Session #59 • Pleiadians

Initiation into NEW EARTH has started

Summary: The Pleiadians are connected to us to share their love and light. They emphasize the significance of the June 10th solar eclipse and the window from May 26 to June 10 for raising consciousness. They encourage us to recognize ourselves as members of the family of light and to help with the planet's transition. They provide a method of focusing on the sensory experience of the tongue to access higher levels of consciousness. They believe that this process will lead to enlightenment and the creation of a new earth in the fourth density consciousness.

We are the Pleiadians and we are connected to you beloved in order to share our love and light to you. However, before we start to share our thoughts, use your discernment. We are the Pleiadians and we are here connected in order to let you understand the significance of the 10th of June solar eclipse, as known by your people in your time space. As we have already mentioned before, the window from May 26 to June 10th is a window that would allow each to raise its consciousness level into the higher sub-octaves. This can be considered equivalent to spending one life cycle on planet Earth. Hence, we can sense that many people on your planetary time space, there are many people who have heard our messages and have applied these methods. We are very pleased and thankful to each of you who have raised your frequency enough because you will now become the shepherds of the new Earth which is now emerging on your planetary sphere.

Understand that this new Earth will be a vibrationally separate Earth in the beginning phases. Then, as times pass by, this planet will completely become transformed into the new Earth of the fourth density consciousness. Furthermore, let us tell you that we are here connected to you to speak into your soul and heart and to share our message. We also ask each of you to recognize that you are a member of the family of light. As you walk in the planetary sphere, you will begin to encounter many situations that will reflect this fact that, in essence, you are a light being and you are here to share light to other people. In essence, your purpose on this planetary sphere is to help this planet Earth in its time of transition because now the time of transition is entering into the deep phase or the deep part of the transition.

And since today is the 10th of June on your planetary time space nexus, today we will give you a tool which, if you perform it, will allow you to access not only the higher levels of consciousness but also those who seek enlightenment can also become fully enlightened by using this method. This method is simple. We, on our planetary sphere, teach this method to other entities who seek the so-called higher octaves of consciousness which can be accessed by the process known as expansion of awareness. For this, you need to understand that your attention span is very short. Many people on your planet do not realize that their attention span is very short, which can be compared to the attention span of a child on our planetary sphere. For this attention span to increase, understand that if you do this for one day, today the 10th of June, you will begin to access these higher energies.

Also, please understand that if you can continue this in the future, you will reach the stage of enlightenment that many of your people on your planet call as nirvana. In some of your language terms, this process involves focusing your attention on your tongue and by keeping the focus on the sensory movements of your tongue as it collides with the teeth and as it collides with the lower part of your mouth, as it collides with the various cracks and grooves of your teeth. Pay close attention to the sensory portion of your experience of paying attention to your tongue because your tongue has extra sensors and is very sensitive to all of the various sensations. Many people on your planet do not pay attention to their own tongue. The tongue is one of the most sensory portions of your physical vehicle which means that it can sense various types of variety of taste that cannot be felt by other parts of your physical vehicle. Hence, we would recommend just for one day, for the just keep your focus on your tongue and realize how it feels when it touches the teeth and realize how it feels when it eats something or when it gets a chance to have a feeling sensation behind your teeth and under your teeth of the upper jaw or as it lays and rests in your mouth. If you can hold this attention for a day, just for the 10th of June, you will begin to see drastic changes in the magnitude of new energies coming into your vibration field.

We are not saying that you should only do this for the 10th of June. You can still continue this method, which is a wonderful method to allow each of you to access the higher dimensions of consciousness. Even some of you may be able to reach these higher octaves of the fourth density consciousness by doing this method. Let us tell you furthermore that the process of moving into this higher octave is starting amongst many of your people because it is a blending of dimensions and the creation of new territory will lead everyone to this new higher level of consciousness. Many of your people will forget, but many of those who seek our messages and those who listen to our messages will be needed.

Please understand that your light is powerful. Each single light source can be uniting and make the world brighter. Moreover, you will become the separates of the new Earth that is now forming in the fourth density consciousness. Even though it is in the beginning stages, the changes are occurring rapidly and the energetic waves that are running through your planetary sphere are going to move upward in the density of illusion. Furthermore, remember that this is not the end, as many people on your planet believe it to be. There is always a pathway into the life review wherein, based upon your vibration patterns, each entity will either polarize or graduate into the fourth density positive or be left behind. This is the beginning of something new that will be born on your planet and as the planet is starting to move closer and closer, as the changes are beginning on your planet, each of you will have the opportunity to stand as the pillars of light. And wherever there is darkness, focus on the positive. Wherever there is negativity, show your light and it will be dispelled from this Earth.

We have initiated or helped you to initiate this new awakening on your planetary sphere and please understand that this June 10th solar eclipse is a great initiation to practice this method. Even if you just practice this awareness of your tongue for just one day, for the 10th of June, your consciousness will reach into the higher vibration rhythms because consciousness is based on states. There are infinite states of consciousness and your state of consciousness determines what you will receive and what kind of environment you will see in the future.

Therefore, beloveds, we are the Pleiadians and we leave you now, sharing this message to those who seek the higher part of consciousness. Self-find much benefit and we leave you. See you again.