Session #74 • Pleiadians

Only The Awakened Will Survive - Prepare Yourself Spiritually! Story of Catalyst

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate from their star system to share thoughts and guidance about the planetary vibration test currently happening on Earth. They explain that the catalyst present on the planet is meant to awaken individuals to higher levels of consciousness. The Council of Planets is checking the collective vibration of Earth, which may lead to changes in the form of vibration waves and expanded consciousness. The Pleiadians offer methods for faster evolution in consciousness, including a modification to a previous method focused on physical sensations. They emphasize the importance of connecting with the one supreme creator and entering a state of void for energetic shifts and increased consciousness. The Pleiadians also discuss the history of catalysts in galaxies and the role of the Council of Planets in assessing Earth's vibration and supporting its progress.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now from our seat in the el ciao planetary sphere in our star system. We, the Pleiadian collective, communicate through this instrument in order to share our thoughts and guidance without infringing upon the free will of the planet.

We are here to share with you our thoughts regarding the so-called planetary vibration test that is currently undergoing and will last until the 8th of August, as known in your linear time scale.

In this regard, before we share anything, we shall firstly acknowledge the catalyst that is available on your planets, which is in essence present to teach and awaken individuals to reach upwards into higher levels of consciousness. Also, remember that as this is the transition phase, the catalyst may be too strong for many entities to handle. Hence, many entities may desire an easier state of awakening. This can be managed by those entities who understand the principles of energy work and choosing of timelines.

Those who shall pass through this period can be termed as the so-called awakened ones or the spiritually strong ones, as known in your language terms, which means they went through a catalytic third-density transition and because of their awakening realized that the catalyst was just for the purpose of awakening them into a higher level of fourth-density consciousness.

Furthermore, in this regard, let us tell you that the council of planets has started the process of checking the planetary vibration, and this process will check the collective vibration of Earth. Based upon the results, there may be oncoming changes to your planetary sphere.

These changes that may be heading your way will not be in the form of physical changes as many people on your planet want and expect it to be. These changes may firstly appear in the form of vibration waves or in the expansion of consciousness of many entities, leading to the rising of the vibration of the whole planet collectively at a much faster rate. Because the planet Earth cannot move forward without each entity’s support, which is the reason why each entity’s vibration needs to rise higher in order to move the planet into the cycle and allow entities to learn many of the lessons required.

Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians, are always guiding your people, and today we are here to guide your people, those who want to listen to our guidance using their free will, to understand that we are communicating in the love and light of the One Supreme Creator through this instrument.

In addition, in order to assist your planet, we, the Pleiadians, have already given many methods which your entities on your planetary sphere will desire a faster evolution in consciousness can use. These so-called methods to rise and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Today, we are going to share with you a certain modification to the already given previous method of focusing on one aspect of sensation on your physical vehicles. For this, entities on your planetary sphere must understand that in every moment of life in the illusion complex, there is always a certain sensation in the physical vehicle and the so-called upper portions of the head and hairs which cannot be normally sensed or felt by your people since the upper portions of your hair area are physically disconnected. Since it is also the gateway to intelligent infinity and the gateway to the One Creator.

Furthermore, many entities can focus on the lower physical vehicle’s full sensations. In addition, this is the process that we share with other entities on our own planetary spheres who seek faster spiritual evolution. The process is simple: to focus attention on one area of the physical vehicle for at least one minute of your time scale or for 60 counts in your mind complex.

For example, if an entity were to focus on its so-called right hand for 30 seconds in order to feel the sensations that it is feeling in the right hand for 30 seconds, after which this entity may switch the feeling to the other area, such as the left leg, and begin to feel completely how the left leg is feeling. This exercise will aid your people in the expansion of this area of concentration, thereby the attention span of your people will increase. Furthermore, your people can use this process as a sequence of meditation, and after cycling through many of the parts of the physical vehicle, the attention span of your people will begin to rise up rapidly, causing an expansion of consciousness.

This method is a great tool that can be performed even during non-meditative states when entities are interacting with other entities. In addition, entities will begin to rise up in the level of consciousness and begin to enter an area of void or nothingness wherein there will be no words and voices or thought forms in the mind. The state of the void can be considered similar to the sleep time of your people where in entities who sleep become connected with the One Creator and they start receiving energies from intelligent infinity and become energized and healed.

Without this ability to enter and interconnect with intelligent infinity every night, no entity would be able to sustain the energies required for the functioning in the illusion complex. Hence, the process is simple, and if this process is performed for a longer period of time space, this would mean more incoming energies from the One Supreme Creator. And this is also how many entities on your so-called planet have been able to access these higher energies.

Many entities, such as the ones known as Nicola Tesla or the other entity known as Albert Einstein, and many more entities, were able to access this state of consciousness of interconnection with intelligent infinity, of the source, and were able to receive divine energies to assist in their functioning. This is the same void that many entities will experience after they perform this exercise, which will assist them in the arriving of a higher level of consciousness.

When entities come out of this void, they will feel an energetic shift within their physical vehicle, and we, as the Pleiadians, can sense that many entities’ vibration is rising rapidly on your planet, and the Earth planet is now rapidly moving upward in the level of consciousness.

Furthermore, let us tell you how the catalyst on your planetary sphere came into existence. Prior to a 25 million year cycle prior to this current timeline in your galaxy and in many other galaxies, the council had implemented a third-density level of lessons of consciousness wherein entities had to go through the same catalyst in order to learn certain lessons. The catalyst was the same for each entity. However, the so-called soul graduation was very low at that time period.

Hence, the council of planets changed the format of the catalyst available on one galaxy as an experiment, which was firstly conducted on the Andromeda galaxy. And it was perceived that the catalyst should be given by the higher self of each entity because the higher self can provide the required learnings for each portion of its consciousness experiencing the third density.

This allowed a much faster evolution of the souls on the Andromeda galaxy, and the soul graduation was also higher. This caused this format of the giving of catalyst to be adopted in all galaxies throughout the universes, including in your galaxy. And the catalyst is now decided upon by each entity’s higher self based upon each entity’s lessons to be learned.

Furthermore, the council of planets is working together in assessing the planetary vibration of Earth and in order to allow future progress of humanity and also to devise a plan of assistance in the future to support the planet Earth.

Furthermore, this instrument may try to contact the council of planets in order to receive the results of the vibration test after the 8th of August. However, for maintaining this contact, this instrument will have to fast for 12 hours prior to maintaining contact with the council of planets. After the end of 12-hour fasting and before entering trance, this instrument may consume light foods along with vegetables.

Therefore, beloveds, we are the Pleiadians, and we leave you in love. See you again.