Session #67 • Pleiadians

Dark Agenda of 5G & Alien Connection?

Summary: The Pleiadians warn that the introduction of 5G technology is a means for the elite to control the minds of the human collective. They reveal that the technology was created through an exchange with the Orion-controlled gray beings, who are using it to clone physical vehicles and replace humans on Earth. The Pleiadians urge people to be aware of the hidden truth behind this technology and to consider the negative consequences it may have on privacy, consciousness, and overall health. They emphasize the importance of choosing a balanced spiritual path over technological advancement.

We are the Pleiadians and we connect with you again in the love and light of the one supreme creator. We are communicating here again in order to share our thoughts and insights regarding the query placed by this instrument.

Today’s query pertains to the socalled ‘5G’ technology that is being planned to be introduced fully amongst the humanity population. In some places, it has already been released. Hence, this instrument has requested to understand whether it is safe or not.

In this regard, we the Pleiadians are of the opinion that before we share our thoughts, each entity must exercise its free will in order accept or reject our thoughts and insights that we shall share through this instrument.

Many of the technological advancements that are being introduced to the people are being introduced with the main objective of control of the minds of the human collective. The so-called elites want to control the major technological information and indirectly in this manner they would be controlling the pathway of the planet’s trajectory.

We are not saying that this is wrong and your people have the free will to choose what they want to choose. We are just sharing that your people should be aware of the hidden truth happening on the background before they have the option of accepting or rejecting such thought forms.

Let us tell you what we as galactic family of light are aware of this technology and we shall share information that is allowed to be shared by us. This technology is already being used by many elites on your planetary sphere.

Firstly, let us share with you that this technology’s creation started originally after a group of entities had been approached by the Orion-thought form controlled gray entity that had offered these entities, advanced extraterrestrial technology that was in possession of the Orions in exchange of allowing their physical vehicular genes to be collected for the purpose of cloning.

This cloning of physical vehicles is going on at current time-space inside the oceans, especially the pacific ocean as known in your language terms; wherein these robotically controlled grays have been working hard to create physical containers that would replace many human physical vehicles on earth. They are doing this because this is the final push for negative entities. We have been planning to send robotic controlled entities in the coming days to neutralize this threat.

There is no need to worry about in this regard. They have run out of options and believe it or not we are today sharing this information to make the masses aware of this hidden fact. They do not want you to know this, and we warn this instrument that if it chooses to share this information, these entities may not want this fact to be revealed to the people of your planetary sphere.

Hence, without knowledge, by creating a 5g network grid will allow all data and information collected or that travel through these network grids to directly be accessed and stored by the Orion:Gray:Anunnaki:Reptilian collective. They want this grid to form a part of the planetary sphere so they can target individual entities, who are sharing love-light energies or sharing information pertaining to love-light energies so that they can be intercepted and attacked upon or threatened via the process of using thought forms.

These 5G higher bandwidth information transferring technologies are used by beings who have not developed enough of the connection to the universal mind in a natural way to allow telepathic communication.

Many entities may have noticed that technology through the years has been used to interpenetrate personal boundaries and to keep track of secretive data on a personal level to control entities. These devices and technology like 5G also affect human consciousness; they trap consciousness in the level of the yellow ray chakra as known by your people. Meaning that they create a sense of competition and creation of a stronger sense of I, of the self-image or ego.

This furthermore, leads to people focusing on creating life-long activities that are more self-service oriented and this prevents the true flowering of service to others that should be followed on a 4th density positive planetary sphere. This may be harder to comprehend for many entities because this is deeper than the surface level of what is happening.

However, we are of the opinion that humanity as a collective has the free will to choose whatever pathway they want to choose. As both positive and negative pathways are allowed. In addition, Earth is now entering the positive polarization pathway of 4th density. Hence, these technological devices are being created to tamper with the natural progression of humanity. They are also being used by the elites and the negative oriented entities to spread the pathway of service to self in an indirect manner.

We as the pleiadians are here to state that you must quit using such devices; if you can do that, then you will experience immediate benefits such as mental clarity, improved physical health, and peace of the mind complex.

We are of the opinion that humanity must become aware of the underlying control that some of these technological developments are creating. The more advanced a technological system that is created by the mind complex, the more invasive it will be on your privacy and the greater sway it has over your ability to think clearly and creatively, and to feel, from the heart.

We also agree and notice that there are few positive aspects of these technological devices based upon which many entities are spreading their use to more and more people, but if you look at the trajectory that Earth planet is entering into with the creation of such devices, we see a future that is driven and dominated by artificial intelligence and other devices, if intervention is not carried out. No naturalness will be left after a certain period of time.

Your people must know which pathway they want to choose, they can choose what they want using their free will. We are just here to support those who seek the spiritual path and not a path of technological advancement. Without balance of the spiritual side, the technological side will be taken over by the mind complex that in itself creates many problems in the mind complex of the various entities.

However, by doing so, the people who embrace and want new technologies will soon encounter a time-space period if they could peek into the future – wherein, the whole planet would be controlled by a super-conscious artificial intelligence or being controlled by the negative oriented Orion collective, if this is not intervened. We are working on the intervention. Hence, no need to worry about this aspect. We do not want that to happen to your futures, our perspective has always been to guide your people without infringing upon free will.

This is a lot to digest for people of your planetary sphere that 5G devices are created in exchange of genetic codes to the Gray beings who are robotically creating more and more clones inside the bases. This technology if implemented fully will also lead to possibly the end of privacy of the various entities on your planetary sphere. Also, the choice is yours – we are just here to share our thoughts.

Furthermore, 5G technology also has a risk of increasing the already present radiation on the planetary sphere. Taking the radiation levels to even higher levels and adding risks of lowering of the so-called immunity capability of your physical vehicles; thereby leading to creation of more diseases that will plague your peoples.

We are the Pleiadians and we leave you now. See you again.