Session #65 • Galactic Federation

Humanity Must Know About This & LIGHT WILL WIN

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through an instrument, offering guidance and information. They address a query about the banishing ritual and explain its efficacy. They mention the significance of elemental reactions and the use of garlic in the ritual. They state that the ritual can be shared with positive effects on those seeking protection from negative entities. The Federation emphasizes the importance of love, compassion, and evolving together with the Earth. They mention the ongoing spiritual transformation and ascension of many entities. The transformation will lead to a faster evolution of the human race.

We are the galactic federation and we communicate again through this instrument to share our guidance. Furthermore, we communicate from our saturn council and you must realize that you have the free will to accept or reject any of the information which we shall share with you today. Furthermore, each entity on the planetary level at this time period is allowing itself to learn the lessons as it moves forward and upward in the illusion complex, learning the various lessons to be learned.

Furthermore, we as the galactic federation are here connected to address a query placed by this instrument regarding how the banishing ritual affects elementals and other negative entities. In this regard, let us share with you that this instrument was successful in performing the banishing ritual that had been directly directed previously, albeit performed in a haphazard manner. The intent, which is the most important when performing such rituals, was the reason behind the efficacy of this ritual.

This had been directed upon the emergence of a certain elemental which had been controlled by negatively oriented orions. Also, understand this, that each entity and each elemental emerged from the first density consciousness. Hence, the application of the purified water upon the salt is a significance of the first density reaction of the mineral to the water molecules that signifies the creation of the density of movement in the first density consciousness. And as the elemental also emerged from this level of consciousness, such elementals would take the offering of this reaction between the two elements, that of water and salt, because elementals desire to feed upon such reactions of elementals. Which is also a reason why many times elementals are found near rivers and near streams or other places wherein such reactions are common.

These elementals form onto these places because of consciousness being expressed by certain entities in a negative platform pattern. Many times, elementals may take onto or latch onto the soul of entities who have crossed over in order to use such souls who are weak and who do not understand the pathway of movement through the lights. In addition, who do not desire to move forward into the evolutionary cycle. And such elementals and souls desire water and salt reaction that caused this elemental to latch itself onto this water and salt combination. And within 24 hours, this elemental fused itself onto the salt offering.

Furthermore, upon the application of garlic, which is a substance that cuts through or peels through the layers of densities, since garlic has this ability of remaining in two states upon being cut. One is the state of being in a semi-gaseous form wherein it releases a small amount of substance that can affect the other densities and realms, and the other being the solid state in which it would remain there further allowing the evolution and movements forward. After the application of this ritual, upon waiting for 24 hours, all elementals that were near this instrument’s house were entrapped in the sword and the water offering. Hence, upon being burned in fire, this led to the decimation or the destruction of such elementals which existed. Thereby, now this instrument’s chamber of connection with us and with other higher beings has been cleansed. Furthermore, this instrument also desires to understand if it should share this information amongst the people of your planet. In this regard, we as the galactic federation are of the opinion that the ritual should be shared using free will, for it may have positive effects on people who seek such protection against negative entities. However, excluding the aspects of burning the final residue and calling upon the one creator may be skipped when sharing. Therefore, in this facet, we have no issues with the sharing of the ritual.

Furthermore, we as the galactic federation have observed your people for a long time and now we are communicating to some of your people who act as our messengers. We are here to lovingly support your planetary sphere which has sacrificed so much to be of support to your race. Which has allowed your race to evolve throughout the various timelines. Free your world from negative emotions such as tyranny, hate, despair, and anger. Look at each other with an air of loving kindness and compassion. Furthermore, pain and suffering in the planet emerges from ignorance, from lack of true light from within various entities that make up the collective of humanity. Along with the planetary sphere, many entities have forgotten their relationship to the earth planets.

Many are now in the process of remembering that they are, along with earth, in the process of evolution. Without each entity involving and evolving, earth planet would not have the opportunity to evolve further. Many entities perceive each other as being separate from the sources of all creation. The truth is that you have never been separated from source as the creator is within each of you. In essence, you are the creator, just as we also are the creator. Many entities are now undergoing a form of spiritual transformation and transmutation, a clearing of individualized karmic patterns are being triggered, and the process is underway. Once your physical vehicles are free from old ways and patterns and beliefs of programming that have kept many entities on the planetary sphere on the same cycle of looping through the same density, many will begin to ascend into higher frequencies. Until your physical vehicles are transformed into a magnificent area of light.

The transformation has started for many entities on an individualized level, and later in the cycle of transformation, it will take on the form of being a part of the whole humanity collective. This change will trigger a faster evolution of the human race. We are pleased to leave you now. We are the galactic federation. Bye.