Session #63 • Galactic Federation

Why this may be the Last Message from Galactic Federation? & How to Banish Negative Entities?

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light is pleased that many beings on Earth are awakening to the truth and experiencing a surge of new consciousness. However, there have been attempts by negative entities to intrude upon communication with the Federation. The instrument is advised to perform a banishing ritual to protect against these influences. The Federation recommends following the ritual to maintain contact and continue serving the One Creator.

We are the galactic federation of light and we greet you beloved in the love and light of the one creator. From our Saturn council, we are communicating today. Before we start sharing our thoughts and insights, please use your discernment and only accept those thought-form sequences that resonate with your heart.

We, as the galactic federation, communicate now and as we observe your planetary sphere rotating into the positive vibrations, we feel pleased that many entities on your planetary sphere are awakening to the truth within. In the upcoming days, we can sense a huge surge of new awakenings taking place on planet Earth.

This surge of awakening will grasp each entity who is ready to awaken and move upward into the density of higher consciousness, learning and understanding those principles which were kept hidden from your people for a long period of time space. This will cause many entities to enter into a shocking reflection of not being alone in the universe, which will tempt such souls to ponder inside and an inner awareness will begin to take place within the hearts of such entities, creating a new wave of consciousness.

Many entities on your planetary sphere will soon begin to understand and tap into these realities that have been hidden for many of your people and are not able to accept or access these other realities because of a blockage that they have created on their mind complex, based on their strict belief systems which many disagree to transform and change. As the perceptions begin to change, many people whose mind complex were strictly focused on one aspect will begin to now look at things with an open perspective. Because the enormous amount of data information complex that has been released before your people and is going to be released in the future will be enough for many entities who are asleep to awaken to what is happening behind the veneer of your planetary sphere.

This will trigger a massive spiral of awakening of your planetary sphere, allowing many entities to undergo a process, as known in your language sequence, as the dark night of the soul to an intense degree. Just like the seasons changing, people will change on your planetary sphere. Many entities will change and those who were socalled the non-believers will become believers using their own free will. This is a critical moment in your time space and in the coming days and the coming months will seem to be the most critical for your people.

Furthermore, we as the galactic federation are here today to answer a query placed by this instrument’s mind complex regarding the latest update of the Martian war. However, we cannot share this information today because we have sensed a certain intrusion that has been attempted by a later faced fifth density entity’s mind complex thought forms that has attached itself to an elemental which is now located at this instrument’s house at around a degree of 30 towards the left side of this instrument’s house wherein this elemental is being used by the fifth density Orions in order to attempt intrusion upon this instrument’s communication with us and with other entities.

However, we can sense that this entity has not been successful in the previous communication sessions to intrude. Some distortions were added, however, such as there was an error on our part on the previous working session wherein we mispronounced the date as being July when in essence it was June. Hence, we would request this instrument upon realizing this mistake to correct it by sharing this message amongst the humanity complex in order to understand that this intrusion attempt had caused this error. This is the only error we can detect as far as the communications made by this instrument.

Furthermore, upon scanning this instrument, we would recommend this instrument to perform a banishing ritual which will protect this instrument from the effects of this negatively oriented elemental which is being controlled by the Orions to intrude upon this instrument’s contact sequence. This is being performed in order to stop this instrument from maintaining contact with us. However, this instrument also has the free will to end this contact with us and with other beings, thereby it will stay protected from any of the negative influences.

Furthermore, if it so desires to continue in the service to the one creator, it may continue using its free will to maintain contact with us. However, before we share any information pertaining to any of the queries in the future, this instrument must perform the banishing ritual in the room upon which this instrument has been performing the sessions of contact with us. In the following accent sequences, firstly take five cups of water in a container and then boil it until it reaches its boiling point and keep it in this state for the next five minutes.

After this, let the water subside to a normal temperature and then take some salt and sprinkle the salt in a straight line outside the base of the window of this instrument’s room of contact without breaking the chain of salt. And follow the banishing ritual by calling upon the one creator by saying the vibratory sound distortion sequences as “I am a sub creator of the one creator, and I am calling upon the one infinite creator to bless this salt and allow the other counterpart entities who are also serving the one creator in the negative polarization to accept this offering and to take this offering.”

Furthermore, after performing of these action sequences, this instrument must then take the water and expose it to love and light energies for five minutes and sprinkle this water on top of the salt that was laid down prior. Then, this entity must leave the resulting for 24 hours and not conduct any sessions within the next 24 hours. After this period expires, this entity must take second density vegetable known as in your language sequence as garlic and then after 24 hours sprinkle the garlic upon this resulting product and swipe the salt residue and collect it into a container which then must be burned by this instrument which will cause any negative entities to leave the area and banish them.

Therefore, beloveds, we would recommend this instrument to follow this procedure if it wishes to maintain contact with us using its free will. We are the galactic federation and we are always here in order to protect and to serve the one creator. We leave you now. Bye.