Session #56 • RA

How to use Imagination Complex & Story of Enlightenment

Summary: The text discusses the transmission of light codes from entities in the Confederation of Planets to aid in the rise of consciousness on Earth. It suggests a technique for connecting with higher energies and perceiving other life forms. The text also emphasizes that enlightenment can only be achieved by the self, and that the period leading up to June 10th is important for increasing vibration patterns.

I am ra and I greet you in the love and the light of the one, the infinite creator. Before we start sharing our thoughts and insights, please keep your discernment in your mind because this will allow us to freely share our thoughts without the distortion of infringement on the first distortion granted by the one infinite creator, the distortion of free will.

Your planet is receiving ample amounts of light codes from the various entities who form the members of the confederation of planets and who seek the sharing of love light energies upon your planetary sphere to aid in the rising of the consciousness upon which depends the evolutionary cyclical processes of your planet as it spirals forward into the fourth density consciousness.

These waves, as you call it, are integrating with the innermost parts of each entity in order to introduce the new waves of energy consciousness. We come here today and communicate through this instrument in order to be of service to the one infinite creator, sharing our thoughts of inspiration in order to help the seeker to seek the path leading upward into the spiral of the fourth density consciousness.

In addition, if this message reaches one, it will reach many. However, the time space continuum of your illusion complex may be a limiting factor to reach more people. As it would be of great aid to your people who seek the path of love, light, and higher consciousness. The seekers always find the path, and those who seek it are always ready to receive such upgrades in their consciousness.

We connect here today to share with you a simple technique, shall we say, that aids those who perform it in the seeking and meeting of the higher energies of consciousness and climb up into the sub-densities of the fourth density consciousness.

There are many upon your sphere at this time space nexus who have already reached this higher level of distortion of the higher sub-octaves of the fourth density consciousness. What we are here to share today will improve upon this faculty of upward motion towards the higher sub-octaves of the fourth density. However, we cannot promise anything because each entity will understand on its own when it is ready to move upward and raise its vibratory level.

Let us tell you, in your vibratory complex, that many of your kind can already sense the energy distortions in other life forms, such as the plants, the animals, and the crystals, who are of the second, later second, and the first density vibration consciousness level.

This can be performed by any of your people by using their imagination complex that is an integral part of their mind complex. This method allows each to see the creator in all. Therefore, the performing of this exercise will yield more benefit than considered by your mind complex.

Each human mind complex on your planet can use its imagination complex to connect with other life forms of various densities. Next time, when you get the opportunity to sit near a second density entity, tree as known by your people, just sit beside it and pretend, shall we say, that you are the tree. As this pretension continues, you can tune into the vibratory patterns of other plant entities and by using your imagination complex, you can perceive how the plants appear to the tree.

Ponder and query yourself, how does this tree, which you have become in your imagination complex, experience night and day, heat and cold? How does this tree experience you? As you begin to do this exercise of perceiving the other entities, you may get a sense of subtle feelings, impressions, and images that go beyond the description capable using your words. This is the beginning of unification and becoming one in unity of the one infinite creator who is within all life forms, and this is one aspect of the higher consciousness.

On continuing to perform this exercise, you may perceive in your mind complex various images from the tree, and you will begin to start to experience its reality as you, as a mind-body-spirit complex, and the tree entity now have a unity and a deeper sense of connection with your mind and imagination complex. You can, in essence, become one with any entity and gain greater understanding even of the consciousness of a rock, tree, plant, or another third density mind-body-spirit complex.

In the beginning of doing this, you may feel the connection is feeble. Trust the process, and soon you will have incredible connection with not only other plants and trees, but with those third density mind-body-spirit complexes with whom you perform this simple exercise of imagination complex. This method can also be used to connect internally and become aware of the distortions of even a first density crystal.

Many of your kind feel drawn to the mineral kingdom and especially that of the crystals and gemstones. These crystals and other gemstones increase your ability to tune into higher dimensions through the inner planes of reality. These inner realities are made up of a complex network of light grid. Crystals can also improve the telepathic connection with other beings and help to connect you with the higher dimensions.

I am ra. Now let us answer the second query as placed by this instrument’s mind complex regarding how can one reach enlightenment. In this regard, let us tell you a short parable that may be perceived by those who seek this distortion, which will allow the understanding, for it is a complex subject to explain using your vibratory sound complex language.

This is a parable of a certain planet that was on a similar distortion of that found on your planet, that of the third density vibration and transforming into the fourth density. On this planet, many of these so-called enlightened entities were entrusted with the task of improving the number of entities that would become enlightened by using certain techniques. These masters spent a long time space continuum sharing a simple technique that would ensure enlightenment to those who seek it.

This technique was taught to everyone on the planetary scale. However, at the end of the cycle of transformation, still the number of soul graduation was lower than expected. These masters became confused as to what had gone wrong in their teach-learn process of sharing the method to allow others to reach enlightenment. They found out that they had shared the enlightenment method to many, but those who received it did not perceive the need to use such a method because they were not seeking enlightenment.

This is the reason, my beloved friend, we do not offer any shortcut to enlightenment, as enlightenment can only be found in the moment which allows the opening of intelligent infinity. This can only be achieved by the self, for itself. Another self cannot share or teach-learn the process of enlightenment, but only learn-teach information and inspiration. Only when the other self feels the need to reach out and understand the distortion of enlightenment can the gates to the present be opened.

I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator, stating as a final note that the period between June 10th and leading up to June 10th will be a critical time for those who seek to increase their vibration pattern by using the methods we have shared here today. Therefore, go forth rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one infinite creator. I am ra. Adonai.