Session #82 • Pleiadians

Prepare For Deep Connection | Soul Contract, Astral Plane

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating a message regarding the importance of using free will to accept and judge their message. They discuss the significance of events starting on August 22nd, including the occurrence of a blue moon. They emphasize the need for individuals to connect with their higher self and quiet the left side of the brain in order to receive clear communication and guidance. They also explain the concept of karma and how it is worked out on the astral planes.

We are the pleiadians and we are communicating now. We are connected from the elsa on the planet in our pleiadian star system. Before we start to communicate our thoughts and insights using your language terms through this instrument, you must understand that you have to use your free will in order to accept and to judge our message. Without this, there would be a direct acceptance of the thoughts presented. This is not recommended as we want to preserve the free will on your planet.

You must be very cautious of the words and the thoughts you accept, which you may accept if they resonate deeply with your inner heart. Today, this instrument has connected in order to request guidance for the events which are starting on the 22nd of August. These events, which are going to start on your planets, are of utmost significance for your people at this time. Those who are ready to receive guidance and those who want their higher self to direct their life towards fulfillment of their true purpose, and those who are desirous of reaching into higher levels of consciousness and achieving their higher purpose, may, using their free will, regard this message as a direction for those who desire such things to occur on their timeline. For without one’s desire, the information we are going to share now would be of no use. Furthermore, let us tell you, from the 22nd of August on your planetary sphere, there would be an experience of a unique moon known as the blue moon. Also, this starts the direction as given by the council of planets to each of your higher self, which has been directed to maintain higher levels of contact and communicate more in order to assist through the changes that will affect your planets in the coming days.

Furthermore, at this times the period on your planet, many beings may feel uncomfortable because of the activation of the right side of the brain. However, this activation will only occur after this connection period, which shall last from the up until the two lunar cycles and will end on the 20th of September as known by your people. Wherein entities will have ample amount of time to connect with their higher self and receive the higher guidance and vibration that will allow each to experience a timeline suitable for the activation of the right side of the brain. Also remember that many times your higher self may be communicating with each of you, however, you may miss its communication because of too much noise inside your own mind complex. Because of this self-created noise inside the mind complex, many insights and higher communications are missed at this period which starts from August 22nd.

Those entities who desire to receive clear communication from their respective higher selves may firstly have to master the aspect of the emptiness of the mind. We, as the pleiadians, cannot stress how important this is on your planet. Many people on your planet who feel they are awakening to the truth and who feel they are awakening to their true self in order to reach into the fourth density miss this concept and they do not focus on this aspect. Like we stated before, the emptiness of the mind complex will lead to the opening of the right side of the brain. And the right side of the brain is at a higher vibration as known by your people according to your chart system on your so-called vibration chart system on the lower sides there are emotions which are primarily created by the left brain because of over analytical activity and because of the act of thinking too much. This act, instead of solving any problem, leads to the creation of more problems. And it is only the right side of the brain when activated, when there are no thoughts inside the mind complex, that the solution to any problem arises. This is because your higher self is always in connection with each of you, however, many times you miss this communication because of over activation of the left side of the brain and the thoughts and insights from your higher self is normally mixed with your own thoughts and insights which create a sort of distortion that leads to a weakening of connection and of communication patterns with your concerned higher self.

Also remember that during this time period, only those entities who shall decide to connect with their higher self will receive communications and the insights necessary for the balancing and preparation of the coming changes on the planetary sphere. The connection with each of your higher self will lead to a higher level of vibration as the higher levels of vibration and the highest vibration being that of peace will leads to a solid connection with your higher self and you will receive the insights and the necessary guidance to prepare. Since there is a time period of only one month left for the changes to occur on your planet, those entities who desire to be ready should follow a certain exercise in order to aid in this transition phase.

This method may be considered similar to those methods that have been already shared, however, the difference is that this method leads to an activation of the right side of the brain at a proportion higher than that of the left side. The method is simple – to rest your tongue on the upper part of your back side row of your teeth. And when you rest your tongue touching the upper teeth in a relaxed manner, you may feel a type of connection and quietening of the left side of the brain. This, if done for a long period of time, for this method is the most easiest to activate the right side of the brain, will lead to a quiet mind and the quietening of the left side leading to an activation of the right side of the brain. Furthermore, this activation then allows the accessing of the higher levels as per your vibration chart. This activation of the higher levels will lead each of you to access the highest level of vibration which lies at the levels of peace and enlightenment. This peace, if once connected with, will make each of you be able to receive the communication and the guidance from your higher self. We cannot tell you what your higher self shall decide because each individualized portion of consciousness experiencing life on the earth planet has different set of rules and different conditions. Hence, the guidance from your respective higher self may be different based upon your situation. Furthermore, also remember that this process is one of the most simple and used processes to connect and open the mind for higher connections. It is also used in our own star system as well.

Secondly, this instrument has requested to understand about the concept known as hell as created by the human population. There are many distortions to this concept. However, we shall share with you a short story about how soul contracts operate on the earth planets. Once upon a time, there was an entity who used to desire another entity, but the other entity which it desired through its heart was already married to another person. So, this entity wanted to achieve its desire and by being overruled by its egoic portions of the mind, killed the other entity’s husband as known by your people. Out of desperation in order to unite with the other entity, however, this act led this entity to unite with the other entity who lost its husband as both the entities were in a love tangle as known by your people. The entity who had been killed crossed over and this entity waited for the other entity who had killed it to firstly end its incarnation. After the end of the incarnation cycle, both the entities met each other on the astral planes and realizing the type of karma created, the entity who had been killed had to spend a time on the astral plane healing itself and the other entity who had killed such an entity had to spend the same amount of time after crossing over on the astral planes experiencing the event as if it had been done onto him. Because what you do onto others shall be done unto you. This is how the higher self works out the karma created by each entity who failed to realize that each is the one. And this is how many entities experience the so-called hell, experiencing the same events which it had inflicted upon another onto itself on the astral planes in order to make it realize the pain and the suffering felt by the other. Furthermore, after this experience, both the entities had to reincarnate for another time to settle the karma collected in the previous life.

Therefore, beloved, we the pleiadians leave you now until we connect again.