Session #89 • Galactic Federation

The Biggest Event of 2021 & Story of Imagination

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through thought form osmosis and advises listeners to use inner discernment. They explain that a "soul swap" occurs when a new soul enters a physical vehicle and the previous soul's activities are calculated and attached to the new soul's vibratory complex. They also discuss physical changes that can occur during a soul swap and the purpose of the illusion complex in testing and balancing individuals. The Federation reveals that the imagination complex is a creative faculty of the creator and was added to human minds as an experiment. They encourage individuals to activate their imagination complex to bring about desired changes in their environment. The session ends with the suggestion for the instrument to drink fluid nutrition.

We are the galactic federation and we are now in communication through this instrument. We are now connected from the saturn council planets, which is our base of operations for the purpose of looking after the planetary spheres evolutionary cycle, as well as the galaxy known in your language terms as the milky way galaxy. We are now communicating via the process of thought form osmosis and we would like to suggest those who shall listen to our messages to use inner discernment when listening to our thoughts and insights, for there is an uncanny connection between your outside reality and the thoughts you accept in your mind complex.

Today, this instrument has placed queries pertaining to the so-called soul swap event as stated earlier, and there will be many entities who shall undergo this change of experiencing a walk-in soul. For we have already stated the prime directives in the previous session, we shall now answer the queries in the mind complex of this instrument which pertain to the so-called timeline of a soul swap that occurs. In this regard, let us tell you that each individual walking or a soul that enters into a physical vehicle is given the opportunity of an entire life. From the moment it enters into the new physical vehicle, it is given the opportunity to undergo its mission for a full entire life. And only after the end of the incarnation or the end of the physical vehicle on to which it has incarnated into the end of the incarnation cycle of the walk-in will be considered.

Furthermore, the soul that is in freeze mode in the astral planes is considered to be evolving in a pace along with the wandering soul, which means that the activities conducted by the wandering soul or the walking soul is considered by a factor of one by two as known by your people or half in the language terms. Which means the activities of positivity or negativity conducted by the walking soul is calculated and is attached to the vibratory complex or the soul mass of the entity who is in freeze mode and who allowed this greater service to occur. Because in essence, allowing a walk-in is a great service to the planetary vibration as well as such. The vibration of the entity is attached together and calculated on half per basis of the total vibration complex of the walking soul. Thereby, there is no loss of evolution for the soul which has been exchanged by a walk-in wanderer or another soul as per the desire of the previous soul who wanted such a walk-in.

Furthermore, the other query placed by this instrument with regards to the type of physical changes one can perceive in the physical vehicle when a soul swap has occurred. In this regard, we shall take the example of this instrument as well. This instrument had experienced a soul swap as stated in the previous session and the main change in its physical vehicle it can perceive upon using its feeling sensations at the back of the head is that there is a point opposite to what your people call the mouth organs behind the skull. And this bulge is now less and flattened. It will feel as if the bulge is flattened. This occurs because whenever a walk-in enters into a physical vehicle, such a walk-in enters from the back of the head during the sleep state and the so-called bulge many a times is done away with and only a flat surface can be detected upon using the feeling sensations by an entity to test if an entity has been undergone by the process of walking.

Furthermore, there is only opportunities for those entities who desire to be of service to the one creator and those who desire to be of service to either the positive or the negative can have a drastic influence on the planets. This is the reason why the period which is now approaching your planetary sphere from the 21st of September to the so-called the 6th of October as known in your language terms as per the cycles of the moon planetary sphere. The council has given a time period of around 15 days for the process of walk-ins to completely occur on the planetary sphere. So the process shall start from tomorrow and shall extend up to the so-called the timeline of 6th of October as known by your people. Thereby allowing many entities to change during the so-called sleep states and accept or to reject the opportunities to allow such a walk-in to enter into the illusion complex that surrounds each of you.

Now, the illusion complex which surrounds each of you now is meant to test each of you, to test your resolve and to find out your own weakness. In essence, the illusion complex can be used as a machine or a mechanism to find out where you become imbalanced because the game is of balance. The balancing of the chakras will lead to a awakening known as the so-called enlightenment as known by your people. This is the primary factor and also remember that many entities on your planetary sphere become disembodied and disbalanced whenever they face a situation which is uncontrollable. This occurs because of their linearity and thinking process of attachment with the mind complex that they operate with. This is also the main primary error we see upon your people’s mind complex because people on your planetary sphere currently identify with the thoughts and the mind complex activity and they become misguided. And hence they also become distracted and disbalanced by the activities and the emergence of the illusion complex. In essence, the illusion complex is meant to be this balance in order to provide the necessary catalyst for those entities to become balanced and to learn the lessons of balancing the chakras. Because only with the balancing of the chakras entities will be able to enter into the higher centers of the chakra energies of the true color. And allowing such an activation to enter into intelligent infinity and connect with the true source of the creator.

Furthermore, this instrument has requested a query based upon the aspect known as how the imagination complex, which is now currently attached to your physical vehicle, is created. In this regard, we the galactic federation are now going to transmit the information pertaining to the vibratory sound complex known as the creation of the imaginary complex that is present on your mind instrument. In this regard, let us tell you that the imaginary complex was not available and in many other galaxies in the third density illusion complex. The imagination complex is not available. The imagination complex is, in essence, an activity of the fourth density consciousness. Because from the fourth density consciousness, those entities who will begin to use their imagination complex with the focus of attention will become like the creator having the creative aspect of creating anything they desire. In essence, this is also one of the reasons why this experiment was conducted for the first time amongst the human population. In essence, the imaginative aspect is the creative faculty of the creator which allows the creator to use attention on any imaginary object or image and then create it in the cosmos and the universe. In the higher densities, the entities who use such a technology of imagination complex along with the attention span are able to create anything they desire within the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, the council of planets, approximately eight hundred thousand years after the destruction of the planet maldek during the process of transferring the souls from planet maldek to the earth planet, decided to add a certain anomaly in the physical vehicle of the new souls that had incarnated on the earth’s planet. Thereby adding the imaginary complex within the mind complex of the human collective and all in essence of the hope that these entities would be able to understand and learn the lessons of becoming more like the creator. Furthermore, we have sensed that many entities on your planetary sphere are unaware of this innate faculty within the mind complex. There are, however, a growing number of people who have understood the aspect of the imaginary complex being that of the creative faculty of the creator and are also utilizing it to change the illusion complex as per their desire. This is the reason why the council created the imaginary complex as an experiment on the planet earth to see the progress of the planetary sphere. However, unknowingly, many entities have forgotten about this aspect and we do not wish entities by infringing upon their free will to state that the imaginary complex is the one creative faculty which has the power of changing any environment, no matter how negative or how unchangeable it may seem. The imaginary complex, once activated and attention placed on an image, will begin to activate the inert creative faculties of the creator, thereby bringing the changes in the illusion complex and also will begin to affect the outside world and other entities as well.

Furthermore, this is all the information we can share at this time period. We are the galactic federation and we would suggest this instrument to drink a large amount of fluid nutrition after the session as it seems dehydrated. We’ll leave you now. Out, so thank you all so much for watching and I will meet you in the next session. See you.