Session #55 • Archangel Michael

You Can Save Earth & Universe | CERN PORTAL Explained

Summary: The text discusses the experiments happening at the CERN laboratories and the potential dangers associated with them. It explains that the collision of protons in these experiments can create anti-matter complex and black holes, which could lead to negative dimensions and allow negative entities to enter our world. The text also mentions the warnings of Stephen Hawking regarding these dangers.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness and I greet you in the divine love and the light of the divine and great programmer. Today, this instrument has requested to understand the meaning behind the so-called experiments happening on the laboratories known in your language terms as CERN.

What could happen and what is happening on the CERN laboratories, which as many of your people already know in their mind distortion, as one of the world’s largest scientific research facilities located at your time space location coordinates of Switzerland.

As known in your language terms, on that research facility, many of your so-called scientists have been able to create the so-called anti-matter complex that is considered to be the single most energetic source of energy stream available to your people because of its 100 percent efficiency. Unlike many other methods, it does not create any pollution or radiation complex.

Also, please understand that this anti-matter complex can be used for negative purposes by the negative entities. And if so, it can be used as a nuclear weapon because even a small quantity of this substance complex could be equivalent to 19 kilotons of a nuclear bomb as known in your language terms.

Further, please understand that this substance is a highly volatile substance that is being tampered with on your planet. This is being achieved by the collision of the so-called protons as known in your language terms. And the collision of these protons causes or creates many tiny so-called quantum substances known as anti-matter complex along with black holes as known by your people.

These tiny black holes are not usually formed during this process. However, at certain instances, they could be formed. Many of these black holes are instantaneously dissipated and they decay instantaneously without causing any danger. However, due to the possibility of diversity in the universe of time space nexus, it could create a black hole that would sustain itself, even if it is a tiny black hole. It can lead to the other side of the cosmos that is, in fact, a mirror replica of this current world wherein everything is opposite.

If you enter this black hole and enter into the other side, you will see a world with opposite letters. And instead of standing, you would be walking on the ceiling. Everything would be opposite in this other side of the black hole such created by artificial means.

We have many times ventured and have discovered that there are worlds and worlds that are in the negative polarization inside such black holes. For example, if your planet would enter into such black holes, it would enter and reverse itself into the negative fourth density polarization, even though it is now in the positive polarization.

This means an exact replica would be created in the negative cycle, and all positive beings will become negative on the other side of this mirror dimension illusion complex.

In addition, please note that currently due to the quarantine which is in place on your planet, other entities either the positive or the negative are not allowed to directly infringe upon your planetary sphere. Furthermore, no entity can penetrate the veil because the energies of love and light which the divine great programmers have created and which has been created around your planet cannot be penetrated by even the strongest of these negative entities till the present.

Furthermore, remember that the creation of such a black hole complex inside your planetary sphere could allow the entry to these negative entities directly into your planetary dimension. Which means that on the other side of these black holes lie the negative dimension or the negative density.

Furthermore, all the so-called demonic entities and the inorganic entities which are of self-service nature and which want to spread propaganda of fear may enter into your planet unknowingly without even your people having any knowledge of these happenings through such black holes.

This would cause many of the entities on your planet to roam around. And let me tell you that this event has not yet happened on your planet as far as I am aware of your vibration complex of your planet’s timeline. Yet, because many times the black hole complexes have been created, but they have diffused and decayed instantaneously.

However, there could be a possibility as per the infinite possibilities that in the future if this experiment of your kind continues, that this could create the so-called black hole complex that would sustain itself, allowing these inorganic entities to enter into your planet and spread the agenda of negative distortion amongst your people without your people having any knowledge of these happenings.

If this happens, the so-called black hole complex would immediately try to consume matter and gravity. And it would also try to become larger and larger as it begins to consume your planetary materials. And if this black hole is successful in consuming all of your planet as a whole, it will create a replica of it in the negative density on the opposite side.

This would mean that your planet would spiral into the fourth density negative on the opposite density consciousness. Ponder this, that everything is gravity and matter is only apparent. Your consciousness interpretation creates matter that by this knowledge it creates the other two language terms, the time and the anti-matter complex.

So the main thing that exists in the universe is gravity. Something in the consciousness of the observer on your planet, we may state, creates a group of gravity in constant motion which can be interpreted as objective reality as known by your people.

Furthermore, understand that all places in this material world, in every plane and every planet, have an immersion into this energy of potential gravitational flow, which compose of energetic values that are always changing. And each one moving upward with its own harmonics or frequency. This is called space-time or a physical plane. And every place has major energy connections and concentrations such as the nodes and energy centers and the portals.

Many people on your planet have been using this energy compound in order to increase the technology and create powerful devices on your planets. This so-called CERN lab could have a potential of five percent chance of creating a portal into this negative density consciousness.

Also, I must state that another entity who had been on your time space term that has crossed over from your planetary sphere known in your language terms as Stephen Hawking knew about the dangers of this experiment and had warned your people about this fact.

The coming of this event will be surprising to many on your planet if it happens due to the possibilities and vertices in your time space nexus terms of your illusion complex. Therefore, I leave you now in the divine love and in the light of the divine great programmer and turn to the mountain of light key Yaron.