Session #83 • Galactic Federation

Solar Waves & Mars War Update

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light is observing Earth and is concerned about negative entities on Mars working with influential figures like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to create mind control and spread fear. They aim to prevent Earth from entering a positive polarity. The Federation plans to neutralize these negative forces on Mars and will send love and light imbued solar energies. This may lead to a colder winter on Earth. It is important for people to listen to the creator and focus on the silence between sounds to connect with their inner peace. Love is more powerful than fear.

We are the galactic federation of light and we are communicating now from the saturn council and we are observing your planet. Also, remember that your planet is going through some changes in the psychical changes in consciousness. Furthermore, we as the galactic federation are always concerned about the safe keeping of your people and are here connected today in the divine love and light of the one creator to share our thoughts and guidance without infringing upon the free will that is available for the people of your planets. Also, remember that we as the galactic federation are speaking through this instrument and we will try to produce the answer to your query based upon the language patterns as known by this instrument. Also, remember that this instrument is seeking to understand about the so-called mars war.

In this regard, let us tell you that the negative entities who had lodged themselves in the martian planet are still on the mars planet and recently they had a short meeting with the so-called alliance of your planet. Many of the entities who are known as in the language terms as Elon Musk and other entities known as Jeff Bezos had a short meeting with these entities on the mars planet and they are working together to create a new type of mind control which will be able to control the people of your planet. This they are doing under the guidance of the negative oriented entities who are present on the mars planet which constitutes the so-called annunaki orions and the reptilian grey collective whose main objective at this time is space is to spread fear amongst the mind of the human collective so that they can prevent the earth planet from entering into the positive polarity. They do not want this to happen as if they allow the earth planet to enter into the positive, this would mean the end of the negative era.

We, as the galactic federation along with the council of planets, have sought out information regarding the so-called lucifer beings who have gone missing and are out of being tracked. The andromedans who had embarked on a journey to meet with these lucifer entities have also gone out of track and their mind complex cannot be contacted via our vibration. We also, at this time space, feel the need to stress that there is nothing to worry about. We are here to protect the planet and to prevent any direct infringement of the planetary sphere. For the quarantine on the planet earth cannot be easily broken. We correct ourselves, cannot be easily broken because of the strong love-like energies and the protection from the asthar collective. Also, remember that in the coming months there shall be many more entities who shall awaken on the earth planets.

And also, we as the galactic federation have been directed by the council of planets to go forward and neutralize the negative forces on the mars planet within this year’s timeline. Hence, we as the galactic federation will now execute this order from the council and we shall be sending love light imbued solar energies towards the mars planets in the coming days. This may lead to the lessening of the heat energies of the sun to enter the earth planet, which may lead to a drastic lowering of the temperature of the earth’s crust. Hence, this could lead to a cold winter as known by your people. Also, remember that this is necessary in order to neutralize the negative entities because only the heat of the sun can enter into the inner core of the mars planet and the love light energies carried by the heat waves of the sun will lead to the ending of the negative oriented entities.

Furthermore, the planet Nibiru is also being used by the lucifer beings. However, we are not able to track this planet as of now. Hence, we shall not comment on this regard. Also, remember that at this time space in the changes happening on the planet, it is vitally important for your people to listen to the creator. The process of listening to the creator is simple. Whenever you hear a sound, listen to the silence between the sounds and therein you will find the creator. Also, remember that the creator is within each of you and the creator is experiencing this illusion complex through you. If you don’t realize that you are the creator, you will not awaken truly to the inner depths of your core. For in the inner depths of your being, there is only peace and nothing more. Remember, each of you can access this inner peace by making a habit of listening to the creator who is expressing itself between the silence amongst the sound.

Many entities on your planet miss to focus on the silence, which is an important aspect in order to connect with the creator. This silence will allow each of you to recognize that each of you is the creator and the creative faculties within yourself will begin to flower and open when you realize this fact. Therefore, beloved, open yourself to hear the creator and focus on the silence between the sounds. This is all the message we have to share today as we bid farewell. This time, understand this, that every time you feel fear, remember that love is more powerful than fear and have the courage in your heart to express love when you face a situation that creates fear. We, the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.