Session #88 • Pleiadians

Soul Types & Gender

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through a channel to provide guidance to the human collective consciousness. They state that a breakthrough is coming in March, bringing a shift towards a more positive timeline for Earth. They discuss the types of souls incarnated on Earth, including those from Mars and Maldek who are creating competition and fear. They also explain how souls choose their gender before incarnation and emphasize the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies. The Pleiadians encourage individuals to remember their power to manipulate reality and become eternal artists.

We are the pleiadians now communicating through the vibrations offered by this channel’s voice and its mind body and spirit complex totality. We, as the pleiadians, are now communicating to the people of your planet from our location in the pleiadian star system, as referred to by your people in your language sequence terms as the taigata planetary sphere. In your vibration terms, we the pleiadians are now here to address and to answer and guide the human collective consciousness by providing our thought forms with regards to the query which have been placed in the mind space projection of this channel. As this instrument currently finds itself with us in this time space, we are able to use its vibration modalities for the purpose of communicating our message to the human collective consciousness.

As each of you has to remember the opportunity that lies within each of you at this moment, in the coming days of the month of March, there is going to be a great miracle in each of your life. And we, the pleiadians, would like to state that many of you, because of the negativity on the outside world, have been thinking of giving up. Many of you have been tired of the games that have been occurring upon your planet, which are instigated by negatively oriented entities. And many of you are here on the earth planets for the purpose of graduation and for the purpose of sharing the light amongst the masses at the time of confusion. Hence, it is vitally important that all of you remember a big breakthrough is coming in the month of March, for the energy vibrations are shifting towards a more positive timeline for the earth planets.

As there have been many energies which are being sent not only from the pleiadian star system, but from other star systems also, which have allowed this type of energy vibration shift to occur. The period of the purge or the cleaning of the old energies is occurring at the moment, and we, the pleiadians, would like to state that all of you, brothers and sisters of light, who are listening to our message today, must remember to use your thought forms and judge our words wisely. Because without your discernments, there would be an infringement on the free will, which we do not want to. Furthermore, the queries which are in order in the mind space projection of this instrument are as follows:

The first query which pertains to the types of souls which have incarnated on the earth planets, of which we are now going to share our thoughts. The types of souls which are currently incarnated on the earth planet compose a large number of souls which have migrated from the planets known as mars as well as maldek after the destruction of both of these planetary spheres. These souls are a large number of the souls which are currently found upon the earth planet since, because of the destruction of the maldek planet and because of the destruction of the martian planet, they were replicated and given another chance for incarnation on the earth planets. However, there are many of those beings from the martian planet, those souls who are more polarized towards the type of competition amongst other souls. These types of souls are purposefully creating competition amongst other beings, thereby creating a type of situation wherein each entity has to fight for each other’s livelihood and the right of learning the lessons of incarnation. This is the exact same reason that led to the destruction of the mars planet.

And also, there are those from the maldek civilization which are the souls which have not yet gained the balance of the internal as the external. Since the internal and the external self must be balanced by each entity before the graduation ensues and begins upon your planetary sphere. The internal self, which is composed of your imagination as well as your internal dialogue which many of your people carry on the inside, has to be balanced with the external self. The external self, which is migrated based upon the senses, the five senses which have attached the outer self and have put each being on an illusion complex for each entity to learn certain lessons in order to move upwards and to graduate higher. The balancing of the internal and external self is yet to be learned by many souls from the maldek planet.

The process of balancing simply requires being aware that during the waking day time, only the outer cells must be activated and not the internal self. Because the activation of the internal self during your waking day time may cause a crisscrossing of realities and cause you to become imbalanced. Thereby, this will not allow you to fully function naturally and at the optimal level in the outside reality of the third density. If you follow the procedure of balancing which must be followed and understood based upon the types of reality which you want to experience, you must understand that each of you has the ability of activating and deactivating your internal self. Which is usually activated when you enter into the sleep state. For this understanding and the balancing is a training process which many of the beings upon a planet have to learn.

There are those souls who have incarnated on the earth planets for the purpose of graduation, and these are the majority of souls which compromise around 90 percent of the souls who are ready for graduation into the fourth density vibration of the heart consciousness. These souls have yet to learn certain lessons which may depend upon the individualized portion of consciousness and its past lessons it has learned. Furthermore, there are those souls who have joined hands together in this incarnation upon your planetary sphere. These souls occur and arise from different galaxies and other star systems who are primarily referred to by people as the starseeds. There are many pleiadian star seeds upon your planetary sphere who are incarnated here, and also from other star systems, for the purpose of acting as light grids. And many of those star seeds are also those beings who have already achieved a higher vibration.

These star seeds compromise a factor of around seven percent of the souls upon the planetary sphere, and the remaining three percent of the souls are those known as the wanderers. Who have incarnated from higher dimensions, primarily from the fourth density upwards. These souls’ main purpose and incarnation cycle is primarily motivated towards teaching other beings and teaching the 97 percent of the human collective the lessons required for the purpose of graduation is at hand.

In this regard, we are of the opinion that these souls who are working as wanderers, they have been working for the spreading of the light. However, there are also those people, as stated before, who have incarnated from the planet mars and planet maldek. Who are creating fear and instigating the message of fear and competition upon your planetary sphere. Thereby activating the echo itself and the latent situations which now your planet faces is created based upon them. Overstimulation of the echo itself, which must be balanced. Otherwise, there can be destruction and havoc similar to that which occurred on the planet mars, since the planet mars was destroyed by the inhabitants or the martians at that timeline. If this is not consciously checked upon by the beings upon your planet, there may be a similar fate if this type of imbalances continues in your planetary sphere.

However, we, the Pleiadians, are here to state that there is a ray of light which is going to come upon your planet in the coming days. In the weeks following in the month of March, this ray of light will hit your planetary sphere. Each being upon the planet who is ready to receive such light codes will have a genetic upgradation towards a higher vibration. Even though there may be people on your planet who may not feel that such an upgrade has occurred, the light codes which will now reach your planet in the coming days will hit you and each of you. Those whose vibrations are of a higher nature and who are ready will receive a biological upgrade in terms of your feelings and beingness. Since the nature of beingness is such that once you start to understand that each being and each entity by manipulating the type of beingness that occurs upon the planetary sphere can allow the nature of beingness to extend upwards into the higher vibrations, we would like to state that those who are listening to our message do not give up at this critical point. Since the ray of light is now coming upon the planet, you must be ready for it, for the balance of the internal and external self is required as stated before in this communication mechanism.

We, the Pleiadians, are now going to address the other query, which is related to how a soul prior to incarnation chooses the type of gender upon the planetary sphere. In this regard, we are now going to address this query based upon the vibration information for your planet. Since each planetary system has a different subset of rules and certain planets do not have genders as is available on your planetary sphere, your planetary sphere is divided primarily into the genders based upon the polarity of masculinity or femininity, and there are those who are in the middle also, as we can sense. For this scale of polarity of masculine and feminine is the reason why there are beings upon your planet who have incarnated in the form of a human mind, body, and spirit complex in the male body type for the purpose of balancing the masculine energy and for the purpose of mastering the masculine energy.

Those entities who have incarnated in the form of a male body type have the purpose of recognizing that the masculine energies must be balanced and also the lessons of realizing that the past incarnation cycle was of a feminine type. This usually occurs in the space-time of your planetary sphere, wherein the past incarnation was primarily spent as a female body, then the next incarnation, if the energies are not balanced properly, will be of a male body type, because the lessons of balancing of the masculine and feminine is the most important lesson that each has to learn in this space-time. The balancing can occur by the process of understanding that you are an eternal artist, and also your energy systems affect all other people. If an entity is extremely masculine in its incarnation in the current time, then this entity will have to learn the lessons of femininity in the next incarnation.

Therefore, there are those upon the planet who are of a middle type, or who are here to learn the lessons of masculine and feminine at the same time. These groups of people are also here because of the imbalances they faced in the previous incarnation, for they have not yet balanced and chosen the polarity of either masculine or feminine exploration in the incarnation. This, however, is commonplace upon your planetary sphere nowadays, as we can sense. There are souls upon your planet who want to experience this type of incarnation also, which may be a type of confusion between the masculine and the feminine. However, the richness of such a life is also appreciated. Therefore, we do not indulge upon the bias towards such incarnation, as it is the choice of an individual soul which wants to explore the masculine or the feminine side. Therefore, this is the reason why many souls after crossing over, if they have experienced a life full of masculine energy which is mostly imbalanced, will find themselves in the next incarnation choosing a life of a female body type for the purpose of exploring and balancing and learning the lessons of the feminine.

Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians, would like to also state that each of you who finds yourself in this current timeline is present in this incarnation primarily to activate and to learn the lessons of the manipulation of reality, which can be achieved via the process of realizing that your reality, upon which you find yourself in, is primarily created by your own beingness and your own consciousness. The process of becoming an eternal artist is required to be understood because each of you who finds yourself in this current timeline is an eternal artist who is capable of taking an image and then using the image in your mind’s eye and changing its form as desired. This process requires a practice of observation and also capturing of such an image inside the mind. Once such an image is captured inside the mind, such an entity is then able to remember that the manipulation of the image can be accomplished by the focus of attention.

This will allow each of you to become the eternal artist you desire to be in this planet. This is also one of the reasons and the lessons you have to learn: to be an eternal artist in the play of life, to manipulate the images in the outside world by capturing them inside your own consciousness and then doing what you desire, for it will reflect on the outside world soon enough, as the reflection is a reflection of the internal state of beingness of what you do in the inside is reflected on the outside. This is the rule and the law of the eternal artist. Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, disconnect now in the love and light of the one infinite supreme creator. Until we meet again, bye.