Session #81 • Metatron

Prepare Yourself For Spiritual Upgrade - Your Purpose

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness from the angelic realm, is speaking through a channel to provide guidance for the transition into the fourth density. There are three types of entities currently incarnated on Earth: wanderers, starseeds, and native souls. The activation of the right side of the brain will occur on August 22nd, causing imbalances for those who cannot balance their energetic bodies. Metatron shares a simple method for individuals to connect with their higher selves, emphasizing the importance of focusing attention and allowing communication from the higher self. Lightworkers play a crucial role in the evolution cycle of the planet. The message concludes with an allegory to inspire wanderers to activate their inner potential and spread light.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness and I am speaking through this channel who has connected with my native vibration. We are connected in the divine love and light of the one universal light grid programmer. I am going to speak through this channel’s throat and utilize it to form the necessary words required to communicate my message.

I am connected from the angelic realm wherein many other angelic souls have assembled. Many of the angelic souls, including me, have been assisting your people at this time. For the guidance on the earth plane is required as the transition into the fourth density is at sway.

Today, this channel has requested guidance for the period known as the August 22nd timeline in your language terms. Also, let me tell you that the activation of the right side portion of the brain, which will start activation from the August 22nd timeline, will trigger amongst your people. Many of the beings who are not able to balance their energetic bodies may feel imbalances in the physical vehicle.

The many universal light grid programmers divine love elements who have already incarnated on this planet earth are ready to receive such an upgrade. I, as Metatron, would like to share with you a simple method that each entity on the earth planet who is currently incarnated on this time space can use. However, before I share this, you must use your discernment when listening to my message.

Currently on the earth planet, there are three types of entities who have incarnated. The ones who are known as the wanderers, who have incarnated from other parts of the galaxy and from other planets or from a future timeline, have incarnated here from higher density of consciousness. In order to specifically assist humanity to go through this transition phase, in order to allow the human collective a source of inspiration to reach into the fourth density consciousness.

Then there are others known as the starseeds who are of an equivalent level of consciousness of the later third density merging into the beginning phases of the fourth density consciousness. They have incarnated on this planet in order to access this gateway of graduation into the fourth density.

Also, remember that the time on your planet occurred after a 75,000-year cycle. Those who shall miss this opportunity will have to again relearn the lessons of the third density in another 75,000-year cycle. Hence, those who want to use this opportunity to graduate into the fourth density consciousness can do so as this gateway is now open.

Also, remember in the transition phase, there are those souls who are known as the native souls of the planet earth. Whose evolution started on the earth planet itself from the beginning stages of the first density consciousness. Those beings who have the ability to use the light to share it amongst other beings are known as light workers in your language terms amongst your people. For they are also the most important elements are part of your planets in the evolution cycle. As all the light firstly starts emerging from them. In essence, lightworkers are those beings who offer themselves to be of service to the light.

Remember that the physical vehicle of the third density consciousness, which is available on the earth planets, is different in many aspects from those found on other planets of a similar nature. Also, remember that there is too much fear on this level of consciousness on the earth planet. Because many universal light great programmers divine love elements have not risen over the fear. In order to rise into higher levels, in other planets the third density physical vehicle is much lighter and is beginning to integrate into light bodies.

Also, in other parts of the galaxy, the third density physical vehicle has a bias toward focusing on the attention span. This allows the reaching into higher levels of consciousness. As this physical vehicle on the earth planets is of a second density nature, there may be many imbalances. And there is no bias towards the focusing of attention of consciousness, which is of utmost importance. Because the attention you give to your consciousness will bring forth the life around you. Without the attention of your consciousness, there will be no creation around you. And you would not be able to manipulate the reality as you desire.

Also, the third density is the density of self-awareness. As many on your planetary sphere are already aware that to be self-aware means to be awareness of the inner awareness which is present within your own physical vehicle. Many lightweight programmers divine love elements do not yet understand that the process of allowing oneself to reach above fear. And to learn to access the higher levels of consciousness and to connect with the higher consciousness and the higher self. Which is always trying to guide each of you. The process is simple, but understand this that before I share this, you must remember that your higher self cannot directly infringe and incarnate to make choices for you. Because that would be in infringement upon your free will. As your higher self is your future self and is already in an enlightened state residing in the sixth density consciousness. Looks back upon its own self in the various timelines and offers assistance in the best way for each being to open itself up for this communication.

Starts when one enters into the state of emptiness of the mind complex, which can be achieved by various processes as known and practiced by many of your entities on the earth planets. However, the most basic or the most advanced is that of pointing of attention or keeping of attention on a single point for as long as possible. For this keeping of attention on a single point will begin to trigger the upper chakras of the indigo ray. This triggering will allow the gateway to the higher consciousness. And the gateway will allow the higher self communication to start more effectively.

This process must be followed because many times on your planet, many universal divine great programmers divine love elements, they have a lack of focus on the attention span. Which causes their attention to change from every single thought to emotion. Their attention is fluctuating, either transitioning from the outside world attention to the inner world or from one thought to the other. There is no focusing of the consciousness on a single point or attention on a single point. Because this is one of the most advanced and most used strategies by many other species in the galaxy and in the various aspects of densities to connect with their higher consciousness.

This allows the higher self of each being who follows this procedure to begin to communicate in the form of inner hunches or nudges and insights. Which may not come in the form of direct language communication as your higher self resides in the sixth density consciousness. There is no language at that level of consciousness. And you must remember that language is a construct created by your mind.

Also, at this time period, for the assistance of humanity, many wanderers who have incarnated on this planet earth are also sharing many other methods. To allow the activation of each being’s connection with its higher self. This connection is important at this time since from the August 22nd timeline, the council or the coalition of the universal divine grid programmers have directed the activation of the right side portion of the mind to start on the earth planets. Hence, each higher self must be in communion with each being. For the flow of energies will bring many changes on the mind complex.

Also, let me share with you one short allegory as known by your people. As an inspiration to the so-called wanderers, in order to provide inspiration. For there are many wanderers who are listening to this message. As I can sense wanderers, you are many. Consider you a misfit in the world of illusion. Some look at you for inspiration for your courage to love during hard times. Wanderers, you are. You are the ones not from this density. You have sacrificed your evolution for there are many who need your assistance. You live amongst those of third and fourth density, but you are from higher densities. Wondrous, you are. You have tremendous inner potential which if activated will turn the light of consciousness toward the positive. Even though the outside world may seem negative at times. But when you look to the stars, remember it is your true home where you will return one day. United in the spirit of true love. Wanderers, you are. Within you lies everlasting energies. Inspire and awaken those who need your light.

Therefore, I am Metatron magnetic consciousness and I send this message to all light workers to prepare to be the ground of light amongst the layers of fear. I thank you and will connect again. Bye.