Session #62 • Galactic Federation

Space Force, Agreements with Galactic Federation

Summary: The Galactic Federation explains the creation of the Space Force as a response to a past galactic war. They reveal that bases on Mars and the Moon were established for research purposes, but alliances with negative entities led to a destructive battle. The Federation sent love and light to stop the conflict, but the reptilian Orion Anunnaki collective now occupies Mars. They made an agreement with Donald Trump to create the Space Force to defend against reptilian entities. The Federation plans to address the infiltration on Mars in a future meeting. They advise focusing on the void and silence for spiritual growth.

We are the galactic federation and we greet you beloved in the love of the one creator and we are here from our saturn council connected to you by our thought forms. Please understand that as we view your planet from our base on the saturn council, we can see the planetary waves of consciousness shifting toward a higher octave of consciousness as the days and the months slowly pass by. Before we share our thoughts, please note that you have free will to accept or reject this information we are going to share through this instrument. Our thoughts each day and each month brings in a new wave of consciousness, slowly raising the vibration of the whole planetary system. Before we start to share our thoughts, please use your discernment and we would like to thank this instrument for sharing our message amongst the people, many of whom have followed our guidance through these times. These times may sometimes seem tough to many entities, but the rewards will be massive.

Please understand that this is a time which is most critical and also the reason why we are in contact with many other entities as well via this process of thought-form communication, also known as channeling. In a similar manner, we are connected to this instrument today who seeks to understand the reason behind the creation of the so-called space force in your language terms. Please note that this instrument is referring to a space force which has been openly created as the sixth branch of the military on the western side of the earth planetary sphere in the lands known as the united states.

Of which we are going to answer your query based upon the information we have gathered and we will share only the information which we can share. You must understand that the space force was created because of a certain galactic war that had occurred previously. Many people on your planet are already aware that many entities from your planetary sphere had already been sending entities outside the planet such as to planet mars and to the moon. What actually had happened was that there was a certain base that had been created by these people in coordination with us, the galactic federation, on the martian and the moon planets which had existed prior to this current time space nexus. It existed and these bases had allowed humanity and us, the galactic federation, to work together and perform research in order to allow the advancement of humanity. Furthermore, many entities on your planetary sphere were involved in this from various parts of your planet. This was a sort of project that we as the galactic federation had offered to humanity in order to allow certain entities using their free will who were ready to evolve into the faster next phases of consciousness in exchange for certain technologies that your people desired.

However, because of the ego of your people, many entities formed alliances with the other negative-oriented orion entities which led to a war that occurred in space on mars approximately three years prior to this linear time space nexus. This conflict occurred between the entities from the orions and the human species, those few entities who had been sent on a special mission to learn and expand their consciousness. During this battle, many entities and almost all of the human physical vehicles involved in such bases were destroyed by the orion reptilian anunnaki collective. Since the orions, the reptilians, and the anunnakis were spiritually advanced to a sufficient degree, we did not interfere in the battle because we did not want to create a massive battle that would have lasted for a long period and the after effects would have been seen on your planetary sphere. Hence, we as the galactic federation just sent love and light energies at that time space because of which this battle stopped and the reptilian orion anunnaki collective along with their allied human entities who had been on the mars planet during this special program returned back to their normal state.

Currently, in this time space nexus, the martian planet has been preoccupied by these entities from the reptilian orion anunnaki collective. Furthermore, please understand that after the battle stopped, we, on seeing the futility of this type of program that had allowed special abilities access to many entities, we approached many of the leaders of your powerful nations and we approached a certain entity by the name of Donald at that time space and we made an agreement with this entity stating that this entity, if it is successful in creating a space force that would have the capability of defending your planet against some of the reptilian entities, then and only then would this exchange program be continued. Hence, this agreement has been made and currently there are no entities who are in this special program task force as it has ceased. And also, this is the reason why the creation of the sixth branch of the military, as known by your people as the space force, was created.

Furthermore, please remember that we can sense that this branch is still functioning and slowly and steadily making some progress. Furthermore, on the coming time space of the July timeline, a certain galactic meeting has been scheduled along with the space force representatives of your planets wherein we are to assist your people and also work out what can be done in order to stop the infiltration that is occurring on mars. This negative influence has to be stopped as we can sense their influence is going to be dramatic on your planetary sphere. Furthermore, upon scanning this instrument’s mind complex, we are receiving mixed queries regarding information pertaining to this space force concept. There are many variants of this space force that are currently operating on your planets. However, in order to avoid confusion, we shall withhold these information at this time space. Furthermore, please note that your planet is currently shifting at a rapid pace into the beginning stages of the fourth density consciousness. And since today is July 22nd as known in your language sequence time space terms, today is a day which signifies the end of the three-day timeline which would allow the old souls to raise their consciousness to a higher degree. Furthermore, many guidance has already been received previously. Also today, we as the galactic federation would like to share with you a simple method which should aid your people in this coming time. This method is simply to focus on the void because the void is already existing around each and every object or sound that you perceive in the illusion complex that surrounds each of you. This void is the gateway to infinite intelligence or the gateway to the source as known by many of your people. Hence, in order to focus on the void, also focus on the silence between the words or the sounds that you share on a daily basis, especially for today. Therefore, beloved, we as the galactic federation leave you in the love and light. Bye.