yet awakened. This will begin to happen via the process of dissemination of information that your people already know about the existence of extraterrestrial life, as known in your language complex.

Please remember that we and the other galactic family and the other negatively oriented beings have been in contact with many of your people at many times and have also prevented many of the nuclear attacks that occur on your planet. Please understand that these nuclear attacks that would occur on your planet were prevented and stopped by many of the asthar sheran spaceships that prevented these machines from activating many times on your planet. Furthermore, the energies of June are here to assist each of you and also to assist humanity to raise their consciousness even higher because the galactic waves that have started on May 26 will continue to be beamed at your planet till the June 10th timeline. This is the first phase and many people on your planet will begin to awaken to these energies and will reach higher levels of consciousness. They will reach a higher level of vibration and they will begin to form part of the new earth that will soon begin to form and has already started on many phases on your planets.

After this month, from the month of June as far as we can scan the current timeline, your planet is moving on from the day of 22nd June. There is going to be huge amounts of information that will come out on your planet. This information will begin to come out in phases and each phase of information will be a type of awakening to those people who are not yet awakened and not already aware of this information. The information that will be revealed to your people will be in the form of knowledge that many of your people secretly already know about the existence of other interplanetary beings and they already know about many of the ships and the robotic entities that the greys and the anunnakis and the orions have used to create bases underwater in the past and also are restoring the bases currently.

This information will not only affect the vibratory mind complex of those people who are already awakened, leading to a higher level of awakening to those people, but will act as a catalyst of awakening for those people who are already asleep on your planet to the hidden reality or do not yet realize that they are a soul having a temporary experience in a physical vehicle on your planet. Many people on your planet do not yet understand the significance of the month of June, and also we can sense that many on your planet are trying to fall under the influence of the negatively oriented greys. And on the day of 30th May, there was a meeting which took place which, as per the meeting, the greys have made agreements with the elites, as known in the language terms, who are responsible for decimation of certain information about the existence of alien technology and backward engineering on your planet, and also about the various contacts that your people have. As far as we have found from our scanning, these agreements are regarding the disclosure of alien spacecrafts, as known in your language terms, and of the existence of bases underwater which will not be revealed to your people in the full entire form as far as we can scan. Also, please note that these entities known as the greys, they are trying to delay this process of revelation of information in the coming days.

Therefore, this information will be delayed until the month of July. However, we can sense that some of your people are already awakening to the truth within and they do not want the delay to happen. There is a possibility that this information will be presented in the month of June also as per the request made by this instrument to show it the major events that will occur on June. Let us take you to a future timeline of this current timeline, however note that events may change based on last moment changes that your people make if they wake up to certain distortions. Also note that the changes are reflected in time-space nexus in a delayed manner in your current timeline.

Firstly, let us take you to outer space from your planet so you can see what is happening on June 22nd. Oh my god, so I see the sun and the moon waves hitting earth in a triangular shape fashion. Wow, but I don’t understand what is the meaning of this. I don’t know, these are the waves of light that are being beamed from the sun to create a cosmic light grid around the sun which will cascade and affect all the old souls who are present on earth at this time space. This will allow all these old souls to awaken their abilities that they do not have realized or forgotten. Let us show you another significant event of June timeline. Oh, oh, oh my god, I don’t like the water. Oh my god, I’m inside, inside somewhere inside an ocean. Where am I? I see bases, I see a water tube, round spacecrafts entering the water. It looks really weird to me. Can I ask who these are and their purpose? These are the bases of the greys that have been reconstructed inside water and they are using gene harvesting to create humanoid physical vehicles from the real genes of people they have abducted in the past time space.

They want to alter and perform after some time is whole incarnation into this humanoid ordered physical vehicles as they cannot physically enter your time space. This stuff is really out there. Oh my god, can we get out of this now? Now, let us show you another significant event of June 2021 of your current timeline. Okay, okay, okay, so now I am at a different place. I see a white building. Um, I don’t know, I don’t recognize the building. It looks big and I am seeing some people who are pointing at the sky with some instrument. I believe it’s a telescope and I see a person being taken by the police. Can you tell me, can you explain what this is? We cannot divulge the name of the location in order to prevent the free will, but notice the people looking upward in the sky. They are here to investigate the spacecrafts of the greys that they had seen recently. Also, let us state that the month of June will awaken those dormant old souls who are ready to be awakened. Many people on your planet are old souls; however, they are not yet aware that they have innate abilities that will awaken on this month of June. Therefore, beloveds, we leave you now in the love and light of the one creator and leave your astral body back into your physical vehicle.