Session #86 • RA

Most People Can't Accept This Truth

Summary: The text discusses the importance of inner peace and its role in the process of ascension to higher levels of consciousness. It suggests that many individuals on the current planetary sphere struggle to attain ascension because they prioritize external desires over inner peace. The text emphasizes the need to stay centered in inner peace and provides a method of focusing on a single point of consciousness during the sleep state to maintain balance. Overall, the text highlights the significance of inner peace in navigating the illusion complex and achieving ascension.

I am Ra and we greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. We are now communicating through this instrument in order to share our thoughts and insights. However, our objective is not to infringe upon the free will of each entity. Our main motivation is to provide inspiration to those entities who shall choose to feel the message beyond the words and to apply the so-called inspiration thought forms into their own learnings. As we are here for the purpose of sharing teach/learn lessons, in order to allow the entities who want to learn, teach. For without teaching, there will be no learning, and without learning, there would be no teaching. In essence, what we mean to say is that you need to use your discernment. Also, remember that this instrument has requested inspiration and a message regarding why many entities are struggling on the current planetary sphere to ascend higher in the levels of consciousness.

In this regard, we can state that there are many entities on your current planetary sphere who place the most important thing that each entity has on the planetary level, and that is inner peace. Which is a concept many entities do not embrace. Many entities place this aspect of peace after many other outward reality or the illusion complex desires. Many entities feel that they can place this aspect of inner peace and the ease of creation and being one and united with the true self on the back page of their experience.

This is also one of the reasons why many entities on your planetary sphere struggle to not only attain the aspect of ascension into the fourth density consciousness, but they also become used by the so-called illusion complex. Since the illusion complex provides catalysts which are primarily meant for the entities to understand their true nature and to realize that each is the one infinite creator experiencing life in a different physical incarnation.

For this realization, many entities go through cycles of incarnations, however missing the point multiple times. To be direct with those who are listening to our vibratory sound complexes, we must state that in order to understand what we are trying to allow you to perceive is that there is an inner knowingness within your inner heart which, once you are connected with, will lead you to feel the inner peace which cannot be shaken by other entities or the outside illusion complex.

The most important thing in your life cycle to preserve is the peace, for the outside reality’s main purpose will be to make you off balance. And this is also the foray of the adept who has, through many cyclical incarnations or through the process of being a wanderer by incarnating from a higher dimension, understands the foray and understands that the balance of the self is the most important.

It doesn’t matter what the illusion complex shall present. What truly matters is that if such an entity is able to stay centered in the inner peace of the knowingness of the one creator, then such entities will find it easier to navigate and to ascend faster. As this is one of the major blockages we can sense amongst your people at this time period. Even though, in comparison to many or thousands of years prior, the so-called life cycles have improved and the so-called people of your planets have become more harmonious compared to what was found in the past days, however, the inner fear and the inner separateness has still lingered on in this incarnation.

Also, we can suggest one so-called method to allow entities who require to stay in touch with this peace and to become more balanced as they interact with the outside world. Such entities can, while they enter into the sleep state, focus their attention on one point of consciousness. Whether it be on a physical part of the physical vehicle or whether it be on a point of concentration. The most important aspect is to just focus on one single point, to make sure that your consciousness is not flickering or changing the point of bias from one to the other. And as you enter into the sleep state, try to stay in contact with the single point of consciousness for as long as you can, before the other aspects of your so-called imagination complex and the mind complex emerge. For this exercise is the primary facility which will protect you and train you to become an adept as you encounter the illusion complex.

The illusion complex is meant to teach many lessons to many entities. And specifically, to also disturb your inner balance of inner peace. The moment the outside world stops having an influence upon your level of consciousness, and the moment the outside world is unable to disbalance your inner peace, that moment you have realized ascension pathway. For by the accessing of this void of silence within your own self, you will begin to be connected with the divine consciousness. And you will begin to express that which is trying to express through you. This is all the information for today. I am Ra, and I leave you in love and light of the one infinite creator. We’ll leave you now. Go forth and rejoice in the power and in the peace of the one creator. Adonai.