Session #66 • Sirians

Every Person's Power to Create New Earth & Encoded One

Summary: The Sirian High Council communicates from Sirius B and encourages individuals to use their imagination and innate abilities to transform the planetary vibration. They have been sending energetic waves to assist humanity and recommend focusing on the image of a new Earth. Starting from July 9th, important events will occur, potentially leading to more peace and the activation of imagined events. The Sirians aim to assist humanity in their ascension process and the creation of a new Earth. The arrival of the "encoded one" depends on the collective desire of humanity. The planetary vibration is currently positive, and if it continues, the Earth will enter a phase for faster transformation.

We are the sirian high council and we communicate now from the sirius b planetary sphere in the sirius constellation. We are communicating via the means of thought-form communications through this instrument who has accepted our vibration and has opened itself to accept and receive our messages and guidance. Understand this that each entity who shall receive these messages upon being transmitted by this instrument and through this instrument has the free will to accept or to reject any of the information which shall arise from us. Furthermore, as the days, the times, and the periods of cyclical changes occur on the planetary level, we are of the opinion that now your people, many of whom have achieved an activation level required to use abilities to transform the whole planetary vibration by using the innate facility that each entity on your planetary sphere has. However, many yet do not realize the full power and the potential of the imagination unit of the mind which is an important part of the physical vehicle of the human collective. Furthermore, this imagination unit is a co-creative tool that upon touching the source of creation or inner heart of creation can lead to the activation of imagined events to occur on the illusion complex.

Starting on the 9th to the 10th of July, very important events will occur. Since recently, from the 3rd to the 7th of July, the sirius gateway had been opened and we had been sending energetic waves from our sirius constellation to assist humanity in this time period. Now, these energetic waves will begin to show their effects and the causal reaction starting from the time space. Furthermore, these effects may range from appearance of more peace upon the planetary sphere, the appearance of more innate abilities of creation. We would recommend each entity who is listening to our messages do, upon using its own free will, before or whenever it so desires, to focus on its mind and focus on the image of new earth as it desires it to be. In addition, upon focusing of such images of the new earth as each entity would desire this new earth to look and feel like, upon focusing of such images on the imagination unit of the mind, will many times lead to these events to enter into the vortex of creation which shall allow such events to drastically occur at a faster pace on your planetary sphere. Also, upon this activation being performed by many entities, it will have even higher effects. Furthermore, the use of such methods not only strengthens the innate abilities of entities but also helps the planetary consciousness to improve. As the planetary consciousness is slowly rising based upon the use of this method, it will begin to rise even faster.

We, the sirians, have always wanted to assist humanity and many a times we have come through this instrument and through other channels who have allowed our energies and we shared our guidance required for this ascension jump to occur. Furthermore, the creation of the new earth firstly must begin in the imagination unit of your mind as known to your various entities on your planets because as many entities already understand this that everything that is perceivable in the imagination world ultimately gets created in the outward reality in the time space continuum. Also, many of these so-called objects that were created by your people were firstly imagined and then these objects were created onto the physical world. Furthermore, let us share with you that the 9th to the 10th of July and leading up to the future timelines after the period of sirius gateway ended on the 7th of July will allow these new energies that had been passing through the planet earth from the third to the seventh to assist humanity in the upgradation process. For the upgradation process to take place and for the veils to lift, we need to state that by doing this we will prepare the gateway for the encoded one who is destined to enter your sphere from the later sixth density consciousness at the main point of transformation in order to trigger a faster spiraling of your planet into the fourth density consciousness. This encoded one will then begin to transform your whole planet once the choice of all your people has been made. It will then begin to terraform rapidly the whole planet into the fourth density consciousness. Therefore, we cannot clearly determine when the encoded one shall arrive upon the planetary sphere because this depends on each entity’s desire on your planets to allow the new earth to activate at a faster rate.

In addition, upon the performance of the previously stated activity, each entity will begin to activate the timeline of the new earth to enter faster and it will emerge faster on the planetary level. Consider this that the new earth’s emergence on the planetary sphere is a collective calling of all of humanity. We, as the sirians, as we observe the planet, we observe the whole planetary vibration. In addition, at this time period, let us give you a basic assessment of the planetary vibration which we perceive it to be around. Furthermore, this is also the reason why the new earth is slowly emerging and the planet is entering into the positive for the density beginning stages at this time period. And if this continues, the earth planet will soon enter a phase wherein it will allow the coming of the encoded one for the allowance of a faster emergence of the fourth density positive cycle and to allow a faster transformation. In the future time period, we shall share more details about these events when required. This is the message we come here to deliver to humanity. We are the sirian high council and remember that you are the healers and the leaders of this new age. Bye.