Session #87 • Archangel Michael

Prime Directives On Walk-Ins & Soul Switch

Summary: The text discusses the concept of soul swapping, where entities can choose to swap their souls with entities from either positive or negative polarities. The prime directives of soul swapping include free will, leaving physical bodies in freeze mode, the influence of the swapped soul on outside events, and the unknown nature of soul agreements. Soul swapping occurs during dream states and is allowed to raise planetary vibrations or enter different timelines. The text advises maintaining a positive vibration during sleep and interactions with other entities.

I am archangel michael and i am now connected to this boy to share my thoughts and insides however i am communicating from the angelic realm the query placed by this boy does not pertain to our discernment and prerogative.

I am now going to transfer this instrument to the galactic federation of lights and now the transfer shall begin.

We are the galactic federation of light and we are now communicating through this instrument. We thank you for communicating with us today in the love and the light of the one supreme creator. We are here to share our thoughts and insights regarding the query placed by this instrument without infringing upon the free will that has been granted by the one creator.

Remember we as the galactic federation have been directed by the council of planets to share with those who shall need at this time period the prime directive regarding the query placed by this instrument which pertains to the soul swap event which is to take place on the 21st of september of the future timeline which is now rapidly approaching your planets.

Let us now tell you the prime directive shall take the process of soul swapping under control and shall take place with and with only the prime directives rules and regulations as founded by the council of planets. The first prime directive is that of free will. Each individualized portion of consciousness who is currently incarnated on the earth planet and throughout the galaxies has the free will to choose and to desire to be of service to either the positive or the negative on the third density timeline.

As the earth planet is now currently in the stage of the later third density transitioning into the fourth density and until the next 100 years this process shall take place. This transition period shall be at slave. Furthermore, during this time period all the entities will have the free will to choose either the positive service to others or the negative service to self-polarity which also applies to the prerogative of soul swapping or walk-ins which means that any entity can desire to invite a entity from either the positive or the negative polarity based upon its native vibration.

Also remember that many a times even the negatively oriented entities shall approach entities with a negative vibration for the purpose of soul swapping at this time periods and also the so-called positive oriented entities shall approach the positively oriented individualized portions of consciousness or desire this soul swap at this time period using their own free will and each individualized portion of consciousness along with their higher self have the free will to allow the choice of either the positive or the negative.

It is neither good nor bad to allow a negative oriented entity. Furthermore, it is neither good or bad to allow a positively oriented entity to be soul swapped. This is because there is no right and wrong in the universe as per the universal law both pathways are allowed by the creator. Hence we cannot offer suggestions for each pathway. Also remember the prime directive number two as per the council is that the entities who shall be show swapped its physical vehicles shall be left in freeze mode in the astral planes until the so-called sole contract of the sole swap ends or does not allow entities to infringe upon once the soul swap has started.

What this means is that if a entity is soul swapped such an entities physical vehicle shall remain the same however the soul may be a wanderer from the positive polarity or some negatively oriented entity from a higher dimension both are allowed and the soul once swapped the original shoal shall be kept in the astral planes in a freeze mode and shall not be allowed to perform any other tasks and will not recognize that it exists until the soul stop ends.

Furthermore, there is another type of soul swap in which the soul which has been swapped with shall have the prerogative and shall have some influence on the outside events since it is on the back array of the mine complex of the same physical vehicle. This is the second prime directive and the third prime directive is that this all soft entity shall only be swapped upon its free will desire and upon it approaching its higher self.

In this regard we can give you the example of this instrument who desired a soul swap without its conscious mind unknowingly because it was fetching a tough situation during the past year at this time period because of this entity and this instrument desire to be sold swapped at that time period of around 22 september in the previous year for a fourth density positively oriented wandering soul of a later sub-octave this occurred because the so-called the instrument was not able to handle the outside catalyst and was unable to navigate and was feeling as if it would end its life incarnation because of this the galactic federation as well as the council and the so-called the higher self of this instrument were allowed to enter into this stop event because of which a fourth density wanderer has now entered into the physical vehicle of this instrument and this instrument’s life cycle has drastically changed and all its previous problems have been solved and will be solved in the coming days without doing anything just like magic which this instrument used to enjoy previously.

The other prime directive we shall now share with you is that the sole agreements that occur during a source of events shall be unknown to both the entities who shall incarnate which means once a soul swap occurs the entity who shall reincarnate into a physical vehicle of a entity desirous of a soul swap shall be unaware of the souls sob event and it shall seem natural as if waking from a dream all of the memories from the first incarnation or the previous incarnation will shall not remain and only the memories of this current physical vehicles from its subconscious mind shall be drawn and remembered with this process is vitally important because the veil of forgetfulness shall also be maintained as per the prime directive of the council the veil shall not be penetrated even during the event of a soul swap.

The other prime directive is that the soul-swapped entity and the new entity that enters into such physical vehicles shall have the permission to solve all the previous problems or life situations of the previous entity. This is also many of the reasons why many entities become soul swapped and desire is soul stopping by a higher density entity either because they are unable to navigate through the current life situation or they are unable to understand the full prerogative of their life cycle and they are desirous of a soul stop so that such entity would be able to solve the current situation problems and then perform its tasks.

The soul-soft entity and the coming wanderer or another negatively polarized entity who shall enter into as a soul-swapped entity into a physical vehicle shall have the main purpose of performing the un impeded tasks or the unended tasks of the previous entity and then only shall proceed with its so-called performing of the tasks the reason why it has performed the soul swap.

The other prime directive is that the soul swap events shall have the procedure which shall take place during dream states only the entities who are desirous of being so soft shall be approached during the so-called dream states of a matching vibration entity which means that a matching vibration entity of either a higher dimension or higher density shall approach such an entity and offer its vibrations and if there is acceptance of the energies and the prerogative of the entity desires of soul swap is then placed forward to its higher self the higher self sound then takes such an offer from its own sub density experiencing life on the various planets and then place it before the council for allowing the so-called soul swap event if the council permits the soul swap events shall take place in simultaneity together in all the galaxies at the same time at a particular time period because this would allow the balancing and the understanding of the life situations and the future progress made by such souls in such planets.

The prime directive final is that the reason for allowing soul swap is only to allow a planetary vibration to either raise its consciousness or to enter into a different timeline this is allowed by the council because the planetary vibration is more important many a times because the whole planet is either entering into a fourth density positive or another vibration as in the case of the earth planet it is primarily important that the earth planet is now entering into the fourth density positive hence such a time period is vitally important and the council cannot lose time by allowing entities to reincarnate into new physical vehicles as such the entities who are unwilling to continue this incarnation shall be and many entities already have made soul contracts prior to this incarnation to be sold swapped will be soul-swapped in the coming days and also this is allowed because the planetary vibration at this time period needs many wanderers to incarnate on the planet earth and also the gaining of experiences of many entities approximately 1.25 million physical vehicles have already gained a massive experience hence it would be a huge loss for the council as well as us to not allow such a soul swap event in the positive polarity however there is also negative polarity which shall approach entities at this time period and we shall offer a suggestion to always keep your vibration positive while entering into their sleep state because soul swap at this time period will occur during the sleep state never enter a sleep state in a negative mode and also remember to stay positive in negative situations also at the dream states remember whenever you interact with other entities if you are able to scan their vibration if it is only positive then accept such an invitation if you desire this is all the information we can share at this time period we the federation leave you now.