Session #93 • Galactic Federation

South Pole: Battle For Light Vs Dark" & Akashic Records

Summary: The Galactic Federation urgently communicates through an instrument to inform the human collective about negative entities' plans for Earth. The Earth is entering a gateway or timeline on October 10th, and these entities aim to manipulate consciousness towards a negative fourth density. To prevent this, a collective consciousness of at least 5,000 entities is needed to choose a positive timeline. The negative entities have already established a base in the South Pole and plan to activate the entrance into the quantum field on October 10th. It is recommended for entities to meditate and unite on this day to attract positive timelines and higher levels of consciousness. The Akashic records provide accurate details of events and experiences.

We are the galactic federation and we are now connected to this instrument via the grace and the love of the one creator. We create you today and, as a matter of urgency, we are now communicating through this instrument to deliver an important message for the human collective.

The human collective must understand what is happening outside the planetary sphere and what the so-called negative entities are planning to do on the earth planet. As the earth planet is now entering into a gateway rearm or a timeline starting on the 10th of October, as known by your people in your time space measurement terms, into the beginning stages of the fourth density consciousness or to enter into the negative spiral by being influenced by fear and by the influence of the negative Orions, reptilians, and the Anunnaki collective who have also assembled the massive numbers and have also created massive grey entities to increase the number of consciousness in order to influence the earth’s planetary trajectory towards the negative.

As this time is the most important for those entities who desire to understand the significance of 10-10, they must understand that on this timeline, each entity, if it uses the aspect of entering into the field known as the quantum field or this time space continuum field, therein each entity will begin to understand that there are, in we correct this instrument, we recalibrate these instruments, there are infinite numbers of timelines on this level of the quantum field and limitless possibilities can occur without any time dilation or time difference. Meaning that out of the various timelines of both the negative and the positive, those entities who collectively understand the process of using the quantum field can access the ability of entering and choosing the timeline for the whole planet.

In essence, this can be accomplished by gathering like-minded entities in massive numbers who are of a similar vibration and whose objective is to accomplish this feat of choosing the timeline. And based upon each entity’s desire, which will lead to a coupling of the desire, each entity will begin to influence the planetary level of consciousness and choose the timeline of either the positive or the negative. Let us tell you that on the 10th of October 2021, we have detected from the so-called the recovered dead bodies of the grey entities and the reptilian entities previously collected by the astar command during a recent infiltration of the Mars bases wherein the negative entities have launched themselves.

We have retrieved the information pertaining from their memory bank recorded in the akashic record of each of these crossed over entities regarding a plan that they had created for the purpose of collecting and creating as many consciousness active members to allow the whole planets of the earth to be manipulated to enter into a higher level of consciousness. However, they are of the opinion that they will try to enter the earth planet into a higher negative orientation. This is the plan of the negative entities as they want earth to enter into a negative fourth density spiraling during this gateway.

It is vitally important that entities on the earth planets, even those one percent entities who shall watch and get the message delivered through this instrument, can use the ability and assist us in preventing this timeline shifting into the negative and instead enter into a more positive timeline of the new earth. In essence, the timeline can be used in both ways for either entering into the positive spiral or into the negative spiral. This requires at least a collective consciousness of more than a threshold of consciousness of entities which amass the number of five thousand, equivalent to that of the human collective consciousness individualized portions which are currently found on the earth planet.

Hence, the so-called reptilians, they have gathered many entities of their own nature of negative polarity and by the process of genetically engineering the grey entities, they have transmitted consciousness thereby creating new consciousness in the form of grey entities. And their plan is to enter into the earth’s crust in the south pole of the earth planet on this date in order to trigger the so-called aspect of triggering and allowing the negative entities to enter into the south pole. At this time space would be a mistake for both us as the federation as well as for the human collective. However, as per the plans retrieved from the mind complex of the akashic records of these entities whose bodies have been retrieved, they have already entered into the south pole because of the influence they have and because of assistance from the so-called allies of your planetary sphere. They have already created a type of base on the south pole and on the day of the 10th of October, they are planning to perform a massive meditation which may be considered as a activation of the entrance into the quantum field wherein each entity becomes united with the infinite intelligence and they are able to choose the timeline together, thereby creating a planetary vortex of entry into a new timeline.

Hence, in this regard, we would recommend those entities who desire to be of service to planet earth at this time space period to use the ability at this time space to meditate on the day known as the 10th of October in a united and timely manner in order to allow to enter each entity’s vibrations into the quantum field of the unity of time space. Wherein each entity, those who contacts each entity’s vibrations of a similar nature of positive timelines can be attracted by such entities. And hence, those entities who desire to assist may enter a meditative state and access the higher levels of consciousness, not only attracting a fourth density entity vibration but also a fourth density higher timeline faster on the planets of a positive nature. Furthermore, in order to assist this process, entities can use the aspect known as the meditation coupled with the previous walking exercise as directed by us in the previous session, which will allow each entity to enter into a fourth density planetary sphere which will allow each entity to then trigger the timeline of a positive fourth density as the desire to encounter in the coming days.

This is a flap of timeline shifting which will allow the greatest shift of the planet into the positive. Therefore, beloved, this is what the so-called the negative entities have planned at this timeline. And furthermore, upon scanning this instrument’s mind complex, we are of the opinion that this instrument requires the understanding of how the akashic records record information. In this regard, let us give you a basic explanation in terms of the scientific principles as known by many of your entities on the earth planets. The process is simple for each of your mind, body, and spirit complex. There are timelines and each timeline has a certain memory which it attaches itself to. For the mind creates the thoughts and the body creates the emotions which are recorded in a timely sequential manner. For each sector of experience is segregated as per the various timelines and that’s for the various timelines each emotion, each thought, and also the each beingness aspect is recorded which allows the akashic records to record each event in a timely manner from the person’s perspective or from the consciousness perspective. Each event is recorded thereby providing an accurate detail after the end of a cycle. If such entities want to ponder upon their akashic records, they will find not only the emotional aspect but also the thoughts aspects as well as the beingness aspect which can be retrieved at a later time space. This is how the akashic records are working at this timeline.

Hence, we, the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.