Session #75 • Archangel Michael

Big Changes Coming In The Fall Of 2021- Prepare Yourself Internally

Summary: Archangel Michael provides guidance for the month of August, emphasizing the importance of balancing emotions and applying lessons learned during the awakening process. He mentions three important events: the Lionsgate portal from July 28th to August 12th, the communication with higher selves starting on August 22nd, and the mapping of Earth's energy centers by the Council of Planets. He advises individuals to focus within, empty their minds, and connect with their true selves for a successful awakening.

I am archangel michael and i am connected to this boy from the angelic realm to share my thoughts and guidance regarding the query placed by this boy which pertains to the guidance for the month of august as known by your people in your language sequence. However, before i start to share my thoughts and guidance, you must realize to use your discernment and only accept thoughts that deeply resonate as truth within your inner heart.

I have been lately busy with assisting your people who have been calling upon me for guidance throughout your planetary sphere. I, along with many other angelic beings, have been granted the so-called work of guiding your people whenever they seek assistance. Furthermore, the council has given us permission to guide those beings and help them to escape certain situations that are not yet allowing them to become focused on the spiritual essence of their inner being.

Hence, in the coming month of august and in the coming of the fall as known by your people, which starts from the month of september on your planetary sphere, the month of august is a time of preparation for your people who will begin to prepare and start to learn many lessons of spirituality, in essence becoming connected once again with the source many have forgotten, for they have been playing the game in the so-called illusion called life that surrounds each of you.

And to all the players of this game, which you are in, let me tell you as a guide from the angelic realm that many of your beings take this game very seriously, and every single time they encounter a certain situation, they either become too excited or too happy, leading to an imbalance in their emotional side. This imbalance then further leads to imbalance of the energy centers.

Therefore, let me tell you that firstly, beings on your planet throughout the month of august must balance their emotions. The balancing is simple: whenever you feel overly excited, just balance it by taking that feeling and amplifying the feeling 10 times or to its maximum potential, and then let it explode within your physical vehicle. Soon after that explosion, you will feel a resting period of gap within your physical vehicle, which will allow this gap to persist and you will feel a balance. This is what is meant by the balancing of your emotions.

The other way to balance is whenever you feel a sad emotion, you must counteract it with a happy emotion, and your physical vehicle’s energy centers will be balanced. Remember that many entities and beings on your planet have received my guidance, and I have been guiding them through my assistance via my presence amongst them. However, there are those who seek assistance, and there are those who apply the lessons that I and many other beings share with them.

There are people who are known as the so-called spectators or the onlookers of this awakening period. These people, they are only present to watch and spectate over other beings’ awakening process. However, these people will miss the chance of true awakening within themselves as they forget their purpose is also to awaken by choosing the path of service to others or the path of service to self and by focusing within.

Some of these beings, because of watching other entities awaken, are also becoming lightened with energies, and they are also rising in consciousness. However, they are missing the main point that all the transmissions and all these sessions that I had with this instrument and with many other beings are useless if the lessons that we have shared in these sessions and the learning that we are trying to communicate are not applied in your timeline. At least a trial or application of these lessons learned will be of aid to your people during this transformation period.

Like we stated before, in the month of august, there are three important events that will occur. The first event will occur in the so-called 8th of august time period, which is known as the period of something known as the Lionsgate portal by your people, which allows entities to receive higher amounts of energy. It started on the 28th of July and will continue until the so-called 12th of August and will peak at the 8th of August time period.

During this period, if beings are able to empty their mind complex, they will receive cosmic energies that will integrate with their energy systems and their physical vehicles, thereby allowing beings on your planet to raise their consciousness level to a higher distortion, which may be considered more than what is perceivable on your planetary sphere.

The other event that will happen in the month of August will occur on the 22nd of August to 0 to 1. The higher self of each being on your planets has been directed by the council to send the cosmic energies and guide each entity by a direct communication with each entity. Therefore, starting from the 22nd of August, each of your higher self will begin to communicate with you in a more intimate and clear manner. However, for this also, the emptiness of the mind complex is required.

I must share with you that this is the first aspect which many of your people struggle with. Emptiness of the mind complex, which is already full of concepts, must be emptied in order for new concepts to arise and for the re-ignition of the connection with each of your higher self. Your higher self is always guiding each being; however, many of you miss the guidance because your mind complex is creating too much unwanted thought forms.

The other event that is going upon your planetary sphere is that, as already stated before, your planet’s vibration is being taste tested by mapping of the energy center of your planet Earth. This is being conducted by the council of planets. Furthermore, the results of this may be very important for the coming energy changes upon your planet and many of the big changes that will come in the so-called fall of 2021 shall be firstly embraced upon by preparing yourself throughout the month of August.

Each entity on your planet must focus within and realize that what is looking through its eyes is what it is looking for. It is very simple information, but your minds make it complicated. Since your mind is connected with time and wants to label everything, it will try to complicate this simple process and make it complicated so that you will not see the being behind the mind, which is, in essence, your true self.

Many beings on your planet will not figure this out with the mind aspect as it lies beyond the mind and requires no mind. Awakening can also be termed as letting the mind go its own way and connecting with your true inner essence. Attention, attention, attention. That is all I can say to those who shall listen to this message. This is all I can share at this time. I’ll leave you now, so bye.