Session #61 • RA

Old Souls and How to Access Intelligent Infinity

Summary: The text discusses the concept of old souls and wanderers and their ability to access intelligent infinity and the akashic records. It explains that focusing on one level of reality at a time allows old souls to achieve this access. The text also mentions the distortion of this knowledge by negative entities and the importance of using free will to connect with intelligent infinity.

I am Ra and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. We communicate now before we start sharing our thoughts and insights. Please consider this, that your free will is the most valuable gift given to you by the one creator. For this gift will allow each to undergo and experience the totality of experience in the choice phase of consciousness.

The first query placed by this instrument regards to the future time-space of June 22nd and concerns what will happen on this timeline of your timespace. However, the future cannot be accurately predicted. There are variations on the free will and distortion that will cause each entity to choose the future that it wants to choose, causing the whole planetary future to be different than expected. Hence, we may state that this period of triangulation of light starts on June 20th and ends on June 22nd, meaning each entity who is an old soul, or as known in your vibration, the sound terms as a senior soul, will have the opportunity to move forward in the illusion complex.

Furthermore, there needs to be a distinction made between old souls and wanderers, as known in your vibration complex terms. The old souls are all those souls or entities incarnated into this time-space nexus at present on your planetary sphere because of their seniority of vibration. This seniority of vibration can be compared to placing various types of materials into a container, and depending on the vibration, the heaviest will eventually be at the bottom, and that with lighter energies will be found at the top. This requires time space continuum to completely operate. Similarly, each entity of soul during their evolutionary cyclical development gets sorted out.

The simplest way for your people to identify old souls is to recognize that all those who are incarnated onto this planetary sphere are of two types of souls, the wanderers and the old souls that also include the so-called star seeds in your language vibration terms. Let us try to explain, in your vibratory sound complex terms, that which your mind complex is trying to perceive. For the perception is determined by understanding of the self in comparison to the illusion complex that surrounds each entity.

The wanderers are those incarnate at this time space from other density consciousness higher than that of the third density, such as from the fourth to the fifth density consciousness, who sacrificed their polarization to be of service to the one creator and incarnate by going through the veil of forgetfulness in order to increase the planetary vibration of Earth by sharing love and light energies.

Furthermore, the old souls are those souls that include star-seeds, and disregarding their origins, they are those souls with seniority of vibration who are put under preference for this graduation window. There are many who are behind on the seniority of vibration list who would be upcoming next as far as the window of graduation stays open. This is also why many entities have always stated the importance of this current incarnation. For many entities on your planetary sphere, the seniority by vibration is the preferential treatment that follows the pathway of the law of one. This is one way of encouraging individual entities towards graduation. Each entity becoming aware of the time of graduation and the need on a self level to bend mind, body, and spirit towards the learned teaching of these lessons is given priority, in order that this entity may have the best possible chance, shall we say, of succeeding in this attempt.

Starting on the June 28th time space nexus of your timeline, there will be energies coming in both from the sun and the moon, allowing those with seniority of vibration to access those knowledge bases that are stored in the akashic records, in your vibration terms, which are the past time space records of intelligent infinity’s various manifestations and parallel reality existences. For this to occur, each entity desirous of such access of their akashic records need to attempt using their free will to interconnect with intelligent infinity. Firstly, an emptiness of the mind complex must be maintained in order to open the gateway to intelligent infinity. Everything surrounding you in this illusion complex exists as part of the intelligent infinity. All physical forms are created into this illusion complex from this intelligent infinity. Each of you are a part of this intelligent infinity. This intelligent infinity creates your thought forms, beliefs, and the inner pictures of your world as you experience around your own self. Each entity is a co-creator with intelligent infinity.

Now, we shall proceed in sharing the process of connecting with intelligent infinity that shall aid the old souls of your planetary sphere to achieve their access to intelligent infinity and akashic records. The process is simply to focus on one level of reality and have complete focus on that level of reality. This can be achieved during your waking states, wherein you need to focus completely on the reality that surrounds you. Let us tell you about entities who used this knowledge to access intelligent infinity. Two such entities, known in your time space vibration sound complex terms, are known as Buddha and Jesus, who achieved this level of intelligent infinity by accessing or focusing to the exclusion of other realities into the reality of intelligent infinity. These entities were able to penetrate intelligent infinity many times during their life cycle on Earth, having varied experiences and seeing the one creator in everything, thereby fulfilling their purpose of sharing this knowledge to many entities amongst your people and healing those who sought to be healed.

Intelligent infinity access allows divine flow of healing energies that can be put forth upon other entities that need healing. However, later on, after the crossing over of these entities, many of the knowledge of the oneness of the one creator and the processes used to access intelligent infinity were distorted by influences from the negative oriented entities who put these distortions of rules and control in the mind of many of those disciples of these entities who had not yet accessed full love light energies to protect their mind complex from the thought forms of negative orientation, thereby causing this knowledge to be mixed with two realities of positive and negative aspects. This caused this knowledge to befuddle itself amongst both polarities, hence leading both aspects of positive and negative to be intermingled with the pure knowledge base of information left by these divine entities who are currently continuing their purpose in the fifth density consciousness after their incarnation ended.

This is how each entity can access intelligent infinity by focusing on one reality at a time to the exclusion of other realities. This will cause the old souls to become adepts in this process if they follow this area of mastery, causing them to become capable of contacting intelligent infinity. Many of those are present in other planetary spheres, including us, that can use intelligent infinity to travel to any space time a nexus in the logoi. This process is heightened during these coming three days, starting from the 28th, to these old souls who are incarnated at this time space nexus to access intelligent infinity. Therefore, beloved, go forth rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one creator. We will leave you in the love and the light. Adonai.